Furious Hamilton calls penalties “a joke”

2011 Monaco Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monaco, 2011

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monaco, 2011

A furious Lewis Hamilton criticised the stewards after being penalised during the Monaco Grand Prix for colliding with Felipe Massa.

Hamilton is also under investigation for a later collision with Pastor Maldonado.

Hamilton said afterwards: “Out of six races I’ve been to the stewards five times. It’s a joke. It’s an absolute fricking joke.

“You know you can’t overtake here. Very, very rarely do you get an opportunity.

“I was quite a lot quicker than Massa, I went up the inside and the guy just turned so early and just turned into me so I tried to go onto the kerb to avoid him, and we’re stuck together.

“So it was just… and of course I get a penalty which is usual. He held me up in qualifying and I got the penalty. He turned into me, and I got the penalty.

“And I went up the inside of Maldonado and you can see on the screen he turned in a good car length too early to stop me from overtaking him and crashed into me. This stuff’s ridiculous. These drivers are absolutely fricking ridiculous, it’s stupid.”

Asked why he has had so many penalties he joked: “Maybe it’s because I’m black – that’s what Ali G says! I don’t know.”

He denied it was affecting his driving: “No, it’s not affecting my confidence as a driver.

“I just think the sport is… you know, people want to see my racing, they want to see overtaking, and you get done for trying to overtake, trying to put on a show. I’m trying to make a move.

“Fair play if I really feel I’ve just gone too late and hit someone, I put my hand up and realise, OK, I really have caused an incident and been the stupid one, but it’s not the case.

“I’ll just try to keep my mouth shut and enjoy the rest of the season which, I’m sure, is going to be an interesting one, but as you can see he’s walking away with it.”

He denied the result has ended his championship chances, saying: “No, it’s never too late, but it’s not looking great.

“I gave it my all today and the team did a great job to get the car back out and get it fixed for the last few laps.”

Update: Martin Whitmarsh says Hamilton has spoken to the stewards following his outburst: “Immediately after the race he was very down, and during a post-race TV interview he made a poor joke about his penalties that referenced Ali G.

“However, I?m pleased to say that he chose to return to the track a little while later to speak to the stewards about the joke. They accepted his explanation.”

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798 comments on Furious Hamilton calls penalties “a joke”

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  1. Klaas said on 30th May 2011, 13:20

    “Out of six races I’ve been to the stewards five times. It’s a joke. It’s an absolute fricking joke.”

    In this case I find appropriate Jim Carrey’s lines from Liar Liar: “Stop breaking the rules as..ole!”.

  2. Ali G said on 30th May 2011, 13:43

    Is you being serious ?

  3. BrownyNSW said on 30th May 2011, 13:52

    After reading a couple of comments about Hamilton “speaking his mind”, I thought I should clear things up a bit. Mark Webber speaks his mind, he admits when he’s made a mistake and is a man about it. Hamilton looks for the car to blame (all of 2009), if that fails he blames the team (aus 2010, turkey 2010), if that fails he blames other drivers that he crashed into, and then if that fails he looks for the most overused and tired excuse of the modern era “its cause I’m a black”. Hamilton I was starting to respect you, but nope, not anymore, I suggest you look at your teammate and try to learn some respect.

  4. Sad to see Hamilton stoop so low. Thats just pure arrogance, blaming other drivers while he was just barraging his way throught the field. He really should stop whinning look at Di Resta, or better yet Massa he never insulted Glock or Hamilton and he didn’t whine about Singapore*. So Hamilton, your the “fricking” joke.

    *Massa was in the lead before Puquet “crashed”.

    • Klaas said on 30th May 2011, 14:32

      Massa didn’t whine about Singapore? you’re a bit uninformed mate, Nelson Jr himself said in an interview that Felipe is not speaking to him and that he blames him for his title loss.

      • Klaas said on 30th May 2011, 14:39

        Although I agree about the interview – it was pretty arrogant but one must consider that all that was said in the heat of the moment. After all drivers are humans and they have the right to get emotional once in a while.

  5. The Edge (@the-edge) said on 30th May 2011, 14:25

    its a race…remember…where every1 tries to get ahead of each other…not a sunday afternoon drive…where we all follow the slow old G** at the front,

    hamilton had the inside line, massa came across way to early

    if you don’t want to be done up the inside then defend your line, not leave the door wide open then come across and crash into some one

    lewis 1 – 0 massa

    • dlaird said on 30th May 2011, 18:46

      Thats Massa’s racecraft. Turn into the attacker. He has done this so many times. Look what he did to button at Australia. That is unsafe driving. The guy loves to turn into people and barge them off the track. Unfortunately, in F1 the attacking driver will get the blame 99.9999999999% of the time. Massa is a hippocrite and hopefully he will be gone soon.

    • Russell said on 31st May 2011, 2:48

      One thing you’re forgetting here is that even with the special steering rack the teams use at Monaco to get round the hair-pin, there’s no way a car can take the inside line going into and out of the corner. If Massa had done as you suggest he’d have gone wide on the exit, possibly collecting Webber.

      The history of Grand Hotel Hairpin suggests any passing attempt will almost inevitably end in tears.

  6. TheVillainF1 said on 30th May 2011, 18:53

    Do we want overtaking or not? These were racing incidents. IF Maldonado had given some room like Schumacher did as Hamilton took him on the same turn he would have come out unscathed. Same with the Massa incident. Had Massa given room like Hamilton gave to schumacher on lap 1 (as did Rosberg later on) there would not have been contact. The lead drivers also plays a part in avoiding ‘avoidable’ collisions, especially around Monaco. About his interview, I thought we all loved it when drivers speak their mind and drop the PR talk..I know I do ;) Ppl that get on their horse about the black thing really need to just watch Ali G

  7. The Limit said on 30th May 2011, 18:53

    With Maldonado I think Lewis expected him to do the same as Schumacher and leave him space. Pastor has had a tough season and was not going to give Lewis room to pass, he is a rookie keen to show Williams that he is good enough for Formula One. Schumacher is a veteran driver, a driver who has nothing to prove anybody in this sport.
    When people compare Hamilton with Senna, for me there is one. Martin Brundle once said that Senna would put you in a situation where you either let him through or have an accident. In other words, scare you off the road! Lewis does the same in my opinion, which sometimes works and sometimes does not. There are drivers you can trust in those situations and others you can’t. I don’t blame Maldonado for not giving Lewis space, but I bet he wishes he had finished seventh by giving him that space than not at all.
    As for Hamilton’s comments about his skin colour being a negative, that is laughable. His race was hampered not by Massa or Schumacher but by his poor grid position. When you start mid pack at Monaco chances are you are going to get run into or find it tough to pass, so Lewis and McLaren put themselves into that situation on Saturday. Secondly, McLaren screwed up one of Lewis’ pitstops which had nothing to do with the stewards much in the same way as Red Bull did with Mark Webber.
    The bottom line here is not skin colour. Its the fact that Hamilton is seeing another championship disappear before his very eyes in the shape of Sebastien Vettel. Whats more, Lewis was soundly beaten by his team mate both on Saturday and in the race.
    Add all that together, and you have a very unhappy man!

    • Sidney Vianna said on 31st May 2011, 20:59

      Thanks for a very sensible comment. While, in my opinion, Hamilton is the most skilled F1 driver out there, time and time again he shows immaturity as a man. Being as young as he is and being under intense scrutiny, he needs to work on his outbursts more carefully.

      I followed Senna’s career from F3. Hamilton is the most gifted driver since Ayrton left us. He, Alonso and Vettel are the few who can win races in a lesser car. But Hamilton needs to work on his public image. He is indeed very frustrated at the moment and he needs to control his emotions.

  8. Journeyer (@journeyer) said on 31st May 2011, 7:47

    Leaving what I hope is the 800th (and last) comment on this thread.

    2 days after the race, while there has been some attention of Hamilton’s comments in the mainstream, it wasn’t as much as I thought there would be. Kudos to McLaren and Lewis for defusing that situation quickly. Still, it must be said that Lewis can ill-afford to repeat this mistake again.

  9. Poul said on 31st May 2011, 11:55

    It ‘s really not about turning in early or not. I am/was a way bigger fan of Hamilton than I’ll ever be of Massa but in case of the hairpin Massa only takes the natural line. It is too tight for that line to differ much in the first place without using Massa as a kerb I doubt Hamilton would even have made it round the corner in his line. I agree with Senna that you have to move for every gab but that just wasn’t one!
    Check it here and also note the line of each of the other cars: http://www.gpupdate.net/en/videos/1063/hamilton-versus-massa-on-board-monaco-2011/
    Massa’s line was normal and there’s just no way you are entitled to overtake just because you go too fast into the corner at a line requiring the opponent as kerb to even make it round! I’ll do it myself racing commercial gokarts but this is tad different.

    All in all I am really disappointed that Hamilton is still not learning his lesson, considering that he pretty much destroyed his 2010 season on exactly the same behavior! In comparison; watch how much Vettel has matured already.

  10. Poul said on 31st May 2011, 12:12

    In case of Maldonado though, he already changed his line a couple of times which should have earned Hamilton the line considering that he was almost onside with him.

  11. Jason said on 31st May 2011, 17:07

    It doesn’t matter how many times the stewards punish Lewis (per race / per season), he will continue to be the force that he is in F1…

  12. Chastrack said on 1st June 2011, 4:31

    I read a little of this, and couldn’t keep up with the inanity of most of the argument, but clearly Massa hit Weber because Bashilton moved the Ferrari offline when he used it as a snooker rail…

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