Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monaco, 2011

Furious Hamilton calls penalties “a joke”

2011 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monaco, 2011
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monaco, 2011

A furious Lewis Hamilton criticised the stewards after being penalised during the Monaco Grand Prix for colliding with Felipe Massa.

Hamilton is also under investigation for a later collision with Pastor Maldonado.

Hamilton said afterwards: “Out of six races I’ve been to the stewards five times. It’s a joke. It’s an absolute fricking joke.

“You know you can’t overtake here. Very, very rarely do you get an opportunity.

“I was quite a lot quicker than Massa, I went up the inside and the guy just turned so early and just turned into me so I tried to go onto the kerb to avoid him, and we’re stuck together.

“So it was just… and of course I get a penalty which is usual. He held me up in qualifying and I got the penalty. He turned into me, and I got the penalty.

“And I went up the inside of Maldonado and you can see on the screen he turned in a good car length too early to stop me from overtaking him and crashed into me. This stuff’s ridiculous. These drivers are absolutely fricking ridiculous, it’s stupid.”

Asked why he has had so many penalties he joked: “Maybe it’s because I’m black – that’s what Ali G says! I don’t know.”

He denied it was affecting his driving: “No, it’s not affecting my confidence as a driver.

“I just think the sport is… you know, people want to see my racing, they want to see overtaking, and you get done for trying to overtake, trying to put on a show. I’m trying to make a move.

“Fair play if I really feel I’ve just gone too late and hit someone, I put my hand up and realise, OK, I really have caused an incident and been the stupid one, but it’s not the case.

“I’ll just try to keep my mouth shut and enjoy the rest of the season which, I’m sure, is going to be an interesting one, but as you can see he’s walking away with it.”

He denied the result has ended his championship chances, saying: “No, it’s never too late, but it’s not looking great.

“I gave it my all today and the team did a great job to get the car back out and get it fixed for the last few laps.”

Update: Martin Whitmarsh says Hamilton has spoken to the stewards following his outburst: “Immediately after the race he was very down, and during a post-race TV interview he made a poor joke about his penalties that referenced Ali G.

“However, I?m pleased to say that he chose to return to the track a little while later to speak to the stewards about the joke. They accepted his explanation.”

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  1. Accusing the stewards of being racist, even if it was joke, hmmm. Not the smartest thing you’ve ever done Lewis.

    Martin Brundle had it right, it’s always someone else’s fault with Hamilton, what was just as annoying in the interview was his refusal to accept any blame for the incidents. Thought he’d grown up over the last few seasons but perhaps not, should take a leaf out of Button’s book.

    1. I agree. Theres always someone to blam with Hamilton. Squeezing Massa against tunnel wall was very dangerous and pushing off Maldonado after his great drive. I say at least a grid penalty for next race is deserved.

      1. I didnt see lewis squeeze massa at all in the tunnel, if you watch it again you will realise it was the marbles that put an end to Massas race!!

        1. I think the tunnel was fine. It was the hairpin he was penalised for.

          The Maldonado incident was a joke. The joke was that Hamilton only got a meaningless 20 second penalty for just completely taking someone out. He was never ever going to get through there. That was his second offence of the race. If I was a steward (and I sometimes am at minor motoring events) he would have been disqualified from the race completely for that.

          1. Kind of like Fernando got a meaningless 20 second penalty for banging into Lewis in Malaysia?

            Obviously the stewards saw that accident at an angle that FOM didnt show you on the world feed or theyd have done a more serious penalty also

      2. Yes people are starting to realize that is definitely not the smartest person to race a car, and his driving today was a frickin joke.

        You see the difference to someone like schumacher who today pulled a couple of fair, calculated moves but lewis just frickin drove into them, which you cant do at a place like monaco, one must be patient.

        Its cringing that he thinks cars turned in on him to ruin his race, i mean is this guy frickin paranoid.

        And he doesn’t know why hes in front of the stewards all the time? well he should have a driving etiquette course and also a media disciplinary cos hes getting worse at what hes doing, i would expect a freakin penalty for him for canada

        btw im not biased, I am a fan of the best, fairest racers and love the mclarens but was angry today.

        1. all the slim shady should stand up…all the racist on this site stand up and be counted.

          1. The difference being Jarno admitted it was his fault, whereas Lewis is trying to blame the other driver all the time for his crashes.

        2. I’ll bet all the tea in England that you had nothing to say, or wasn’t outraged, when Yarno Trulli nearly took off the head of Karun Chanhdok in an ill-attempted pass last year at Monaco.

          1. ohhhhh….I forgot…..no penalty.

          2. Some of us had quite a lot to say. Jarno at least had the sense to refrain from digging a deeper hole for himself, instead seeking to make amends. The stewards probably decided he was sufficiently mortified by the possible consequences to not need a FIA penalty.

    2. I have gone through a lot of comments on the forum and from the initial looks it appeared that Hamilton was at fault but I found one important argument missing reg Massa and Hamilton’s collision at the hairpin!! TYRES!!
      When Shumi went pass Hamilton in the hairpin, Shumi was on super soft rubber and has more front end grip compared to Hamilton who is on Harder tyre. If you watched the race you will see that who ever is on the harder tyre took a wider line at the hairpin. Hamilton did not collide into Shumi but allowed him to pass.
      Now looking at Massa’s incident these roles were reversed. As Massa just came out of the pits with harder rubber (a lap before the incident, he was taking the wider line at the hairpin. So Hamilton OPTMISTICALLY took the inside line as he is on softer rubber, hoping Massa cannot possibly turn in. But Massa did intentionally turn into Hamilton. This could have been avoided! Also if Massa gave a little bit more room to Hamilton it would not have mattered much as Massa will have the inside line for the next turn after the hairpin!

      1. Check the incident again … here

        Massa at the hairpin did not follow Webber but pull to the left of Webber. Why did he do that? Is he trying to pass Webber on the inside … NO. All he tried is to intentionally turned into the left of Webber effectively shutting the door on Hamilton but it was too late!

        1. Cheers, after seeing that again it just confirms to me that Massa was just as much at fault. No need to shut the door the way he did, was always asking for contact. Massa had a game plan called ‘dont let lewis through at any cost as its always easy to make the person on the inside look in the wrong around loews when contact occurs’. Notice the way that Schumi passed Rosberg later in the race and Rosberg took the approach of conceding position or else making contact, a more mature approach!!

          1. Hi.

            Check out the video again. Look at Mark Webber’s left rear wheel. You’ll see that it clips Massa’s right front wing end fence and knocks part of it off. I think that show’s that Massa didn’t really have anywhere to go. …I’m a Hamilton fan by the way. Just saying because I know emotions run high just after the race which is natural. ..It’s actually the fun part about watching.

          2. I generally think everyone is being too critical of the drivers. It was just damn hard to pass anyone. It’s always been so, but if you were a fast car you used to have a decent chance after the tunnel. This just seems really hard now. Maybe it’s because the braking distances have gotten shorter or something.

            At the race this year I think that if you tried an overtaking move you basically had a 50% chance of having a crash. Each time there was an overtake I was thinking “wow, it’s lucky the the driver being overtaken noticed what was going on and got out the way”.

            In both the Maldonado and Massa incidents I’m not confident that either driver recognised what was happening.

          3. People on this site are normally very raitonal, but today I think you’re getting over excited.

            Massa wasn’t watching Lewis, he was watching Webber. He turned in early because he is trying to get a better run out of the corner.

            Lewis’ move was a do or die move, being frustrated he made several of them throughout the race, and has been penalised for causing an avoidable collision, which he did.

          4. I would certainly say, that incident was a racing incident.

            Hamilton a bit optimistic, but then again he might have made it if Webber had not been only inches in front fo Massa. And Massa turing into Hamilton, partly because he was finding himself stuck behind Webber there, even clipping part of his wing on the Red Bull. Both were partly in the wrong.

        2. Maybe the FIA should include the rule that all drivers should get a blue flag when any driver named Lewis Hamilton is trying to pass.

          If they were side by side , I would agree that Massa would need to take a wide line. But Lewis hit the Ferrari close to the rear tire, and that says a lot to me. To call his move opportunistic is a huge understatement. Maybe Barrichelo’s move on Rosberg in Australia was also opportunistic, in that case?

        1. Great links. Massa turned in on him. No doubt in my mind he had plenty of chances to take a wider line. He also clipped the car in front – not the actions of a driver following his planned line. He panicked in reaction to Hamiliton when he should have done what both Hamilton and Rosberg did and kept out of the way.

          1. Exactly +1

          2. Sorry, but Hamilton squeezed one wheel next to Massa. He wasn’t next to him. It was Massa’s corner. He had to watch himself not crash into Webber… There isn’t much room for Lewis to force Massa out of the corner with an overly optimistic PlayStation overtake.

          3. Dennis is right, the move was never going to stick, Lewis proabably should have known this.

          4. No doubt in my mind he had plenty of chances to take a wider line.

            Webber was on the wider line. Or should he have magically disappeared so Massa can yield to Hamilton?

          5. Bottom line is this. Lewis was annoyed at the teams qualifting strategy on saturday and the grid penalty, and instead of taking this emotion and turning it into a controlled aggressive drive he allowde the red mist to come down and thought he could just drive everyone off the road. The guy is an awesome talent and great to watch but i feel if he doent grow up in these situations he will never reach his full potential in terms of wins and titles.

          6. Where Ham enters the turn, at that speed, he would have needed the whole width of the track to get out of it, swiping everyone.
            It was kamikaze.

          7. Hewis Lamilton
            31st May 2011, 17:08

            I love how people know what drivers are thinking and know where they are looking at any given pooint in time.

        2. I agree that Massa took a very tight line there, but he’s allowed to do that. Hamilton was by no definition “ahead” and therefore the driver in the lead has the right to choose his line into the corner.

          1. I agree he has the right, but he doesn’t then have the right to expect not to be hit!

            The photos justify Hamilton’s annoyance for being penalized for a racing incident.

          2. @Daivd BR. I agree Massa would have expected contact, but if you look at the way Hamilton is approaching the corner, you will see that Hamilton was really off line and clearly behind Massa. Forcefully diving into a corner isn’t always a legitimate overtaking move.

          3. @ Todfod, I think we end up in the same place, 50/50, Hamilton over-ambitious, Massa incautious or over-aggressive defence, which is why it should have been left as a racing incident – any attempt to overtake at Monaco is going to be a bit over-ambitious!

