Mark Webber, Jake Humphrey, Monaco, 2011

2011 Monaco Grand Prix Wednesday in pictures

F1 picturesPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Mark Webber kicked off his Monaco Grand Prix preparations in unusual style by throwing BBC presenter Jake Humphrey into the Red Bull swimming pool.

Other drivers participated in the traditional Monaco football match.

Here are pictures from the build-up to the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Getty Images/Red Bull, Mercedes, Force India F1 Team, Team Lotus, Virgin Racing, Motioncompany

28 comments on “2011 Monaco Grand Prix Wednesday in pictures”

    1. Have you seen his new monaco helmet its a bit tribal just like Raikkonen anyway I dont dislike I just think that it is an midracinglife crisis, now that he is an veteran he doesnt seem to worry about being classical

  1. Wait, pit crews aren’t required to wear fire-retardant suits during practice sessions? Or are Force India doing some sort of promotional photo shoot?

    That’s a great shot of the steering wheel through the Merc’s airbox cover.

  2. I guess this weekend’s show will be all about Webber jumping in the swimming pool last year. The BBC made such a huge deal about this (and it continues to be mentioned time after time) for some reason and it’s getting more than a little tedious.

    Now that Legard is gone, Jake Humphrey is the cringe inducing thorn in the side of what would otherwise be good coverage. He’s constantly childish – always talking about what guests are wearing or ridiculing Eddie Jordan – a much more experienced and knowledgeable man.

    I guess we can’t expect any more from someone whose background is in kids TV. I miss Rosenthal!

    1. Aren’t most BBC presenters groomed in kids TV these days? I agree that he has been around in F1 long enough that he can start to show he has learned a lot about it, but he does usually do a pretty good job in my view.

    2. I must admit, overall, I like Jake. At least he knows what he doesn’t know and is willing to admit it, unlike Legard.

      You should be thankful for what you have, here in Australia, we are stuck with the OneHD build-up show, largely done in a studio (thank goodness for VPN’s and the BBC iPlayer).

  3. Does anyone see a career in the media for Mark when his racing is done? He already writes for the BBC and is well regarded and is friends with DC, he also tells it as it is, so he’s set things up well.

    1. I think everyone would love to see that…except maybe him. Once he’s done with F1 I have the feeling he won’t have much more to do with it. He’ll probably get stuck into his mountain biking and adventure racing.

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