Fire at Sainte Devote, Monaco

Truck fire damages track tarmac in Monaco

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In the round-up: A section of track at Monte-Carlo is replaced following a truck fire.


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Voxvocis on Twitter

A truck fire at turn one at Monaco has led to a section of the track being replaced. With new tarmac going down less than 48 hours before the first practice session, and a braking zone being part of the track replaced, this could cause problems for the drivers.

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FIA Plans ??Three Strikes? Rule For Reprimands (Speed)

“The FIA is set to introduce a ??three strikes? system to ensure that reprimands for drivers are no longer meaningless, and instead could add up to a grid penalty.”

Byron Young on Twitter

“It was confirmed to me this morning that the reason Lewis couldn’t overtake Vettel in Spain was that the gear ratios weren’t long enough…”

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The mysteries of Red Bull v McLaren (BBC)

“So take your pick: the Red Bull has too much downforce for the Pirellis to be able to use; it derives more drag reduction from its DRS; it has better hot-blown diffuser mapping and loses KERS performance. Or some sort of combination therein.”

Lewis Hamilton: I’m the only driver who can stop Sebastian Vettel (Metro)

“I?m always pushing the guys ?ǣ we need this, just for Monaco, whatever you can, bring everything. I can?t imagine anyone pushes their team as much as me.”

Guernsey’s where the heart is for Button after quitting Monaco’s playboy lifestyle (Daily Mail)

“I parked in the wrong place which was embarrassing but as I was running down the straight I was thinking ‘This isn’t embarrassing, I’ve just won the race and they are all here to see me’. It was a really special feeling.”

A walk down memory lane reminds us of Ferrari’s snub to Stirling Moss (The Guardian)

“I was stunned. I did not forget, and I would not forgive, and because of that it would always give me great pleasure to beat those red cars.”

Paul Di Resta: Q&A (Force India)

“I did one race there in F3 in 2005, so it was a long time ago. I live there as well, so it?s home! I?m in the car in both sessions on Thursday. Hopefully we?ll have the new upgrade to try again, and we?ll see where we are. The key at Monaco is track time, and hopefully we?ll get plenty of it.”

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Comment of the day

Much reaction to another change in Ferrari’s technical team yesterday. Here’s The Limit:

As soon as I saw Alonso go a lap down on Sunday, I knew somebody was going to get fired. By that I am not saying it was Alonso?s doing, but that Grand Prix emphasised everything that has gone wrong with Ferrari?s season so far.

I hope for Domenicali?s sake that this ??quick fix? in firing Costa and replacing him with Pat Fry works, as it might by Stefano out on his ear at the end of the season. Ferrari coming out and admitting that they a putting a lot of their efforts into the 2012 car does not sound too promising, especially as this season was supposed to be the one in which Ferrari took back the title they lost in 2010.
The Limit

From the forum

Should Force India swap Sutil for H???lkenberg?

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Sumedh!

On this day in F1

Nigel Mansell won the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps 25 years ago today.

The race got off to a chaotic start as Alain Prost and Gerhard Berger collided at the first corner: