Adrian Sutil, Force India, Monaco, 2011

2011 Monaco Grand Prix practice in 100 pictures

F1 picturesPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

There are few more spectacular sights in motor racing than Formula 1 cars in action at glamorous Monte-Carlo.

Here are pictures of the cars doing their first laps of the weekend during practice today.

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, McLaren, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Sauber F1 Team, Team Lotus, Virgin Racing, Motioncompany, Pirelli

35 comments on “2011 Monaco Grand Prix practice in 100 pictures”

  1. Do photographers seriously think I wanna see a hideously blurred car in the tunnel.

    1. Chill out, you clearly are not someone who understands photography. They are panning shots and its an immensely difficult skill to master to gain that effect and pro’s are noted for it. Darren Heath is one in particular who has mastered this skill.

      1. I do know a bit about photography and I’m aware the picture is meant to look like that, my question is who the hell would want to see it?

        I got dozens of photos just like that when I was practicing out on the road with my own camera ahead of my trip to Le Mans.

      2. He seems to understand a bit more than you do. It’s a simple shot…I like them, but nothing difficult about it.

    2. It adds a bit of variety. I like those shots, actually. The same old photos with incredibly high shutter speeds look stagnant after a while. Relax a little. Enjoy! ;)

      1. I thought that one in the tunnel was almost perfect.. a bit to much of the lights taking it over though.. Those shots generally make my desktop background at work, great perception of speed.

    3. I didn’t like the tunnel photos either, but you don’t get to see many f1 car’s drive though a dark tunnel very often.

    4. I guess its artistic. For me that one is a bit too much, if I took that photo I’d of deleted it.

      1. Yeah it’s artistic, it tries to capture the movement, the speed of the cars. I really like them.

  2. What have the McLaren done this year for Monaco?

    1. Just had a look. Doesn’t seem like much!

      Expect terrible racing suits from the McLaren boys.

  3. Alonso’s helmet in light looks better. The gold is clearly visible and not brown.

    1. Still not a fan, to be honest!

      1. Probably one of those that looks better as the light changes over it.

        1. It would probably look better in Singapore under the lights.

  4. Yeah I was a bit disappointed in how Alonso’s helmet looked in practise, it did look more brown than gold and less spectacular than I was expecting.

    Also do you happen to know what, if any, changes there are to the Mclaren helmets? Normally they have some intersting changes and diamonds on their helmets due to their sponership with some diamond company, or maybe they dont sponser Mclaren anymore?

    1. ^^ that was meant to be a reply to fixy

  5. Keith, where do you get the photos from because some of them are the same as on the bbc f1 page, just interested, thanks

    1. @ Sutton I believe.

  6. The pictures from Monaco and Spa are always my favourites of the year. More often than not, they’re my desktop background. Thanks for this, Keith! :)

  7. Alonso’s helmet is Stunning!! very well designed for Monaco

  8. Some of these are really beautiful.

  9. I love the shots with a lot of scenery and a small F1 in the corner

  10. No Renault? :S

    1. Actually, Keith says in the write-up that more will be added later – then removes the heads-up statement when he has finished receiving, screening and adding photos.

  11. Monaco always gives great pictures, with the cameras able to get so close

    1. It’s not just that. It’s also that there’s a scenery which is very unique and photographers have developed certain ‘frames’ during the years from which the photos look exceptionally stunning. For example the one they take from a low perspective, turned towards the Nouvelle Chicane, the foreground is the car turning left into the chicane, and the background is the hill behind Monaco. Or the one they take from the Loews Hotel overlooking the entry to the tunnel. Half road, half sea.


  12. That one of Vettel about 7 down on the left is excellent.

  13. Plenty of pictures today!

    The Red Bull livery is so dull for a team at the top of it’s game. They need a livery like Vettel’s helmet ;)

  14. 100 photos! And we’re only in Free Practice!
    FP1 & FP2 = 100
    FP3 & Q = 100
    R = 100
    300 photos during the weekend? You should seriously consider breathing sometimes!

  15. What about that small duct on the Mercedes? Not an F-Duct… what might it be? Just a bit curious…

    1. Good call. I spotted that a couple of races ago and failed to find anything on the internet about it

  16. vettels helmet is coooooool

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