          4. I don’t agree, I don’t think Massa even saw him, and diving into the corner like that is exactly the same type of thing that drivers like Schumacher get criticised for. You can’t dive like that. It was never going to work.

          5. Agreed. So what the Hamilton fans want you to believe that Massa who had the racing line with Hamilton was behind him,Hamilton tries to dive up the inside where there was no way for him to get through and they expect the man on the racing line and ahead of hamilton to give up his place because hamilton tried some banzi move up the inside?

        3. He didn’t exactly take a racing line because he hit the back of the car in front. He knew Hamilton was there…

          1. Webber was on the wider line. Or should he have magically disappeared so Massa can yield to Hamilton

            David A – not sure why I can’t reply direct. There are different lines through that hairpin. Look at the first photo. The two cars in front of Massa show the line could have opted to stay on, but he chose to cut in, even when there was another car there.

          2. @ nigelstash –

            The reason he cut in, was to try passing Webber (he was concentrating on that, not on being passed by Hamilton). It wasn’t going to work, so he made an error by half-committing himself to the move (and making slight contact) before backing out. Hamilton committed himself to a similarly unworkable move (getting wheel to sidepod at a hairpin doesn’t equal the other guy yielding).

          3. This is just my opinion based on the photos, I see where you’re coming from, but disagree.

        4. Completely agree with those photos. Because Hamilton is a spirited driver people don’t realize that he has a very clear code of honor while racing and many times try to blame him because of the hate his popularity has risen.

          The guy can’t understand why someone close on him like that when the cap was already there and he already put his car half threw and his right because he doesn’t to such staff.
          When Shumi got by him it was exactly the same thing. The only reason it seemed like a nice clear move was because Hamilton unlike Massa didn’t behave like there isn’t anywhere there.
          Hamilton could have easily made the scene look exactly the same if had turn in instead of respecting the fact that the Merc was already there leaving the necessary space for clear racing.
          The same with how Rosberg respected Schumi also.

          This staff is crazy and Hamilton is right being frustrated. Is like this drivers can’t accept that they might get overtaken(especially Massa is ridiculous in that point) and react like crazy when a guy is by there side preferring a collision instead of a risk of losing their place(especially Massa is ridiculous in that point, it seems he learned to much from his former teacher).
          This things are a joke. Maldonado also indeed turn in earlier than usual leaving Lewis not even time to back out of his attempt.
          Watch your damn mirrors for Christ sake, and start showing some respect to the guy by your side instead of thinking you can bully him or hit him to stop him from passing you.

          He was frustrated because he sees it exactly like i described and because of the championship of course.
          His comments came from that frustration. I admit the whole black thing was stupid of him and it was obvious his mind wasn’t clear but his right about the fair way of going racing and how wrong the stewards see things.

          1. My be he shouldnot be penalized for Massa’s incident. but defineatly in my mind should be penalised for Masdanado incident. There was no was he could overtalke there. really feel for Maldanado after a decent race.

            Hamilton is a spirited driver – i agree awsome driver.aggresive but sometimes over agressive.

            he has a very clear code of honor while racing – i doudt it he is been called over by the numerous(eg: extensive weaving to defend his place) times for things he could have avoided by simply being responsible.

        5. hmmm – not much of a proof. Just check how easily Massa could place his car as close to Webbers (pic 2, 3), and just brake late and squeeze in, just as Hamilton did on the braking zone. From the moment Hamilton went so close, is 50-50 if the driver in front “feels lucky today” enough to turn in.
          And Massa this year seems, takes no prisoners.

          1. What a load of rubbish the same people complaining about Massa not giving Hamilton the place are the same people complaining that it just isnt racing anymore. I guess it isnt racing when your hero dosnt get his way but when the hero rams into other cars then its the other mans fault and he should just give up his place. just giving up a place is not racing.

      2. maestrointhesky
        29th May 2011, 21:23

        Not only that, Hamilton got hit by Schumacher and Alguesuari. Where’s the penalties for causing an avoidable accident.

        1. Surely you can’t be referring to the first corner? Trying to lay enough blame there for a penalty would be zealous.

      3. seereejaas
        30th May 2011, 7:40

        OMW the hamilton supporters have gone to a new level of delusion.there was no way hamilton was going to make that pass stick.he was too far behind. samething with his pass on maldinardo. both massa and Maldinado had the racing line they did not cause any accident, Hamilton that tried to dive up the inside and hope they got out of the way because he was coming through did. Webber tried the same thing in the last few laps and was extremely lucky that Kobayashi went off the track to avoid his poor attempt.

        1. I guess you were screaming for Schumacher to get penalized when he overtook Hamilton and Rosberg in the same hairpin?

          1. lol, +1

      4. Thank goodness one person on this forum has some sense! Hamilton took the gamble, Massa chose to have the incident by turning in. However that is still Hamiltons fault as per the regulations.
        Watch the replay and you will see Maldonardo turns in at least two meters early to try block Lewis. At best a racing incident, at worst Maldonardo should have been penalized for this. Again, watch the replay and you’ll see it’s almost identical to his pass on schumi, the difference is that schumi was expereienced and wise enough (unlike Massa and Maldonardo) to see they would cause a collision if they turned in.
        If you know much about the best racer ever (Senna), you will know this was his style which he defended to Jackie Stewart. When u no longer go for the gap, you no longer a racing driver. Senna would stick his car in a gap and give the other driver the choice to have the accident or not. Lewis was right calling the penalties a joke in my opinion.

        1. Finally another Mike i can actually agree with on something. 100% spot on.

          That is proper racing, you dont just turn into someone and have a crash, as massa did, but as far as the letter of the law goes, he had the right to turn in…. Its a tough one, but not a penalty. I believe massa was the reason they had the accident because there was nothing lewis could have done once he had started to make the move, but at the same time, massa should not be forced under the circumstances of having half a car beside him to yield.

          In the rule which states “causing an avoidable accident” i think massa was at fault cause he could have avoided it if he chose to. But at the same time, schumacher in adilade 94 was not penalised for a similar move on hill which ended his race/championship….

          So like you say, A racing incident.

      5. The incident between Massa & Hamilton was actually cased by Buemi who went around the hairpin too slowly, causing Webber to slowdown behind him, this in turn made Massa turn into Hamilton who was along side him… Hamilton didn’t run into Massa, it was the trickle feed from Buemi bing in front of the 3 faster cars that caused that incident, you watch it, if Beumi hadn’t been there, all 3 would have got around that hairpin bend no problem….

        As for the people on here who think that driving a car at over 170mph around a road track is easy, show me your driving licenses because to say that Hamiltons driving is reckless, they really need to go & try it for themsleves & then you may well understand what it like to go faster than 30mph on your shopping trips!!!

    3. formula 1 racing?? they race and get penalised, unfair! i am not a biased hammy fan, but he is a true racer, senna once said if there is a gap you must go for it, or you are nolonger a racing driver, lewis is one of the few who actually does do that! soon f1 will become a sport if you think about an overtake you will be penalised – complete joke, and di resta had a three quater cars body on the kerb, hammy had 1 quarter – not quite the same – boring – bored oh oh there i go

      1. Hamilton, or ali g, is actually short sighted when it comes to seeing a gap.

      2. Alonso years ago said that F1 wasn’t a sport anymore… and people laughed at him…

        1. And we still do.

          1. Maybe you living on the iland across the pond do, but the rest of the world listen when he speaks. May becuase he does not blame every one else all the time and does not crash a dosen times in a season.

          2. I didn’t say that Alonso isn’t worth listening to. It’s just that statement which was poor (and anyone can come out with poor statements).

      3. Yes and Senna was stuck behind Mansell for forty odd laps at monaco. You didnt see him trying any banzai half chance moves.

        1. Yes and Senna was stuck behind Mansell for forty odd laps at monaco. You didnt see him trying any banzai half chance moves.

          COTD, brilliant!

        2. It was Mansell who was stuck behind Senna (in 1992), for eight laps, not 40.

          1. The BBC crew kept mixing the two of them up as well.

    4. Hamilton seems to be following the traits of Montora, maybe Nascar is his calling.

      He seems to be turning into a rolling hazard.

      1. How can you say that? A rolling hazard is not a way I think anyone would use to describe Lewis. Yes his interview techniquie leaves a lot to be desired but I’m sorry if I put myself in his shoes, I honestly don’t believe I would have been able to be that calm in front of the cameras.

        If you take a look at the whole weekend I honestly believe that Massa is willing to do anything he can to show Ferrari WHY he should be in that car. If that includes sacrificing grid & race position for the benefit of the team – Remember team orders are allowed now. In Q3 Massa let Hamilton past – No question HOWEVER he did so by making hamilton get off the racing line. Today in the race as others have pointed out Hamilton was underneath both Massa & Maldonado. Massa Turned in KNOWING what the outcome would be – effectively trying to take Lewis out of the race. Maldonado can be forgiven due to lack of experience,I can’t imagine what pressure he was feeling in that car and I think that was the cause of that incident.

        But unfortunately the whole Qualifying & race ended in an anti climax for me. After all this could have been an EPIC race.

      2. I said it in another forum already. now I can bet any1 that Lewis will soon leave F1. this is just ridiculous

        1. Im not sure he will, I get the impression that F1 is everthing to Lewis and whatever anyone thinks most people in F1 thinks Lewis is a great talent. Because of this he will always be in a seat that he feels allows him to be in with a shout of an F1 championship so why move to some other form of motor racing??

        2. Let hope that’s true. Lewis is a disgrace for F1, a spoiled brat that doesn’t understand what ethics and sporting behavior means. They never would let this bully start his career in a top team, that was a mistake that will be always present in Lewis mentality, he thinks he is actually better than the others just because he has had a above than average car all his career.

          Go far away from F1 Lewis, I won’t miss you, and bring back Kimi.

          1. bytorr2112 (@)
            30th May 2011, 10:48

            firstly you aint a racist
            lewis is a great driver but he cant keep his cool
            he messed up and had to pay blaming other drivers is childish
            and what a bad quote useing his colour and blaming the stewards for it
            i thought he would have grown up by now having ron dennis as a mentor is great enough but saying he would like to be like senna no chance lewis
            grow up first senna was one of the greatest drivers of all time and fraid you aint gonna be lewis not acting the way you are at the moment

          2. Oh yeh because Kimi was such an asset the sport what with his personality and all.

      3. @Yiquanone – One race doesn’t make a career – but maybe in his case, it is because he is Black!

