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2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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179 comments on Rate the race: 2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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  1. Russell said on 23rd May 2011, 5:20

    Clearly, the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship title is now defunct, as it has become irrelevant this year.

    Time to replace it with a new Championship, which I suggest is called The Formula One World Strategists’ Championship. The FIA should recognise that the real heroes of the sport are now the guys on the pit wall, in the garage and at the other end of a fat broadband pipe back at the factory. Races are now won or lost as a direct result of their decisions on factors such as tyre choice, pit stops, etc.

    The driver is now, well, just the driver. A ‘has been’, someone who has virtually no ability to affect the outcome of the race, no matter how skilful, brave or smart he is. Indeed, I would not be surprised if the FIA looked at doing away with drivers altogether in 2013, perhaps replacing them with the guys from the Pentagon who have been flying those drones over Afghanistan.

    Oh, and can someone tell Brundle and Coulthard to stop saying “how did that happen” in mocked surprise when suddenly a front runner is lapping a minute off the pace (or vice versa). It happens not because the driver suddenly losses the plot, but because of stupid ‘green’ tyres that last just 60 km.

    One more thing. Let’s not bother with qualifying any more (some of the teams are already onto this). It too is now irrelevant, so let’s replace it with something equally as boring, such as grid positions decided by lucky dip. Heck, it could really drive the TV ratings if it were drawn by one of those svelte grid girls! (and we know Bernie is partial to them (he did marry one)).

  2. Hallard said on 23rd May 2011, 6:46

    This race really illustrated how badly F1 needs a drastic shake up of the technical regulations. Way too much difficulty following, and even the DRS and tires made of papier mache and butterfly wings didn’t seem to make too much of a difference here. I sincerely hope Todt forces something through for 2013!

  3. Mads (@mads) said on 23rd May 2011, 7:48

    compared to last years race this was a 1000000/10, but well with the recent great races we have had.. this was just 6/10.
    Yes a great fight for the lead in the end, but the rest of the race was boring, for the exception of the pitstops. I just don’t like that track. It is just useless for racing. It really is.

  4. Adam Tate (@adam-tate) said on 23rd May 2011, 8:49

    An 8.

    A superb display by Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso at the beginning.

    Also by Vettel and Hamilton at the end.

    A great race for Heidfeld.

    Couldn’t help but feel sorry for Kovalienen crashing out despite the much improved Lotus and for Massa almost salvaging a few points from an awful race until his gearbox decided to give up and left him stranded.

    Very impressive from McLaren, very disappointing from Ferrari.

  5. F1antics (@f1antics) said on 23rd May 2011, 9:44

    6/10. A good race, some really great drives, but I don’t particularly like the track.
    With more complex strategy required, the team aspect of the sport has become more apparent. Ferrari defended their behaviour at Hockenheim last year by saying that the team was more important than the drivers. In their case that seems to have come back to bite them. Their team isn’t working. But I enjoyed Alonso’s start as well as the brilliant drives of both Hamilton & Vettel. Great to see two McLaren’s on podium.
    And does anyone else feel that one reason why we’re seeing better driving and fewer accidents is because the drivers know they’ll have plenty of opportunities throughout the race to change position?

  6. smifaye (@smifaye) said on 23rd May 2011, 9:58

    I gave the race a 7 out of 10.

    After watching the second GP2 race in the morning I really wasn’t holding out for a classic, and I don’t think we had one. However the start really shuck things up, an amazing start by Alonso surprised everyone and really helped Hamilton to stay on the back of the Red Bulls.

    It was fascinating to watch the race develop, with the battle for the lead, and the battle for third place. I would have liked to have seen Hamilton and Vettel have some wheel to wheel battles, but this track was never really going to provide that.

    For a Spanish GP, it has to be 10 out of 10 though.

    Would never have thought for a second that it would have been this close between the Red Bulls and McLaren’s which hopefully bodes well for the rest of the season. Roll on Monaco!

  7. dyslexicbunny (@dyslexicbunny) said on 23rd May 2011, 12:51

    I wasn’t that impressed and handed it a 7.

    Alonso should smack someone on that strategy call – to go from first to lapped – embarrassing. DRS didn’t really add any value and I’m not excited about the coming implementation in Canada and Valencia.

  8. gnvour (@) said on 24th May 2011, 9:49

    A late vote here, I voted 8.

    We had fights in the right places, i.e drivers fighting for the lead so every pass really counted. Also, being back to Barcelona after summer testing, felt like a recap of every team’s pace overall. In this circuit every aspect of each car was magnified and we could see the true pace of every car/driver combo. Overall, I think it was the most enjoyable Spanish grand prix of recent years.

  9. PJA (@pja) said on 25th May 2011, 17:52

    7 for me.

  10. GP da Espanha: nada de novo acima do asfalto…
    Vettel: o novo Schummy.
    Alonso: tirando leite de pedra…
    Hamilton e Button: sempre guerreiros!
    Webber e Massa: eternos escudeiros…
    Schumacher e Rosberg: fazendo o possível.
    Heidfeld: merecendo a vaga de Kubica.
    Petrov: tentando acompanhar…
    Pneus Pirelli: valendo o escrito “P ZERO”.

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