Sebastien Buemi, Jenson Button, Barcelona, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Spanish Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2011 Spanish Grand Prix out of ten

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2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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179 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Spanish Grand Prix”

  1. Only a 5, mostly boring except for ham and vet; ham should have just slammed it down the inside!

    Felt sorry for webber though.

    Until they get rid of that stupid chicain in sector 3 its hard to imagine myself giving a score higher than 5!

  2. For me it looked like the last laps were five minutes long! I think I only relaxed when Hamilton’s tyres faded with around 5 laps to go.

    Great win by Vettel, really good race from the McLaren and Sauber drivers, good first stints from Alonso, and quite underwhelming performance from Webber and Massa.

    The was a lot of tension in this race, particularly with Hamilton and Vettel, and it’s great to see the DRS being completely useless (I think most of the overtaking took place at Seat and La Caixa rather than in the main straight), but most of the overtaking happened because the driver in front was either on old softs or hards. To sum it all up, this race was good by Barcelona standards, but still not particularly exciting.

    1. Collapse? His car is only worth 5th place and he finished in 5th. The fact that he was ahead of 5th for a good part of the race simply means he drop the pants off of that thing before returning to where the limits of the car permits.

  3. I voted for 7, a good race. It would have been less had it not been for the inability to pass using DRS directly. Don’t get me wrong, I like DRS, however, had Hamilton had done Vettel 8 or more laps from the end as a result of it, it would have made the end rather processional.

    Alonso made for a fantastic start, probably the best in the season so far.

  4. 8/10

    Good battle for the lead although think its time they tore the track up and started again as today proved its hopeless for overtaking.

    I give the FOM tv director 1/10 for turning up

  5. Last year’s race was a +5
    This year add + 4
    DRS not quite right -1
    Race for the lead +1
    Hamilton did not win -1 (I’m allowed a little bias as it’s not my blog)
    Score 8

  6. I give it 7 maybe a 6. The exciting bits being Alonso at the start and the Lewis Vettel fight at the end.
    That being said, Lewis is looking good. He might take Monaco.

      1. I don’t think even the stewarts know. Coulthard suggested perhaps the stewarts wanted to hand out punishments and Blundell pulled them back, resulting in the reprimand as a compromise.

        I don’t normally agree with Jordan, but I think this time he was right saying you either break the rules and get punishment, or didn’t and nothing happens. This wishy-washyness does nothing but, like Brundel said, set a potentially dangerous precedent.

  7. 6/10…
    …Because pit strategies are becoming worringly important again, even if refuelling is still banned.
    Still quite a good show for a race in Catalunya, probably we’ve had more overtakes today than in the previous 5-6 years summed up together, but not so much thrilling action.

  8. If Hamilton had won, the race would be rated on average 9/10.

    Since I’m not partial, it’s a 10 for me for Vettel.

    He overtook Jenson/Massa at will. He nailed the outlap to get Alonso. He defended like a true world champion in a KERS-less (read: -80HP) DRS disadvantaged faster McLaren for at least 15 laps.

    Best drive I have seen for a while from anyone.

  9. Loved it, awesome race. Had just about everything you want in a straight no rain/safety car race.

    One thing annoyed me a bit – in the BBC commentary Brundle said a few times that DRS wasn’t working – I’d disagree. Sure, it didn’t provide many actual passes, but it kept the top few cars close together for the first part of the race, and the top two together for a thrilling finish. Close racing provides the excitement, not just a straight overtake. Besides, the tyres are giving all the overtaking needed.

    Can’t wait for Monaco :)

  10. I score it a 3. Following F1 for 20 years, didnt like the race at all. Start by Alonso fantastic and really put the cat amongst the pigeons but apart from that very boring. 2 offs, no crashes, no retirements (other than the usual suspects), margin between the tyre compuonds too big, drs and kers not making a great impact. As usual the bigger teams have more money to develop their cars and get faster and faster, splitting the grid in 3 sectors. overall boring season, please bring back refuelling! qualy boring as well, doesnt seem to be important any more, more important to conserve fresh tyres, will not be long until all teams will just sacrify grid spot on saturday for fresh tyres on sunday

  11. Let’s have refuelling back, so that everyone stops on the same lap when everyone else expects them to, and then the car that comes out in front at those stops wins the race.

    We have such short memories.

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