      4. formula1jmfangio (@)
        29th May 2011, 21:10

        Ha.. stole the words from my mouth !!!!

        1. Yes, that is a nice old tactic, every time you can’t win an argument, you can play the race card. That will stop all the criticism against you even if you are guilty. A nice little trump card and low blow, Jumbo.

    5. Alex Currie
      29th May 2011, 20:06

      I find it abhorrent that LH would even think about his colour let alone utter a word given the racism he experienced in Spain when Alonzo was his team mate.
      As I recall, you must establish a clear overlap before having a right to the racing line. Clearly in both cases he dove for the inside while still at least one, if not two car lengths back whereas MS established his right to the racing line at Lowe’s on his pass. Aggressiveness has to be tempered by judgment which LH continues to demonstrate he has not yet learned. At 26 with all his experience it appears he will never do so but one never can tell.
      I concur. When he screws up it is always somebody else’s fault and the stewards need to keep reinforcing the idea that while he may thing he is special he is just another driver.
      What would be nice is for him to acknowledge that he caused the first safety car by smacking FM and effectively messed up if not ruined JB’s chance for a win.
      LH should shut up, learn to drive within himself and the car and show some respect. If he needs an example, watch how some of the NASCAR boys drive door to door and 200 mph and respect each other.

    6. UKfanatic (@)
      30th May 2011, 1:50

      I wouldnt ruin any other races to Hamilton, When Ham said that the stewards called him 5 out of 6 races I was surprised cause I always get the feeling that he is under penalised instead of over penalised, his racist joke is completly non sense, he is in fact favoured to be honest maybe because he is british and a great driver, proper humiliation would have been a black flag during the race nothing more

      1. UKfanatic (@)
        30th May 2011, 1:54

        this penalty is a good thing because it means that he will be no further penalised and he didnt lost anything by being staid the same. The fanatics would have came with an conspiracy theory saying that Ham qually penalty was intended to give him the right to choose tyres and that this final 10 sec penalty was given to ensure that he isnt going to suffer next gp.

        1. The problem is that once a car starts to brake on its limit there isn’t much anyone can do about it apart from turnig and taking your foot off the brake a bit so you don’t lock the wheels changing grip.

          With no run offs the later isn’t possible.

          Hamilton tried to outbrake cars after they had already started to brake. THAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE.

          If he was along side and then they both braked and Hamilton came out in front then that is fine. Even together is fine.

          BUT Hamilton wasn’t in front or side by side until he hit the brake pedal by which stage the first driver had already turned into the corner.

          You can’t expect drivers tp see Hamilton and think, he may out brake me even though he isn’t next to me, so I’ll leave enough room for him to come through anyway.

          Massa started to brake and turn. Hamilton came up while Massa was braking and they hit. Massa couldn’t do anything. Going fowards and more speed = Webber so he continued on doing the correct thing. HAMILTON WRONG

          With maldo, it wasn’t as clear but Maldo had to reduce speed a bit, Hamiltonw as quite a bit faster and better on brakes due to driver and car. Maldo hits the brakes, Hamilton then goes from behind to front wheels running with the sidepods of Maldo, but Maldo has already hit the apex of the corner.

          Hamilton had no where to go and hit him.

          To overtake when there is no run off he has to be parallel or about when they turn in NOT at the time they hit the apex.

          1. “You can’t expect drivers tp see Hamilton and think, he may out brake me even though he isn’t next to me, so I’ll leave enough room for him to come through anyway.”
            Except that’s what Hamilton and Rosberg did when Schumacher overtook them in the same spot. They saw him coming and stayed out wide instead of cutting in and causing a crash. Massa saw Hamilton coming and cut him off – check the photos Edinfreak posted above. Massa was so determined to chop Hamilton he even ran into the back of Webber doing so. Hamilton’s move was aggressive; Massa’s move was also aggressive, and it should have been a 50-50 accident.

    7. his interview after the race was a disgrace. He seemed like justin bieber throwing a tantrum.

      1. The interview was bad. BUT – imagine how you would react if you’d just spent 2 hours racing an F1 car with your heart rate up around 160; you’d been bitterly disappointed for several reasons, and then some interviewer sticks a microphone in your face and asks stupid questions (or worse, questions designed to antagonize you). I think they should delay the interviews until emotions have calmed. I’m surprised there aren’t more silly things said in the heat of the moment.

        1. Yeah, that explains it, but it doesn’t make him a good person. I love the heat-of-the-moment interviews, as you can at least get a glimpse of the real character of each driver.

          As Hamilton himself said at the interview, a race like this is “character-testing” and it surely looks like he failed the test to me.

      2. wow, he comes across really pathetic in that interview. Time to grow up lewis. Actually that was a lil while ago now.

    8. bytorr2112 (@)
      30th May 2011, 11:29

      you know wot maybe vettel keeps winning because he is german wot if he was a black german wot would people say then???????
      i thought race didt matter in sport anymore but it seems to if your black and not white ????????????????????
      sport is sport and the best man(or woman black or white)wins end of and lewis was out of order he had a **** w/end and should deal with it . if they didt allow tyre changes on the grid button would have won at the race so vettel didt win it properley

    9. BBC fivelive podcast for Monaco 2011 gradprix review here. David Croft and Anthony Davidson review the race. Hear from Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa.(Check from 15 mins onwards reg Hamilton’s race)


      1. Even anthony davidson, an ex f1 driver thinks massa shares at least some of the blame. If thats not enough for you, what will be?

  2. Classic interview!!

    1. Elliot Horwood
      29th May 2011, 16:27

      Was good to see him speaking his mind and what every Lewis fan thinks too. I Completley agree with Lewis, Stewards were biast to him in 2007 as didnt want a Rookie black driver to win the Championship and would rarther the Germans win all the time. Lewis is a true driver and has a great personanilty and deserves to win another world championship! Stewards are getting to harsh on penalties and preventing people from wanting to overtake, let the boys race. What do the stewards expect from racing in monaco!?

      1. What? Who won in 2008? I don’t recall Massa insulting Glock/Hamilton/the stewards because he had lost by a point.

        1. Remember he also got within a point because alot of crappy penalties, so he really should of been thanking instead of insulting.

          1. I agree with lewis it is a joke, but to say racism plays a part is a bit too far – I’m sure he will apologise for that comment. As for today I sympathise with him. He gave Schumacher plenty of room at the hairpin on lap 1, yet nobody gave him any room when went for an overtake. He must feel absolutely robbed.

        2. Hamilton picked up a record number of penalties that year. Some of them incredibly dubious.

          TBF, I reckon he was over optimistic on the moove on Massa, though Massa held him up in quali. The Maldonado crash wasn’t his fault, he put his car into an open gap after he caught Maldonado napping, said napper saw red after he’d been had.

          Hamilton was as bad as I’ve seen him today but he’s had absolutley horrific luck this weekend. It looked like he had the pace for a front row start at least, an the race pace to challenge for the win, but was denied by luck alone. Anyone’s going to be angry at that point, especially considering the championship situation.

          1. +1, one of the smarter comments on the site.

          2. I didn’t notice it at the time, but having watched the replay I can clearly see that Massa actually did turn in very early. Was it purposeful or just a failed attempt to stop Hamilton from sliding up the inside in the first place? We’ll never know.

          3. From what I remember, Massa was concentrating on avoiding Webber in front, probably didn’t even notice Hamilton. One thing I noticed after the race was that Di Resta’s incident was a lot less severe than Hamilton’s, I think if anyone got unlucky with the stewards it was him.

          4. How I read it is that he actually crushed into Webber because he turned in very early, as their alternative trajectories crossed each other, which is different to what drivers would normally do, to avoid contact and/or get the undercut to the slower driver in front, which is to do a late turn in and take a later apex. We saw a lot of this late turn in stuff today as there where a lot fighting going on.

          5. Ignoring the high risk of qualifying being interrupted by a crash is not bad luck – its a bit stupid or a gamble, which he lost.
            I agree he was held up by Massa and I don’t understand why Massa was unpunished, but to stay in the pits to deliberately not set a time before the last 2-3 minutes of a Monaco GP, where this weekend has almost seen a crash every session is risky. I also hoped to see Lewis on the podium, but mostly it was his own fault.

        3. Elliot Horwood
          29th May 2011, 16:44

          massa wasnt repeatedly penalised in 2008, lewis was in 2007

        4. typical lewis hamilton. will never accept that maybe it’s a bad weekend and he should just be in damage limitation and try to pick up whatever points he gets. always has to get all dynamic and try to put on a show for the fans and then blame the stewards for penalizing him or other racers for not parking the car and letting him through, on the media. and 2 days later probably give out a public apology.
          the mclaren has like the longest wheelbase! how do you expect to get it through at a hairpin without bumping?
          I’m a hamilton fan, but today I was disappointed by his performance.

          1. Massa turned in early. So did Maldonado. I love watching Lewis because he is the true racer out there. Alonso and Hamilton are the best out there. Seb is great, but his car is frickin amazing. That GP was amazing and Massa needs to be hit for his comments about hamilton. He is not even close to hamilton’s performance as a driver.

          2. Massa turned in early because he was trying to pass Webber. Find the video and watch it again.

          3. I don’t understand this ‘accept its a bad weekend’ nonsense. Maybe we should get drivers to rate their ‘feeling’ in the car out of 100 after first practice and award points based on that.
            Drivers are not automatically the difference, they MAKE the difference. We are blessed with a crop of drivers at the moment who do, Koba/Lewis/Alonso/Kubica.
            I hope they never give up on the hope to get past someone, ever.
            PS I loved Schuey’s move on Alonso last year before the final corner.

        5. Well, Massa did complain and fielded conspiracy theories after Singapore. They seemed a bit rediculous and far fetched at the time, making Massa a whiner.

          Shame Nelson Jr. did not bring out his testimony there and then, that would have
          shown Massa was actually right about that.

          There was no reason whatsoever to protest Glock/Hamilton. Not even a clue of why to protest that. Not to mention Massa also gained a lot of points due to very dodgy stewarding that year, he did not have much bad decisions going against him

      2. Stewards were biast to him in 2007 as didnt want a Rookie black driver to win the Championship and would rarther the Germans win all the time.

        F1Fanatic isn’t a comedy club.

        1. you might think its comedy but it aint

          1. If it isn’t comedy then i’d like you to point out which German could have won in 2007 (or 2008)?

          2. I don’t remember Hamilton being overly penalized in 2007. In 2008 it was absolutely blatantly obvious though.

      3. Lewis is a CRYBABY, now hes playing the race card

        1. He’s upset and frustrated by a disappointing weekend. He let those frustrations show during an interview after the race. What’s wrong with that? We all let slip at some point during our lives.

          As for the race card, that comment was obviously a joke. A poor joke maybe, but a joke all the same. How you’ve failed to grasp that is beyond me.

          1. Re Lewis’s comments on ‘racist’ stewards, agree that in all probability a joke but many a true word said in jest and it wasn’t jokey enough to convince me he didn’t mean it, even if only a little. Think you’ll find Lewis apologising in the next day or two. Feel sorry for him and understand his paranoia but still needs to rein in those sort of comments. Stewards decisions are the same for everyone, final and go with the territory

      4. I Completley agree with Lewis, Stewards were biast to him in 2007 as didnt want a Rookie black driver to win the Championship and would rarther the Germans win all the time.

        in my country people used to call him Fiamilton

        1. There weren’t even Germans fighting in 2007, so why penalise him?

        2. what country would that be Martin1?

      5. agree 100$

        1. agree 100%

          1. I liked it better when you were backing your opinion with money.

      6. Alex Currie
        29th May 2011, 22:16

        This is how one spells biased and you seem to be in the same spot bringing in the racists issues.
        If the car was competitive in quali and in race trim in as LH defines as high speed corners we won’t be seeing this.
        How is it that JB continues to race within the car and himself and doesn’t seem to get a call to visit the stewards or get arrested for his driving on public roads.
        LH remember lied to the stewards a few year back as well.
        Judgment? No in this guy.
        He has had too much too fast. He served no time with lesser teams stepping directly into what was at that time arguably the best car on the grid. Maybe he should go drive for Hispania, Lotus or Virgin for a season or two and experience how the other 3/4 of the drivers and teams live and learn some humility.

      7. formula1jmfangio (@)
        29th May 2011, 23:26

        Just at the previous race he got a warning instead of a penalty, if anything Hamilton was favored so far as far as sanctions go and for the incident with Maldonado he deserved a suspension or points scrap instead of a drive through penalty
        If he deserves another championship he should win it without taking off other people off track
        I totally agree with let the boys racing ( see the previous incident Alonso Hamilton ) but this time with Maldonado was plain stupid, it’s not go karts mates !

    2. Penalty because you are black? Stop crying Lewis just drive…

      1. Massa was in front…
      2. He overtook Maldonado out of the track…

      Lewis drive was insane…just like all his silly talk about Toro Rosso and Schumacher blocking in Spain…

      1. Yep, even for a joke, that’s low. And I’m no stranger to comedy.

        1. Lets see – if you are black driver what comments would you expect from non-black fans of non-black drivers?

          1. gang up on the kid. its a school yard y’all

          2. formula1jmfangio (@)
            29th May 2011, 23:29

            unbiased comments what else?

      2. If you had of been watching.

        1. Lewis went in the gap, Massa turned in, Lewis went on the curb because he is smart and tried to avoid an accident and Massa just kept turning anyway.

        2. Maldonado left a gap, Hamilton went in it and then Maldonado just kept turning forcing Hamilton off the track.

        1. Lewis was expecting them to move out of the way for him, because if they didnt he would have driven them off the road. Its like playing chicken and lewis lost both times.

          He obviously has no regard for anyone elses race. They are just AI drivers in a codemasters game to him.

          He needs to shape up or ship out.

          1. Commendatore
            29th May 2011, 17:02

            Spot on mate!!!

          2. I can see your point, but lewis gave schumacher plenty of room at the hairpin on lap 1, so why shouldn’t other drivers show him the same respect?

          3. Totally agree

          4. Hamilton didn’t lose out. It was Massa and Maldonado who’s races came to a conclusion because of their inability to leave space. ;)

          5. I do not think he lost – he finished higher than both drivers and finished higher than his grid place. Today he certainly did not loose.

            Today he has gained a lot!

            A the very least those Stewards that single him out for special treatment have to ask themselves – is it because, he is Black?

          6. @Infy. I couldn’t agree more. I was watching Hamilton’s antics on Massa, Maldonado and Schumacher, and all his overtakes were very ambitious. He had inside line, but his car was never alongside any of the drivers.

            In Schumacher’s case, he almost got alongside on the inside, but beat him to the braking point. It was hard, but fair.

            Against Massa, Lewis just expected Felipe to slam his brakes and move off the racing line to avoid contact. Lewis was clearly behind Massa, and just dove down the inside with the expectation of a Ferrari just disappearing off the apex of the corner. It was another chicken fight, and this time Lewis lost.

            Against Maldonado, Lewis again just expected a car that is clearly half a car length ahead, and on the racing line, to just lose all its momentum and just back off. Just constantly diving down the inside and bullying drivers into a game of chicken is going to backfire. I actually felt bad for Maldonado, who was literally shoved into the wall.

            Hamiton’s interview –


            I always thought of Lewis as a great racer, but a bit of a punk. The interview was very tastless, and so was his driving.

          7. formula1jmfangio (@)
            29th May 2011, 23:44

            Spot on indeed !

          8. To be honest, he was probalby counting a bit on both Massa and Maldonado being more carefull and relent the position rather than crash.

            Just like he did himself when Schumacher passed him in the first lap and later Rosberg and others were leaving room as well. Better finish a position lower than risk damage.

            I found it a refreshing interview and it was nice to see him voice his thoughts for a while. Sure he will be unhappy about his openness. But I do think the penalties for Malaysia were unnessicary (both for him and Alonso).
            And I also think the incidents at the hairping as well as the move on Maldonado were just racing as we would like to see here.

          9. wow he really has turned into a little whiny rockstar. Arrogant little ****

        2. You see it a totally different way from me…. the camera on Massa’s car clearly shows he was infront…. Hamilton went for a gap he thought he was entitled to, but he clearly wasn’t. To blame the stewards, other drivers and then use the race card, wether in jest or not,is the lowest of the low.

          1. Sorry that last comment wasn’t for you :)

          2. wrong beth, simply wrong assessment

          3. I don’t think Hamilton wasn’t joking that much.

            My real feeling on this is that Hamilton has been aware of racism within F1 since he began (check out Briatore’s comments). Among fans he’s seen plenty – in Spain and Brazil for example. So I think this has been bubbling away for a long time, he finally said it publicly. Calling him the ‘lowest of the low’ for expressing the fact he feels hostility towards him because of his colour suggest you have no idea what it’s like to experience racism, or you share the same hostility.

          4. @DavidBR. I agree that Hamilton’s not had it easy with the racism in Spain and Brazil. But to accuse the stewards of racism just because you got a deserved penalty for driving like a punk… is the lowest of the low.

          5. @ Todfod, Hamilton’s feelings seemed genuine and not confined to this GP. I don’t think F1 has any right to judge him harshly when Briatore is allowed to get away with the comments he’s made about Hamilton in the past. Not nice but neither is what he’s had to put up with at times, he deserves some slack. The comment was couched, even if the feelings were clear.

        3. If you had of been watching.

          Look how Schumacher did it on Hamilton and Rosberg also Webber on Kobayashi…that’s how clever drivers went on gap!!!

          1. yes and i also saw how Hamilton clearly respected the presence of Schumi by his side and how he could turn in on him while his Mclaren frond wheels where still in frond but he didn’t.
            That’s how fair drivers do prober racing!!!

      3. You hit the nail on the head

    3. People are forgetting that hammy is allowed to say this cos he is in fact black. which makes it all good because white people enslaved black people and should be able to play the race card when ever the hell they like.


      1. Best comment EVER! I love it when people have the brain capacity to not only spot comedy, but reply to said comedy with comedy of their own!

      2. Except he isn’t necessarily allowed. Tone affects a lot of things- depending on how he said it it may have been said with a degree of sincerity, in which case he is accusing the stewards which is wrong. Whatever, in this context he should have appreciated that with any comment he made, as he was angry people would read the comment as serious being serious.

        And him referencing Ali G- one of the reasons Ali G could say it and it was funny was because he wasn’t black and therefore was no actual accusation of racism…

        And I am white and as I didn’t personally enslave anybody I wouldn’t appreciate somebody ‘playing the race card’ on me.

        1. Sorry for a poorly proof-read comment.

          Except he isn’t necessarily allowed. Tone affects a lot of things- depending on how he said it it may have been said with a degree of sincerity, in which case he is accusing the stewards which is wrong. Whatever, in this context he should have appreciated that with any comment he made, as he was angry people would read the comment as being serious.

          And as to him referencing Ali G- one of the reasons Ali G could say it and it was funny was because he wasn’t black and therefore there was no actual accusation of racism…

          And I am white and as I didn’t personally enslave anybody I wouldn’t appreciate somebody ‘playing the race card’ on me.

          1. The bit about Ali G made it sort of clear to me he wasn’t being serious, exactly because Ali G is just a character of a white comedian. Not the best joke Hamilton ever made, good he talked about it to the stewards afterwards as the updated bit says.

            I do want drivers to not be PR robots, and if that means sometimes they go overboard after a frustrating race/weekend, well, I guess that’s part of it.

            Personally, I thought the Malaysia penalties for Alonso and for Hamilton quite the bad joke. I have to say, I didn’t think it was a coincidence Alonso didn’t, and Hamilton did loose a position: McLaren complained about Alonso, and got a lid on the nose from the stewards to show them that wasn’t a good idea.

            Likewise, those “reprimands” last race were also silly: the Stewards wanted to make a point, if the drivers had done anything actually wrong they would have had a severe penalty. Had that new “three reprimands, then penalty” rule been instated yet, I am sure none of the teams would have accepted them.

            So I can see where Hamilton comes from. With the penalties of this race too, people say consistency, because Di Resta was quite agressive and got a penalty first. I look at the “consistency” of Rosberg and Hamilton making sure not to hit Schumacher, and compare that to Massa, Maldonado – in both cases they could have left more space, and would have had a better result. Did we blame Webber for hitting Hamilton in Singapore last year? Well, I suppose some did, but most agreed it was a racing incident – these weren’t all that different.

    4. Does anyone have a link to his interview?

    5. yes, kudos to Hamilton for at least speaking out.

  3. If ever there was a moment to sleep on it before opening his mouth this was it..

      1. +1, bad joke, bad driving. Just sleep with it Lewis.

        1. sid_prasher (@)
          29th May 2011, 17:41


          In a few days/weeks/years time, he will regret saying there is a racial bias.

        2. -4 He spoke his mind, he might be wrong, he might be right, but so what? At least it was real.

          1. -5 he spoke what he saw or perceived wrong or right – doesn’t matter

          2. -6 he has a point

    1. Be carefull with his mouth, maybe. His driving was just fine though.

  4. He lost all my respect when I saw this interview… Thats sad, I was actually starting to finally like this guy and hope for him to beat Vettel. No Lewis fan can say that Alonso is a whiner, the new whiner of F1 is definitely Hamilton…

    1. LOL lost all respect for speaking their mind WOW!!! You couldn’t of had much respect for him. What are you like when your friends speak theirs?

      All drivers whine, Seb whines all the time, listen to F1 race edits, alonso and button with the there isn’t any grip…

      I’m glad he said what he wanted to you can’t say I wish drivers would speak their mind and then when they do complain.

      1. I think he just went too far, he’s lost many peoples respect because his arrogance was so noticeable in that interview, not because he spoke him mind. Don’t get me wrong though, this was much better than spewing PR

        1. Really ? because he just gained the respect from most people i know.

          Finally shedding the public relations slave image and just saying whatever the **** he thinks.

          Sure it was heat of the moment, but i’ve got much more respect for him because of this interview.

          1. Its strange how it changes from place to place then….. cos ‘fans’ here have really been shocked by how and what he said…. there’s a time and a place for arrogance and he’ll have to work hard and keep his mouth shut to win a lot of them back.

          2. Me too. The ‘because I’m black’ comment will be fuel to those who don’t like him but it was clearly a joke. The rest of what he said needed saying. He is feeling singled out, and I think he is being – not because he is black but because he believes that racing is about taking your chances. Whatever happened to ‘racing incidents’?
            Imagine we actually get to the last race of the season, and imagine Vettel needs to overtake Hamilton to win the title. Vettel goes for a gap. The every F1 fan is on the edge of their seats. Hamilton closes the gap and they collide. Vettel fails to win the championship. Now be honest with yourselves folks – who do you think will take a penalty?

          3. Who cares? Fans don’t win his race. Personally, I like a driver to speak their mind. I’m also not stupid enough to think that “Because I’m black” comment was anything more than a joke in poor taste.

            Any Lewis “Fans” that are no longer fans after that interview, clearly weren’t that big of fans in the first place.

        2. therealslimshady
          29th May 2011, 16:49

          you see the problem is not the fact that he spoke his mind (finally i may add) its the choice of his words. in a sport such as f1 you do not at all costs say things like “these drivers are absolutely fricking ridiculous, it’s stupid”. it all about mutual respect. his arrogance really is showing through. i wonder if simon fuller is regretting the decision to sign him yet. his pass on schumi today was amazing. as much as i loath hamilton, i actually said wow thats impressive out loud. but then he sees (maybe) schumi pulling off two amazing passes at the hair pin he thinks he can do the same. clearly not!

          also i wish i could get this message to him:

          Dear Lewis,
          You have been in the stewards office 5 times during the last 6 races because you race like a frikin damn amateur! please get off that pedestal of yours and join the rest of the world down here.

          1. His hairpin moves were no different to Schumi’s. The difference was the opposition. Where Schumi was given room, Hamilton wasn’t.

            I saw twitter comments during the course of the Grand Prix. Was expecting to watch the race and have lost all my respect for Lewis.

            Instead, I’ve come home from work, watched the GP, and nothing’s changed. Lewis is a fighter. A racer in the true sense of the word. And yet again, he has proved his willingness to take his chances. I see nothing stupid about his moves. I also don’t see why any of them were punished. Including Di Resta. We are in an era where the FIA is making numerous rule changes to try and create more overtaking chances, yet more than ever they now appear willing to punish drivers for doing exactly that.

            People need to get of their high horse. We have so many great drivers and racers on the grid. Stop ruining it by complaining every time one of them goes all out.

            As for the interview, he was frustrated. We’ve all been frustrated before. It’s human nature to let it all out at times.

        3. I am pretty sure that most of those stating they have lost respect for Lewis never had any for him in the first place. He losses nothing and gains his right to speak his mind.

          1. I agree with you 100 percent. Far to many people are just using it as yet another excuse to slag him off. Why? “Because ‘e iz black? I dunno!”

      2. Of course drivers can speak their mind. However, this is under the assumption that they are generally correct on those matters!

        Hamilton clearly isn’t on this case. If Di Resta got a penalty, there is absolutely no reason Hamilton shouldn’t

        1. therealslimshady
          29th May 2011, 16:54

          +1, maybe splitting with his dad as the manager wasnt the right idea. just look at the way di resta handled the same situation! just got on with it.

        2. Have you considered that Di Riesta shouldnt have gotten the penalty?

          1. Since Di Resta himself admitted that he was impatient when he made that move, it seems pretty clear.

        3. DiResta accepted his mistake

          1. nobody here is motivated to fight Hamilton’s corner – if he doesn’t stand up for himself who will?

          2. Di Resta and Button showed how to give an interview, and how gentlemen they are.

        4. Di Resta shouldn’t have been penalized either.

          1. To be honest, I do think that if any penalty should have been given, then DiResta’s was fair.
            He did try where there was no chance of coming even close, so it was stupid. On the other hand I feel, that he was penalized sufficiently by having to stop for a new nose.

          2. Well said BasCB – well, we agreed on that already when seeing the race, so thanks for articulating it here :)

          3. ScottishNotBritish
            30th May 2011, 11:22

            I disagree! Di Resta did NOT deserve a penalty. And the FIA made a rod for their back by awarding him one.

            I believe that his incident was actually less severe than Hamilton’s (x2) or Koboyashi’s in that he did not cause significant damage to his competitor’s car.

            A drive-through penalty was FAR too severe a punishment for a VERY minor incident and it completely ruined his race.

            The rule needs to be changed so that drivers receive a penalty only in extreme circumstance for ‘dangerous driving’ or receiving an ‘unfair advantage’ not the entirely vague ‘causing an avoidable collision’.

            For the record, I don’t believe any of the driver’s deserved a penalty. The stewards need to let natural justice take it’s course on the race track.

            (Also, did Koboyashi actually receive a penalty for his move on Sutil?)

          4. I agree, Di Resta shouldn’t have had a penalty. Which means Hamilton shouldn’t have had one, but because they dished it out to the FI driver, the FIA left themselves no choice.

      3. you must have not got respect for him to start with. so in real fact he lost nothing

      4. LOL, you think because he is a driver he can say whatever he wants to say without thinking about it? When you don’t have anything intelligent in your mind you better not say anything. Lewis is not speaking to some friends on a restaurant, he is speaking to the entire world. A lot of young people is watching that have him as an idol. Do you really think it is good for anyone to see this guy quoting “great thinkers” like Ali G and saying its because he is black and that everything and everyone is ridiculous but him ?

      5. problem isnt that he spoke his mind the problem is that he doesnt see anything he does as wrong, he says he will admit to things he thinks he done wrong but clearly his definition of what is wrong is warped. He actually thinks that other drivers should just get out of his way even if they have the racing line and he is clearly behind him. and when they dont get out of his way and he drives into them its their fault and not his. He came across as an arrogant whiny little bitch.

    2. People criticize him when he’s polite, because apparently he’s just “repeating the lines fed to him by the PR machine”. People criticize him when he speaks his mind because now “he’s just whining”.

      Haters gonna hate, I guess ;)

      1. Great point, I never criticise him when he says nothing wrong and am against people arguing because his polite.
        But this time he should have spoken on softer tones, because he insulted the drivers and stewards and accused them of artificialising the result.

        1. Fair enough, Fixy. I agree and I also think that Hamilton is wrong in this instance. Drivers are wrong quite often. After all the view from the cockpit is quite limited. Sometimes they even get angry.

          Felipe was indeed turning early into the Grand Hotel hairpin. In that regard Lewis is correct. However Mass did it because (if I remember correctly) he had Webber on the outside, who also started to make his turn.

          Lewis misjudged the situation and got angry when the stewards punished him. But for Antranik to say that “he lost all respect for Hamilton” because of that… well, I suspect there was never too much respect there to begin with…

        2. I agree Fixy.

    3. kenneth Ntulume
      29th May 2011, 17:19

      Antranik??? who cares, Ham is right

    4. Imagine how much I hated him (not as a person) after Brazil 2008, as I was a newby and Massa fan. Since 2009 I increasingly admired him for his speed and driving, but I can still tell when someone is wrong, as in this case.

      1. He called it as he saw it – fans of the other 23 drivers are unlikely to be standing in his corner but then again that is not what he was looking for.

    5. He enjoys F1 like a child who loves F1 and plays at it in videogames, but now he’s even driving like a child in videogames.

      1. Come off it mate… He took a chance, and made an error. I’m sure you’ve done it in your life before. If you NEVER take the risk, you’ll NEVER reap the rewards!

        1. What i can’t understand at all is why to people even care if the guy is arrogant and an ass or a sweet nice guy.
          Don’t people understand that no one of us ever knows anything about this people? We don’t know them personally. You will never know who they truly are and what personality they really have.

          What is this craziness of people choosing favorite drivers on what they think their narrow unsupported opinion about their personality is?

          I think Hamilton is awesome and fair driver and one of the greatest talents to ever hold an F1 steering wheel. That’s why i love the existence of the guy. I don’t care if he puts his feet on the coffee table while at home or if he likes to give alcohol to little children in his free time.
          The only place that i care what kind of personality his showing is the one behind the wheel.

          So many people caring about whether the black comment was a joke or whether it was right or wrong but fail to even notice what we should really be talking about and whether he has a point about those racing incidents.

          I’m not beyond disliking a guy. I dislike Shumi completely. BUT i don’t dislike Schumi the person, i dislike Schumi the driver and the things he did as a driver.
          I don’t even know Schumi the person and i never will. I only know what i see on the track and maybe politics that have direct relation to the track. Nothing else.
          I have no opinion on whether Schumi is arrogant, evil or anything else. I only ave an opinion of what kind of driver he is and i think a pretty dubious and unfair driver and that why i dislike him as a driver.
          Nothing else.
          Hell he might be a great and honest guy to hang-out with though. Who knows?

          I think people should mature a little and stop getting all fanatical calling drivers with characterizations about who they think they are as personalities because it’s just idiotic really.

  5. I can see Lewis getting his wrists slapped by the McLaren PR team after that little outburst. As much as I love Lewis as a driver, he really has to learn to control himself off track. But today I am disappointed in his behaviour both on and off track.

    1. There was no space to pass Felipe and Pastor was too much ahead to pass him, he should have waited another lap. But the thing is, after taking two drivers out, he is still racing in the points, he could have retired with a broken rear wing and he still blames the others rather than being thankful for those 8 points that he did not deserve!

      1. Agreed. But we all say things we regret when we’re angry. The problem here is that Lewis had no reason to be angry. He brought all of this upon himself.

        1. Exactly, he had no reason to be angry. He was even lucky to finish the race considering he collided with Massa and Maldonado and was hit by Alguersuari.

          1. No. Massa blatently turned into him. Maldonado turned into him. Nuff said. The problem with F1 is that everyone assumes its always the trailing guy’s fault. If there is a gap a true racer is going for it. I was furious at what Massa did. Completely unsafe. They were touching and Massa kept turning in. Karma is painful and that is why Massa wrecked out following that crap he calls driving. He won’t be around much longer.

          2. @dlaird – So, for you Massa had to run straight into the barriers to leave Hamilton enough space to pass without fighting.

          3. The Last Pope
            29th May 2011, 21:02

            Fixy you are wrong. dlaird is correct.

          4. @Fixy. Exactly the same point I’ve been trying to make. In all of Hamilton’s moves, he expected the drivers in front to slam their brakes and hit the barriers just so that Lewis can finish his overtaking move. Lewis was never in strong overtaking position against Maldonado or Massa. Lewis was just driving like a punk today. I think he doesn’t deserve that 6th place he got today.

          5. Massa wouldn’t have hit the barriers to give Hamilton space at the hairpin. To claim so, is ridiculous.

            Hamilton was also past Massa before he got all messed up on the marbles in the tunnel and stacked it into the wall.

            Di Resta did no wrong. Hamilton did no wrong on Massa. If Hamilton did anything wrong, it was trying to attack Maldonado from too far behind.

            I’ve seen many other drivers make dumb mistakes trying to pass over the almost 3 decades I’ve been watching F1, but I’ve never seen as much hate as Hamilton gets for racing incidents others also have the misfortune of making.

            As for the interview, he got frustrated and spoke his mind. Stop trying to castrate the guy for doing something ALL of us do.

        2. Agreed, but often You get the most angry, when You are to blame Yourself and end up blaming everyone else.
          Actually he got Massa for holding him up in quali, I don’t believe it was intentional, but the effect on Massa was a DNF.
          I love his aggressive style to a certain extent – sometimes he overdo it and messes up for himself and others.

          1. He moved from 9th to 6th, got Massa and Maldanado DNFéd for not driving fair – i think he did OK.

    2. Does anyone have any onboard footage of the incidents with Massa / Maldonado? Preferably from both driver’s point of view, but Hamilton’s especially.

      My question is whether there was a gap worth going for in one / both of the incidents. If there wasn’t, then it has to be put down to bad judgement on his part. If there was, then I see no problem with what happened (since we should all want to see drivers 100% committed).

      PS. the Ali G comment was clearly a joke, but will no doubt get blown out of all proportion (which is the only reason for it being the ‘wrong’ thing to say).

      1. I found Hamilton’s onboard for the Maldonado incident. To me it looked like Maldonado, left a gap but was clearly half a car length ahead and on the racing line. Lewis was entering the corner in an unusual way and way too ambitious on the braking.


      2. Here’s the Massa incident.


        The Massa incident could have just gone down as a racing incident, but I’m sure the stewards were compelled to show consistency in their penalties. There was no way that Di Resta could be the only one getting punished for the exact same move.

        In both cases it was Hamilton who looked over ambitious. And for him to call Massa and Maldonado stupid drivers in the post race interview was a really classy move on Hamilton’s part.

        1. Agreed.

    3. I have been hearing this Lewis should control himself **** since 2007. Lewis has been through all sorts of changes to his PR approach, indeed at one time refusing to talk to the press and it has not helped – after all this **** i am definitely with him – he should say what he feels he wants to say, he should drive the way he feels he wants to drive – there will always be haters, within FIA or outside; just because he bends over back wards to make them happy in the press is not going to make them go away

    4. true. he always tries to get all dynamic and do that i drive for my fans thing all the time. it’s okay in wider tracks. there was no space here at all. why couldnt he just accept it and say yeah okay, bad weekend, lets move on. and just be in damage limitation and pick up whatever you get.

      These drivers are absolutely fricking ridiculous

      and that’s just rude. defending a position isnt ridiculous.

      1. That’s all the respect Lewis has for his title rival to which he nearly lost the 2008 crown and a rookie.

        1. Massa has never shown Hamilton any respect, so they’re quits.

          1. Never heard Massa insulting Lewis. He very sportively accepted defeat in 2008.

          2. Well aside from consistently moaning about him and asking for extra penalties, like today. But I really meant on track. Massa never cedes to Hamilton even when he’s just as likely to come out badly or worse. To be fair, not sure if that’s lack of respect or over-competitiveness with Hamilton, maybe stemming back to 2008.

        2. Massa has always been nasty to Lewis so i am sure there is no love lost between the two of them. For sure he will never earn points for being nice to some of the drivers on the grid – its a good thing he is learning to place the car in the right places Webber-style such that when you turn into him you pay the price. Its also encouraging that the MP26 is stronger than last years McLaren.

    5. He’s not endeared himself to his fellow drivers has he? Calling them ridiculous and stupid wasn’t exactly the smartest move after his “monkeys at the back” comment a few years ago.

      Guess he can expect his lapped colleagues to respond to blue flags just a little slower the next time out.

      1. he doesnt usually lap the likes of Massa and Maldanado so there should be no problems with blud flags

  6. I don’t care if the racism part was a joke or not, those are some disgraceful comments. Talk about putting the sport into disrepute!

    This man has serious attitude problems! He expects drivers to move out of the way when they see him coming, he berates his team every time they make a mistake and blames other drivers whenever he can….

    1. He is right, both Massa and Maldanado should have been smarter and seen him right there.

      1. true. Schumasher was in the exact same situation as Maldonado when Lewis was passing him and he managed to avoid an accident. Same with Schumi overtaking Lewis (similar to the Massa situation) and lewis not driving into him.

        1. Yeah. Agree. He did managed to avoid turning into people. Does anyone really wanna see vettel run away with the championship? IMHO,the drivers that can truly stops him are Lewis and Alonso. But at the moment, Ferrari are not looking so good.

      2. Hamilton moves on massa & maldonado were wrong. Why would the driver in front let lewis pass, they are racing like everyone. Alonso repected the rules & did not make a move on vettel. Lewis just thinks he is playing a video game & he thinks everycar as bots who will give him way.

        1. Not just let him past, but when you can no longer keep them behind without causing an accident at the time, its the time to let them past and then attack yourself. There was nothing wrong with either move, Hamilton went for a gap and both drivers moved in on him, and yet who is it that gets the penalty? Thats right its Hamilton.

          1. Yup. They shouldn’t give out penalties for that. I think it’s just a racing incident. If you don’t go for that gap and tries to overtake, you are not a racing driver? And it’s mostly the track’s fault isn’t it? Never really liked monaco. Boring, cant overtake. Alonso can’t get pass vettel too.

        2. The fault lies with the flag stewards that fail to show the blue flags to the slower drivers. And then for all those that have actually raced, a driver should expect that the overtaker is eventually going to shove him aside. I happens all the time. When there is no difference in pace it is ok to defend a position but not by deliberately blocking as Massa did. Then Massa is doubly at fault for ruining Hamilton”s qualifying attempt and then for blocking Hamilton during the race proper. Maldonado did not have the pace to challenge Hamilton and should have moved over.

          Then why do the likes of virgin, HRT et al move over for the faster competitors? aren’t they racing too? Why don’t they choose to block those that are trying to lap them?

          The same goes for Massa and maldonado. Then, why penalize Hamilton?

          If one follows F1, it is obvious that Massa has a grudge with Hamilton ever since he lost the championship to Lewis in 2008.
          Preventing Hamilton’s takeover does not make Massa a better driver.

          In GT racing he would have been shoved into the scenery a zillion times by now.

          The stewards also have a grudge with hamilton. For whatever reason tit is blatant that they are after his guts.

          1. CarlD – Cars being lapped must move over, or they get the blue flag. Cars positioned ahead are entitled to make a pass as difficult as they can, within the rules. Otherwise racing wouldn’t be fun to watch.

        3. Neither Massa nor Maldonado finished the race due to turning in when a car was already in the space they wanted…..isn’t that a good enough reason?

          At the same time, one of the main reasons Hamilton DID finish the race is because he realised this when Schumi nailed him at Loews. Hamilton did exactly what you moaners are asking with amazement……he let the other guy through.

          Yes, if you can’t close the door without hitting the other guy you HAVE LEFT IT TOO LATE and should cede the corner to fight another one.

          1. maestrointhesky
            29th May 2011, 22:19

            Exactly right Mikef117!

          2. [quote]Yes, if you can’t close the door without hitting the other guy you HAVE LEFT IT TOO LATE and should cede the corner to fight another one.[/quote]

            Bless you Mikef117.

          3. Yep, that’s it. And both Massa and Maldonado were in that respect stupid to not see that – isn’t it the first rule in driving to avoid hitting someone? It doesn’t help them anything now to feel vindicated by Hamilton’s penalty (in fact, if Massa hadn’t subsequently crashed himself, I think he might have also gotten a drive trough, he certainly could have avoided the incident by not going into he back of Webber and taking a wider line).

      3. And you are plain wrong, both Massa and Maldonado were ahead, therefore they had a right to chose the track and he simply had to adjust his own, which he didn’t. Seems to me he lost the “untouchable” status since Ron Dennis left and with the new star Vettel on stage, he just cant get over it.

        1. LH had “untouchable status” in the FIA’s eyes in Ron’s time??? You could have fooled me. He was a penalty magnet in 2008 for the simple reason that Max had it in for Ron and used the Alan Donnelly –> Lewis penalty path to attack Dennis until he was out of F1 altogether.

        2. This “ahead” thing is ridiculous. That’s not how it works and you guys understand nothing about racing.

          The guy defending will always be ahead at some point since the other guy is coming from the back and if he turns into the other guy he can claim being right that way. That’s just crazy.

          This way no one can ever pass anyone unless is a big straight and has the whole car in-frond before they reach a turn.
          Go to racing learning school and learn how the thing works and stop trying to pull this “being ahead” theories.

          If you left the door open and the guy is by your side you made a mistake. Accept it and stop trying to turn in on him and force him to a no choice crash(and future scaremongering of never attempting to go for a gap against you) just because you frond wheels are still a little ahead. That’s no excuse.
          From when being a little ahead is an excuse turning in on a guy that is already committed in an open door you left unprotected and has nowhere to go?
          This way two cars will never race side by side because one car will always be slightly ahead of the other at certain points and he just has the right to turn on the other guy that must magically disappear.

          1. Problem is, Hamilton hit the two cars from their sides after they had committed to the corner, not Hamilton getting turned in on.

          2. But David A, that’s not really true for Maldonado, who just turned into the barrier on the other side all by himself; With Massa, after the corner, HAM was parked on the cerbs, and couldn’t take a much narrower line, but Massa could have gone a bit wider – in other words, both could have done more to avoid hitting each other.

      4. “Oh, it’s Hamilton. I better let him pass.”

  7. His driving was a joke. Not a funny one for Massa and Maldonado, clearly.

  8. I’d have called a lot of his driving today a joke personally.

    1. 100% agree! The one with Maldonado, I can kinda, almost see where he was coming from, but the one with Massa at the hairpin was just ridiculous.

      1. What’s ridiculous is that Massa kept turning into him.

        1. I saw that too, but Massa had little space and was ahead of Lewis, who was cutting the corner and should have braked.

          1. The Last Pope
            29th May 2011, 21:23

            This “he was ahead” is rubbish. It doesn’t mean you can ram the guy onto the curb. What if massa was only a nose ahead could he still just drive into him? No of course not. Fact is there would never be any clean overtaking now at monaco if the driver infront didn’t ever conceed to save their car from damage.

          2. Massa didn’t ram him onto the curb. Massa was trying to pass Webber, and took a tighter line. Hamilton went into a non-existant gap.

          3. Webber was a mile away. If Massa really thought he was gonna pass Webber there then he really is crazy.

          4. Don’t be daft, Hamilton came from way too far back, it wasn’t a intellegent attack and he should know better.

          5. It reminded me a bit of that start accident between Liuzzi and Massa last year in, was it Canada? Massa keeps driving into Liuzzi, who was stuck with Button on the other side of him – except Hamilton had less space on the inside, and Massa now much more space on the outside to avoid a bigger hit. In both cases Massa didn’t help his race but rather kept getting into it – that also shows something, in my opinion, and it isn’t great driving. Sad as I really like Massa, but he also has shown some rather untimely aggression that caused him races.

  9. He is dead right!

  10. Hamilton reminds me of Ronnie O’Sullivan. Very talented in his chosen sport but has a terrible attitude which makes him hard to root for.

    1. you are having a laugh right .

      In 4-5 years in the sport this is the first time lewis has said something as candid as this and you are already comparing him to sullivan .

      1. It’s his attitude I’m talking about. This is the first time he’s been so candid about thinking little of the other drivers and thinking the world is against him. But he’s hinted at it before.

        1. He has hinted at it because he is right, just as a fan you can feel it, stupid penalties, all the hate he gets.

        2. No I mean he’s hinted at having such a bad attitude. Blaming everything on someone else isn’t a trait I find particularly appealing.

          1. Just look at you, listen to yourself, read what you write – you are unlikely to find anything about Hamilton appealing under any circumstances and it adds no value for him to worry about that

          2. Mark Hitchcock
            30th May 2011, 15:02

            NDINYO, I was a huge fan of Hamilton in 07 but only started going off him as it became more apparent that I couldn’t stand his attitude.

            No die-hard Hamilton fans seem to be able to accept any criticism of him without assuming that the one dishing out the criticism must just hate him.

      2. And as I said. It makes him hard to root for. I wish I could support O’Sullivan in the snooker because I love his style of play. But every interview I hear with him makes me hate the guy.
        Same with Lewis.
        Loved a couple of his overtakes today. Hated his attitude when he made a mistake.

        1. Unfortunately I 100% agree with you Mark.

        2. you are dead wrong with your comparison. walk a mile in his shoes..

    2. Younger Hamii
      29th May 2011, 16:38

      Actually Andy Murray,He’s one of the Best in Tennis but his Attitude is Well Known to be Absolutely Terrible.

  11. The race card? Seriously???
    Even in jest that isn’t on! He drove like a lunatic!!

    …and I’m a fan of his!!

    1. Obviously not a big one because he is right…

      1. The Last Pope
        29th May 2011, 21:34

        lol +1



      1. That’s such a poor excuse.

        It’s like saying no offence but…

        You clearly mean offence, it’s just a way of making you feel better about saying it.

        1. Its not the point, the amount of hate and penalties he gets just cant be because of his driving…

        2. just like all the racists out there who would say something like this :

          “I am not trying to be racist but…(inserts racist crap)…

      2. It doesn’t matter if he was joking, it was going too far. Just a stupid thing to joke about.

        1. c’mon mommy’s boy ,learn to take a joke . The spanish fans were “having a laugh” too when they painted their faces black ,weren’t they . Its just a joke .

          1. No, that is seriously unfunny and offensive. And if you can’t see how offensive that can be to people, then you need to check some of your own behaviour.

          2. and everybody stood up for Alonso when he rooted for them and justified their joking. What piece of ****. This is precisely what Lewis was talking about – the double standards

        2. Snow Donkey
          29th May 2011, 16:31

          I don’t care that he joked about it being because he’s black, I thought it was kind of funny. I find it interesting that he’s blamed his misfortunes on other so often (he blocked me, he didn’t move fast enough etc) and then when he is the pursuing driver, and causes avoidable accidents, it’s still their fault, and the stewards are wrong for even looking into it. He had more accidents than a senior citizen with bladder control issues today!

          1. i quite remember lewis putting his hands up at australia 2010 and saying that he was not quick enough

          2. He also admitted he was wrong last year in Monza.
            The only reason he isn’t doing so right now id because HIS RIGHT!!!

          3. wouldnt it be nice if he just said he wasnt good enough and quit F1 … pliiiiz!!

    3. you are obviously not his fan

  12. And Di Resta, who had a similar number of incidents just held his hands up and admitted to being impatient. What a contrast.

    1. I agree. Good on Paul too for his comments as generally racing drivers all use any excuse they can find!

      I don’t really want to have a go at Lewis because he was quite upset and I’ve never warmed to him either but I have to say I disagree with all of his comments and felt he was largely responsible for his rotten weekend.

      1. You are entitled to your opinion just like he is entitled to his. IMO he has a point – you have to question the justification behind the double standards. FIA have to be more objective – 2008 was a year when they were at their worst against Lewis, 2010 was quite bad too – i remember worrying about Webber’s impunity when it came to DNFing Lewis almost at will. There is been many avoidable accidents that FIA does not even appear to notice – Kimi on Sutil at Monaco comes to mind

    2. Should i respond or just give you a spanking . lemme see…

      This is di resta’s first season , he is not a world champion , he has not been robbed of a win (spa 2008) and to cap it all ,He is in a slow car!!!!

      1. He’s a world champ in a fast car? Well, Hamilton shouldn’t have been colliding with rookies in Williamses then… :)

        This all looks good on Di Resta (as Steph said) an bad on Hamilton.

        1. Yer I agree on Di Resta he’s showing himself as a real class act as well as being faster than his experienced team mate

      2. None of that matters curedcat. Paul made a mistake and owned up. Hamilton in similar circumstances lost his cool. Maybe with past situations it is more understandable that he wouldn’t be as calm but he completely lost his temper and revealed a rather unsettling feeling of superiority regarding other drivers which I feel typically most F1 fans don’t like (Seb got a backlash in 2010 when it felt he was being favoured).

        1. Agreed Steph, the rookie acted like a veteran and the veteren acted like a rookie.

          1. dude if you dont have a feeling of superioruty then you cannot be a champion – end of

          2. @pking008-
            You can believe that you are the best without thinking that the others are “ridiculous”.

          3. to believe that you are the best the others have to be … well, you thought it :)

        2. For me the difference is a large part the past – the FIA definitely were out for McLaren, and that meant Hamilton, in 2008; so that it clouds Hamilton’s feelings is sort of understandable, if not a pretty sight.

          I still think that Massa and Maldonado both were indeed unwise to so leave more room and just finish the race – their results would have been better, regardless of what their right was. Rosberg and Hamilton both did that right when Schumacher came up their inside at the hairpin, in my opinion.

          Di Resta did have a line more directly into the driver before him, who couldn’t do anything to stop him, so he was more deserving of a penalty than Hamilton. The consistency isn’t real, as every incident is slightly different, otherwise we wouldn’t even need the stewards, just telemetry, and in this case,

          1. @David A
            I think you are equating the word “ridiculous” with “rubbish” which is not what Lewis said. personally I use the word ridiculous alot. when i used it in that context, i’m simply saying the other person has not understood or has misunderstood the situation because i think i’m right. Lewis use of the word here me think is in similar light that he thinks Massa and Maldonado are wrong

  13. So do you guys want Hamilton do speak his mind or not?

    One moment you’re calling him a PR robot, another you’re bashing him for saying what he thinks.

    1. But what he said made him sound like an idiot and was completely out of order…

      1. There’s such thing as going to far. Lewis is either a robot or a PR disaster.

      2. The Last Pope
        29th May 2011, 21:45

        Well this is what the FIA get when they take an frustrated young man straight from his car into the media cage while adrenalin is still in effect. This is what the media wants. I can only imagine what kind of rants we could have heard if the drivers from the 80’s had to do interviews right out the cockpit.

        At least Lewis managed not to swear. I don’t think Mark Webber would have been able to stop himself if it were him lol.

    2. So do you guys want Hamilton do speak his mind or not?

      We want drivers to speak their mind. But we also like them not to be stupid about it. He drove like an idiot today and blaming Maldonado for the accident is a sign of arrogance and, well, stupitidy.

      1. And well, smart, Maldonado should have let him go, he was never going to stop him coming through when he turned in, another reason to just dump him.

        1. So drivers are entitled to be let past now despite not being in a position to have said overtake? This kind of self-entitlement by the top drivers and their fans is a dangerous development for F1.

