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Two DRS zones per race from Canadian GP

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In the round-up: The FIA will add an extra DRS zone at each race after the Canadian GP.


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Two race DRS zones from Montreal onwards (Adam Cooper)

“The FIA?s Charlie Whiting has confirmed that there will be two DRS zones at each race ?ǣ if the circuit layout allows it ?ǣ starting from Montreal.”

F1 governing body investigating Ferrari rear wing (Reuters)

Charlie Whiting: “It’s a very clever interpretation of the rules and we’ve got to decide whether we think it’s a good interpretation of the rules.”

No more excuses, say Ferrari (BBC)

Stefano Domenicali: “I don’t want to hear from my engineers that they have a problem with the wind tunnel. If you have something to improve you have to do it. The time of excuses is finished. I don’t want to look for excuses – this is not our style, and it’s not mine.”

Sennasational (Kermode Uncut)

Lewis Hamilton is my biggest threat in the long term, says Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso (Daily Telegraph)

??With all due respect to the other drivers, normally in the top teams there are the main drivers and the main fights. Lewis, with the commitment he has to McLaren for so many years, I see him as the biggest competition.”

Cosworth worried about 2013 engine costs (Autosport)

“With new regulations, while being welcome from the point of view of innovation, what would never be welcome is creating a financial space race. That is not what we want at a time when we are emerging from the most difficult economic time for many, many teams. We believe there is a responsible discussion to be had in terms of costs involved in 2013.”

Technical Focus: Skirts (Williams)

??Our skirt system was well engineered; it was sprung by a scissor arrangement, which turned out to be one of the FW07?s greatest strengths. If the skirt moved just 25mm off the ground, you lost about 50 percent of your downforce, so it was vital to keep it on the tarmac and we managed to do that pretty effectively.”

DRS: Optical Illusion why some wings appear to open wider (Scarbs F1)

“Looking at DRS rear wing in use between different cars creates an optical illusion. Some wings appear to open far more than others. Red Bull and Mercedes are teams who have raced short flap DRS since the start of the season. When their DRS is activated, the slot gap appears much larger compared to McLaren who continue to race with a larger flap.”

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Comment of the day

Will HRT fall foul of the 107% rule again this weekend? Thoughts from Solo:

I do think they will make it in the end though because the Red Bulls and McLarens might be on hards on Q1.

But if the new hard tyre is so slower than the previous hard that will force even those teams to put the soft, on, then HRT and maybe Virgin could be in trouble.

Ironically the whole thing might depend on Lotus’s pace. If they actually find that one second they might scare a top team that wants to pass just barely with the hard tyre but i doubt the new hard tyre will really make them lose so much time.

From the forum

Discussing Fernando Alonso’s new helmet design in the helmet thread.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to GV27 and Kanyima!

On this day in F1

Rene Arnoux started an F1 race for the first time in the Belgian Grand Prix at Zolder in 1978. He finished ninth.

Arnoux went on to win seven Grands Prix driving for Renault and Ferrari.