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FIA bans drivers from using DRS in Monaco tunnel

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In the round-up: the FIA agrees to a partial DRS ban in Monaco after some drivers objected to it being used.


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FIA agrees to Monaco tunnel DRS ban (Autosport)

“[Charlie] Whiting had said last weekend that he did not believe that safety matters relating to Monaco were enough to justify banning DRS totally at Monaco. However, not all drivers agreed with the decision and had continued to lobby him for a unique DRS ban in the tunnel.”

Kubica out for season, says Renault team owner (Reuters)

“We will probably manage for [Kubica] to do a Friday session at some point in the year but for sure his return this season will not be possible.”

Mark Blundell on Twitter

“Please don’t shoot me as I was just a driver steward for the weekend, if you are unhappy then contact FIA direct, don’t shoot the messenger please.”

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Prince?s visit puts Bahrain back on agenda (The Times, subscription required)

“As Bernie Ecclestone, the sport?s commercial rights-holder, seeks ways of shuffling a crowded roster of races, Prince Salman bin Isa Hamad Al Khalifa came and went from the packed paddock barely noticed. He spent much of the afternoon closeted in the McLaren motorhome and was gone as the chequered flag fell.”

The logistical challenge of Monaco (Force India)

“You end up storing some things in the garage, some things in the trucks, and you go and get it when you need it. One will end up in the multi-storey car park ?ǣ where the GP2 teams are ?ǣ and another is in an area beyond the far end of the paddock where they reclaimed some land a few years ago. And the fourth is parked outside Monaco, just where you come off the motorway. That will contain things that you?re not going to need in an emergency, because you need time to get up and get back.”

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Comment of the day

TommyB89 is having a hard time picking a Driver of the Weekend:

Vettel drove arguably one of his best races. He didn?t win from pole, had to overtake several cars after his pit stop and resist the huge pressure from Hamilton.

Hamilton drove an incredible race to finish 0.6 seconds off an unbeatable Red Bull on a Red Bull favoured track

Alonso did amazingly well to keep Webber behind him for so long. His incredible start led to him leading many laps in an average car.

Heidfeld, while not making as many places up as Webber in China, drove a great race. He started from last on the grid and remember the Renault isn?t nearly as quick as the Red Bull.

Other shout-outs to Button, Schumacher and the Sauber guys.

All I know is that it definitely wasn?t Felipe Massa.

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From the forum

Ell – along with many other people – wants to know what happens to Red Bull’s qualifying advantage when the race starts?

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Pete Walker!

On this day in F1

Jenson Button’s accidental visit to the Red Bull garage during the Chinese Grand Prix is not his only example of poor parking.

Two years ago today he won the Monaco Grand Prix – then accidentally pulled up in the wrong place and had to run on foot to the podium.

After Sunday’s race his girlfriend Jessica Michibata taunted him about it on Twitter saying “Yes, honey, remember Monaco in 2009?”

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