      2. the same way all smart people think those who do not say what they want are idiots, good drivers think those who block them are r*****. Let’s try to use the same ruler for Lewis and ourselves.

    3. Midweek, when he said something like “I’m the only one who can stop Vettel”, I appreciated that as him confidently speaking his mind. This was just an unnecessary outburst.

      It’s just that I fail to see why people are taking the “cos i’m black” comment seriously. I’ve seen many use that jokingly before (including myself), and not cause offense.

      1. very good comment david . You have to question the motive of those folks who are holding on to that “I AM BLACK ” comment . Dude clearly laughed after saying it .

        1. Agreed, that bit was clearly a joke. The rest of the interview however sadly wasn’t.

          1. sid_prasher (@)
            29th May 2011, 21:01

            Hmm…I just read the transcript so it wasn’t that obvious.

      2. It wasn’t a smart joke but I took it as a joke all the same. I found his “…these drivers are absolutely fricking ridiculous, it’s stupid…” to be the worst to come out of it.

        1. Yer Lewis was the one who was ridiculous today. Far too often he thinks he has the right to throw the car down the inside and the other driver should just get out of the way and let him through. I mean he wasn’t even half way down the side of Maldonado and expected him to give way.

          1. Lets see – if Massa and Maldanado had stayed out of the way, chances are they would finished in the points; so maybe they should have actually stayed out of his way if they were, well, calmer than Lewis?

    4. Oh, I definitely want him to keep talking his mind. Because how else is he going to show himself up as the immature unprofessional idiot he apparently is?

      His driving today was just appalling. I agree with kevmscotland below that he seemed to be realising today that he was supposed to have a rookie year full of mistakes and he’s just having it a couple of years after the fact to make up for missing it in his first year.

    5. It sounds as if Dennis and McLaren had him trained for his own good because his arrogonce and attitude calling Massa and Maldonado ‘fricking idiots’ today was appalling.

      For his own good being a PR robot is probably for the best.

      Di Resta is younger yet his response was far more measured and mature.

      1. I thought it was great because Massa is an idiot.

        1. Massa tried to pass Webber and made a little contact. Hamilton tries to pass Massa and makes more contact. So if Massa’s an idiot, Hamilton’s a bigger one.

          1. No the one who did not get points is the bigger one

          2. NDINYO-

            Massa crashed in the tunnel- that was Massa’s fault.

            Hamilton crashes into Massa at the hairpin- that was Hamilton’s fault.

  14. What does the reporter expect lewis to say ?

    “Asked why he has had so many penalties he joked: “Maybe it’s because I’m black – that’s what Ali G says! I don’t know”

    Ha ha !. Go lewis

    1. Exactly!!!

    2. +1

      Loved the interview.

      Here in Brazil we have to hear the commentator Galvão criticize Hamilton every race for everything, and praise for nothing. I mean ever. Today he was ‘aggresive’ for hand signalling Schumacher when he finally got past and ‘anti-ethical’ for saying Massa collided with him. Alonso made a gesture after going past a backmarker and he’s ‘competitive.’ So how do you explain that difference in attitude by a commentator? In Brazil white racism appears in precisely this form: blacks should keep their mouth shut and thank themselves lucky. If they complain about anything, they’re the one with the bad attitude. Yet you’ll find all drivers complaining the whole time (when they’re not winning). Who gets the flak on Brazilian TV and called unethical for expressing his view of an incident? Hamilton only. Racism pure and simple.

      1. Guilherme (@the_philosopher)
        29th May 2011, 17:01

        Don’t be rubbish David. Galvão clearly seeks to ensure Massa is the victim, always. Had it been Alonso who collided with Massa, he’d be complaining about Alonso, as he has been doing since Bahrain 2010. It’s just his motif, diminishing the value of whoever else is racing against Massa, teammates or not. Hamilton is the driver who “stole”, in Galvão’s view, the title from Massa, so I’m not surprised that he criticises Hamilton often. That’s Massa-bias, ‘pure and simple’. I, like most of us Brazilians, hate Galvão Bueno with a passion, but I’d never attribute any of his badly-thought through comments to racism.

        About the “black should keep their mouth shut” stuff, I wouldn’t like to comment on that because that’s quite a bit off the place, but I’d like people not to believe it’s like that in every area of our society.

        Ah, and by the way, Hamilton and Schumacher were racing, Alonso and the HRT were not.

        1. Guilherme Teixeira

          I respect your opinion, but it doesn’t fit the fact Galvão was against Hamilton from his first year, well before Massa’s challenge for the WDC.

          I agree a discussion about racism in Brazil is off-topic, but Galvão leaves me incensed with these deeply personal attacks on Hamilton and from the comments I’ve read on many Brazilian blog sites, I’m far from alone in thinking this is to do with ‘something’ very specific about Hamilton.

      2. Do you mean hand signalled Maldonado rather than Schu, or did he do it to both?

        1. Looked like he gave the finger to Schu, some gesture for sure.

      3. I’m sorry, but I do live in Brazil also (BSB) and to attribute all that criticism to racism is, IMO, plain nonsense. I’m sorry to say that. And yes, today Hamilton was involved in three incidents.
        I have to say that, like you, I loved the interview, as is good to see a driver speaking openly. But in my opinion, Hamilton was wrong in almost every word.

        1. Aldo, Hamilton deserved the flak today, but I’m talking about the degree of hostility shown to Hamilton over four years now. I really don’t want to get into the race issue again, but I was responding in part from Lewis’s (semi-joke?) comment and in part because of Galvão and the rest joining in today. ‘Anti-ethical’ is having a driver crash on purpose, not complaining to your team during the race, which everyone does.

      4. David Johnson
        29th May 2011, 17:12


    3. if you heard her interview with DC and Eddie Irvine… SHE expected him to say, ‘i don’t want to talk about it’, as he has often said in the past. Even she said she wished he had thought about it before he opened his mouth.

  15. kevmscotland
    29th May 2011, 16:19

    I’m a huge mclaren and hamilton fan, I to a certain extent feel robbed after this grand prix with regards to the team closest to beating red bull, also having the most terrible run of luck with penalties and screw ups, but lewis drove a shocking race here.

    I’m gobsmacked he still came away with a P6, but qually he clearly cut the corner, and the red flag was a shame in qually.

    race wise tho, he just tried to tank his way through.
    It was really disappointing to see.
    Even the massa incident had me questioning wether the tunnels the right place to be pushing as we’ve seen before cars career off in the tunnel ( Rosberg last yar wasnt it?)

    but yeah, Di resta did a similar thing and got a penalty, and in the post race interview took full responsibility. Its a shame lewis who seemed to develop so well last year, has gone back to year 1 again.

    1. I really like DiResta, but he went storming in. Massa left the door open entering the hairpin, and Lewis made the move. He was well upside Massa when Massa took a late move on Webber in front, turning in to undercut Webber. Where was Lewis going to go? He took avoiding action by mounted the pavement. But at that point they’re all on full steering lock – it was only ending one way. That was a racing incident for me.

    2. Not sure what you mean about the tunnel. Lewis had the line. Massa was on the marbles. Massa didn’t have to push but he is a ‘racing driver’ so he did.

  16. Good on him, nice to see a driver speaking his mind rather than media-robot speak.

    1. if he were right, would make sense! But he isn’t

      1. what would you rather he say? ‘im a naughty boy, im so sorry’?

        1. That’s what Paul Di Resta did, owning up to his mistakes. And he’s not less of a driver now is he?

          1. so you want all the drivers to do exactly the same thing? how boring would that be?

          2. It’s not about doing the same thing, but doing the RIGHT thing.

            “Speaking your mind” does not mean you can spew any amount of rubbish you want

      2. just because you dont agree with something doesnt make it wrong

    2. Elliot Horwood
      29th May 2011, 16:23

      it is good to hear what they really think, and will give him so much more adrenalyne to win in canada

  17. No, Lewis, you’re the “frickin” joke.

    1. no bro your a joke. like you wouldn’t be annoyed if you tryed your best and still some crap racer who cant even overtake was winning by luck all the time

      1. So it’s Vettel’s fault for being on pole/having a nice package/letting the car race itself, yea i’m the joke.
        I meant that after smacking into an other car while not having the up on him, you still comment, and who you comment ? the referee… yea right, dude his obligation is to drive and race and let the marshals do their part.

        1. Elliot Horwood
          29th May 2011, 16:30

          Vettel was on Pole because of a Red flag, vettel won because of a red Flag.

          1. Vettel only got pole because of a Red Flag? He was nearly a half second quicker than 2nd place.

        2. what the hell did you just say. can you even speak english. basically you cant defend vettel because he is rubbish compared to hamilton, alonso and kubica who are actually real racers and dont need the car to “race itself” lol

          1. You are miles off… also learn your English, with things like “your a joke” (my joke ?)

          2. fine you’re a joke. at least the sentence made sense unlike yours which was just jumbled up words

    2. Elliot Horwood
      29th May 2011, 16:24

      No Jolerto your the joke

      1. I know you are but what am I. The intellectual capacity of this thread is stunning. Wow! Hey Keith, please make IQ tests mandatory during registration.

        1. +1, defending Lewis this way only makes it worse.

  18. FIA should check pit radio in case Hamilton said “oops i hit massa”, “oops i hit maldonado”……. Unprofessional 100%, he just lost my respect to him…

    1. ive lost respect for you bro. ill be saying “woops i hit your dumb *** in the face” soon!!

      1. What a cowardly response t-money. Making anonymous threats on a forum that you have no intention or ability to back up with real action. Completely pathetic.

        Change your diapers and have a nap. The rest might help to clear your head.

    2. Like he cares about you “respect”

      1. Well said. Lewis remains the best racer and that bothers many, why? “……black….”, I don’t know.

  19. Elliot Horwood
    29th May 2011, 16:21

    Completley agree with Lewis, Stewards were biast to him in 2007 as didnt want a Rookie black driver to win the Championship and would rarther the Germans win all the time. Lewis is a true driver and has a great personanilty and deserves to win another world championship! Stewards are getting to harsh on penalties and preventing people from wanting to overtake, let the boys race. What do the stewards expect from racing in monaco!?

    1. Maybe the expect drivers not to take each other out. Why is it so hard for Hamilton and his fans to admit fault?

      1. because he is being penalized for racing – which is what F1 is supposed to be about

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