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Quarter of Bahrain circuit staff arrested

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In the round-up: a quarter of staff at the Bahrain International Circuit – all Shia – were arrested last month.


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Bahrain races to restore normality (FT, registration required)

“The government-owned Bahrain International Circuit is due to host the Formula 1 race. But about a quarter of its staff ?ǣ all Shia ?ǣ were arrested in early April and most have since been suspended or sacked, according to one of those detained who declined to be named for fear of retribution. The group included three women and two senior staff, he told the Financial Times.”

Bernie Ecclestone’s back on the charge

“I don?t even care if we don?t have a Concorde Agreement. It makes no difference to us. What we might do is run the championship and ask the teams for money to enter.”

NB. This page includes auto-playing video.

Monaco GP – Conference 1 (FIA)

Michael Schumacher, asked by Byron Young if he held up Lewis Hamilton on purpose during the Spanish Grand Prix: “I don?t recall it and I don?t think it would make sense because I think I have a lot more?? although Seb is my friend, but then Lewis is running a Mercedes engine and that?s obviously a lot more important to me, not that I try to favour or not favour anybody. No, that certainly must have been a misunderstanding, but not my idea. I try to keep out of everybody?s way and just do my own thing.”

Byron Young on Twitter

“Having told me in Spain Schumacher made him drive onto the marbles while chasing Seb, today Lewis denied it flat! Hmmmm.”

New tarmac at Sainte Devote
New tarmac at Sainte Devote

Voxvocis on Twitter

“Darker section is where the tarmac has been replaced after yesterday’s fire.”

Image courtesy of Voxvocis

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Concerns over Sainte Devote asphalt (Autosport)

Paul di Resta: “The track was resurfaced there about four weeks ago, and it had obviously settled quite nicely. My concern is that it happened right on the entry and the apex and, with the heat we’ve got now, with temperatures not going much below 20 degrees and with track temp at 45 during the day, is how that’s going to cure.”

Why are Toro Rosso being so coy about their new sponsors (Aabar)? (Daily Telegraph)

“Toro Rosso have signed a new sponsorship deal with Falcon Private Bank, although they haven?t made much of it. […] the Swiss private bank is owned by Aabar Investments (in turn almost wholly owned by the Abu Dhabi government), which already has a 40 per cent stake in Mercedes GP and a nine per cent stake in their parent company Daimler.”

The Horse Whisperer – Spanish dazzle (Ferrari)

In response to this article from Spanish newspaper AS.

Jenson Button almost hit by forklift truck as Monaco problems pile up (The Guardian)

“I was never going to be injured seriously. He wasn’t going to kill me. He would have bumped into me. They are doing all they can but when it is back to back it is very difficult. The guys are working non-stop to get it built. It makes it a bit difficult and dangerous ?ǣ maybe we should be wearing hard hats in the paddock.”

F1 Fanatic on Twitter

“The next part of “The making of Senna” will be up on Friday.”

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Nick Heidfeld – classic F1 2011 (BBC)

“Heidfeld’s second pick is the 1990 Japanese Grand Prix, which Heidfeld calls a ‘classic F1 moment’, and which is proving popular among the current drivers – both Alonso and Buemi also chose this race.”

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Comment of the day

Gucha went to a screening of “Senna” yesterday which included a talk about the film:

The film is amazing. I tried hardly not to cry as I did the first time around.

It was so exciting to see John Watson in the audience.

Also the aftershow discussion, especially the Bernie part, was hilarious.


“When Bernie suddenly entered we thought he was on his knees.”

“Bernie had two specific suggestions: ??make it in sepia? and ??no actors, cause I ******* hate actors?”

“Then he asked ??Where have you seen the footage??
– Ehm, on the internet??
– Internet!
– Bernie, I told you about internet.
– Now, I want you to find the guy who put it on internet and send him a cease and desist order. If that doesn?t work, call the police. If the police doesn?t help, I don?t know, kill the guy!”

From the forum

Macca wonders if F1 could have a NASCAR-style ‘All stars’ race.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Lustigson!

On this day in F1

Vittorio Brambilla died ten years ago today. The Italian, who retired from Formula 1 in 1980, scored a single win in the 1975 Austrian Grand Prix.

Brambilla famously crashed shortly after taking the chequered flag in the rain-hit race.

The crash was missed by the camera man in this clip (nothing changes, eh?) but you can see the deranged nose on his March:

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty images