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Bahrain could push Indian Grand Prix to December

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In the round-up: The Indian Grand Prix could be moved to December.


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F1 ponders Dec 4 slot for Indian GP (Autosport)

“the current plan being favoured, should Bahrain be given the green light to return to the schedule, is for the Middle Eastern race to take India’s current October 30 slot. […] Brazil would then keep its current November 27 date, with India then being moved to December 4.”

Will Buxton on Twitter

“Webber had an interesting quote for me today regarding FIA Vs GPDA on DRS use in Monaco… “They don’t listen to us.”

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Simona de Silvestro Huge Crash 2011 Indy 500 practice (YouTube)

De Silvestro walked away but was treated for second-degree burns afterwards:

Kimi R??ikk??nen to Make NASCAR Debut in N.C. Education Lottery 200 (Kyle Busch Motorsports)

In the Perky Jerky Toyota Tundra, no less…

Formula 1 makes bumper profits as bid rumours continue (BBC)

“The analysis reveals that Mr Ecclestone and his family trusts have earned more than $148m in five years from their stakes in Delta Topco. The F1 ringmaster has also received $31m in salary.”

Red Bull: Front brake ducts and wheel design (ScarbsF1)

“It is expected that Red Bull will feature more complex wheel design this weekend. This could either be a revised spoke design to work in conjunction with the brake duct vanes, or an even shallower offset to move the spokes closer the wheel rim or a switch to wheel with radial vane, as used by Ferrari and McLaren.”

Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Pedro de la Rosa race Scalextric on Spaish TV (La Sexta)

Keep an eye out for the all-McLaren pile-up!

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Comment of the day

Fernando Alonso has a Ferrari seat tied up for five years – but will he dare to share the team with a top-flight team mate, asks Dan Thorn:

Alonso certainly has the talent to probably beat any of the current drivers, the question is does he have the mindset? If someone like Vettel, Hamilton or Kubica (though I?d be amazed if he?s as good as he was before the accident) joined him would have learned from his experience at McLaren and do his talking on the track?

Would Ferrari want to take that risk and put another top driver against Alonso, knowing that it could potentially become volatile? To be fair I don?t think Ferrari were aware that Raikkonen and Massa would as closely matched as they were and they still like to have a number 1 and number 2 driver.

Massa is certainly improving this year and if he can get to a point where he regularly mixes it with the top guys, Ferrari may well opt to keep on past 2012 ?ǣ that is, if Massa wants to stay, but that?s another matter…
Dan Thorn

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On this day in F1

Sixty years ago today reigning champion Giuseppe Farina won the non-championship Paris Grand Prix on the Bois de Boulogne circuit.

Juan Manuel Fangio led to begin with and set fastest lap but retired on the 50th tour. That left Farina to lead home Jose Froilan Gonzalez and Louis Rosier after 125 laps of the 2.5km (1.56 mile) circuit.