Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Istanbul, 2011

Alonso extends Ferrari contract to 2016

2011 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Silverstone, 2011

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Silverstone, 2011

Fernando Alonso will remain at Ferrari until the end of 2016 after signing an extension with the team.
Ferrari announced the deal on the eve of Alonso’s home race.

Alonso said: “I am very happy to have reached this agreement.

“I immediately felt comfortable within Ferrari and now it feels to me like a second family.

“I have the utmost faith in the men and women who work in Maranello and in those who lead them: it is therefore natural for me to decide to extend my relationship in the long term like this, with a team at which I will no doubt end my Formula 1 career one day.”

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo said: “It is a great pleasure to have renewed our agreement with a driver who has always demonstrated a winning mentality even in the most difficult circumstances.

“Fernando has all the required qualities, both technically and personally to play a leading role in the history of Ferrari and I hope he will be enriching it with further wins very soon.”

Last year Felipe Massa signed a deal which runs to the end of 2012.

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  1. I am happy to see Alonso continuing at Ferrari. Theirs is a perfect marriage. Ferrari perform best when they have clear number 1 and number 2 and Alonso performs best when he is made a clear number 1.

    But a part of me wanted to see Hamilton in Ferrari. And it is sad to see such long term contracts being signed. Vettel till 2014, Hamilton till 2012 and now Alonso till 2016, I am going to miss silly season :(.

  2. I havent seen Michael racing in his prime so I cant rate him. I started watching F1 from 2006 (though I know the history of F1). Since 2006, there are only 4(Alonso, Raikonen, Hamilton and Vettel )very good drivers (I am not using the word GREAT here) And out of these, Kimi is out, Vettel is contracted to Red BUll, so is Ham. Remaining is Alonso. So it was a very obvious choice by Ferrai and a good one too. If anyone who can become Sachin Tendulkar of F1, I would call him great.

  3. Not unexpected news but good nonetheless.

    I imagine he will bag a couple of titles in that time, more so than any other driver…perhaps even Vettel.

    Good to see a statement from LdM where he isn’t whinging for once.

  4. The New Hope
    19th May 2011, 14:14

    When Ferrari breaks away from F1 and forms their own series with 10 Ferraris driven by Alonso and a bunch of Liuzzi-clones, will his titles still count?

  5. Good. Now Who will replace Massa after 2012 is the matter. I don’t think it would be Hamilton or Vettel. Kubica? If he shows he’s still good.

  6. Kimi had a contract to. So did Schumacher. Alonso will be asked to “take the cannoli” when his time comes too, contract or not.

  7. Its a good decision by all concerned. In all fairness, what alternatives were there. Ferrari know they have one of the best drivers, Fernando knows he has the undivided attention of one of the best race teams in the world. It, as Martin Brundle would say,is a ‘no brainer’.
    As for more championships you would have to say yes given the resources Ferrari have, and Alonso’s obvious talent. However, a lot depends on this season’s overall performance, and Luca’s patience not wearing thin if the team fails to win the championship. It would seem that Mercedes are starting to find their feet a little, which may give Ferrari alot more to think about than just McLaren and Red Bull.
    Personally, I can see Red Bull walking it this season, overall, they appear too strong and too good for the others. Longterm however, that will change, and Alonso is in one of the best positions he could be in if and when that happens. He appears more relaxed and focussed these days, even compared to his years with Renault. Certainly poles apart from his persona in 2007 with McLaren. So, yeah, for me it is the right decision.

  8. Does anyone else think that Vettel will become a 3-time world champion before Alonso?

    1. Before Hamilton – yes, before Alonso – not so sure.

    2. The New Hope
      19th May 2011, 20:07


  9. i’m curious to see the next teammate he has. This long term deal may sway others to stay away from Ferrari for the fear of being a permanent #2. It’s very likely Perez will end up there as he’s in the FDA but, i’m hoping he resists as it may be the end of his young career.

  10. @NJB. definitaly COTD

    A case of 1 measured sentence speaking a thousand words I think…

  11. “Or, in 2008, when Renault had one of their drivers deliberately crash to allow Alonso to win. Lying to the stewards about what happened under yellow flags at one corner doesn’t compare.”

    Alonso knew about this, alonso knew about McLaren stolen Ferrari, this is the real Alonso, one (if not “the”)of worst f1 sportsman of all ages.
    Yes, he is a good driver…

  12. US Williams Fan
    20th May 2011, 2:40

    How much do you think that the contract was for annually?

  13. He & Ferrari is trying to achieve what Schumacher & Ferrari did, I think that is good news for both side as Alonso is one of 3 great driver recently on the grid & with Ferrari who are the best F1 team of all time I don’t think why they can win 3 WC in the next 5 years.

  14. Massa is gone. No chance more to winning F1 championships.

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