Aldo Costa, Ferrari, 2011

Ferrari replace technical director Aldo Costa

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Aldo Costa, Ferrari, 2011
Aldo Costa, Ferrari, 2011

Ferrari have announced Aldo Costa is no longer serving as technical director.

Pat Fry, who joined the team from McLaren last year, has taken over in charge of chassis development and Corrado Lanzone will be responsible for production, both reporting to Stefano Domenicali.

Costa remains with the team in a different capacity. He became technical director in 2007.

Ferrari issued the following statement:

Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro announces that, as from today, Aldo Costa relinquishes his current position as Technical Director to take on new responsibilities within the Company.

At the same time, the technical activity has been restructured in three areas: Director for the Chassis side is Pat Fry, Production is in the hands of Corrado Lanzone, while Engine and Electronics continues with Luca Marmorini. All three report directly to the Team Principal, Stefano Domenicali.

Ferrari’s start to the season has fallen short of expectations. They have reached the podium just once in the first five races and Fernando Alonso was lapped during the Spanish Grand Prix.

The team introduced a new rear wing during practice last weekend but the development was banned by the FIA.

Ferrari also replaced race engineer Chris Dyer in January.

Earlier this month Williams announced their technical director Sam Michael and chief aerodynamicist Jon Tomlinson would leave at the end of the season following their disappointing start to the year.

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97 comments on “Ferrari replace technical director Aldo Costa”

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  1. Can’t help but think this is to satisfy LdM. He’s been quiet the past few weeks. It’s about time we heard some more from him.

  2. Ferrari is just panicking.

  3. RacingForIndia
    25th May 2011, 2:57

    A decision influenced by Nando, as he knows what Fry is capable of, from his time at McLaren in 07?
    Cant rule that out can we?

    1. Possibly.

  4. I don’t know, I have mixed feelings about this decision.

    I think Costa also made good cars besides this ‘truck’ which the 150th is, for example the 2006-2008 and 2010 models were all relatively competitive, some of them were even the car to beat. And I like continuity more.

    On the other hand Fry has a very good reputation, had a hand in the equally competitive 2007-2008 and 2010 McLarens, although I think his role in these cars were less than Costas’ in the Ferraris.

    Obviously the 2012 Ferrari is going to be a Fry-baby from the very beginning. Probably now is the time they start to lay out the main focus points.

    All in all, I can’t see why the Scuderia has more chance of building a winning car that they had with Costa.

  5. Ferrari is looking more and more like the ferrari of the 80’s. To tell you the truth i think alonso got there a little bit too late.
    And santader’s botin is getting tired of all this. Ja ja. Who he think he is? He will have too eat truck loads of it.

  6. This has Alonso’s involvement written all over it. Most people getting sacked in same team he’s in. Remember Hungary 2006 when that wheel nut fall of. Mechanic was fired day after, last year Chris Dyer and now Costa.
    Apparently he feels positive atmosphere today, because Costa is gone.

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