Hamilton given penalty for Maldonado collision

2011 Monaco Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monaco, 2011

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monaco, 2011

Lewis Hamilton has been given a 20-second penalty following the Monaco Grand Prix.

However the penalty has no effect on his position as Adrian Sutil behind him had been lapped.

It’s Hamilton’s third penalty of the weekend, following a drive-through penalty in the race and the deletion of his fastest time in qualifying.

Hamilton described the stewarding as “a joke” in an interview after the race.

2011 Monaco Grand Prix

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195 comments on Hamilton given penalty for Maldonado collision

  1. Nikos said on 29th May 2011, 18:08

    To be honest with you I think Lewis is a great driver, maybe the best of his generation. But there’s a big problem today. He was way too aggressive. Ok, I understand the fact that he was faster than Massa and Maldonado on both incidents but if you can’t pass you just don’t hit the other cars. Hamilton was very lucky today. He could have set himself out of the race too. These moves don’t show ability & speed but immaturity & despair. He’s not going to win the champion this year & that’s it. I mean poor Maldonado made a great race today, he deserved some points for his team. Why being so arrogant Lewis? I don’t understand you…

    • curedcat said on 29th May 2011, 18:20

      what part do you not understand ?

      that he had the car and pace for pole on saturday ,but the engineers and strategists who are much smarter than him prescribe a one lap run !.

      or the fact that it is frustrating to be so much faster but be stuck behind slower cars just because overtaking is impossible.

      • infy (@infy) said on 29th May 2011, 19:00

        Being frustrated does not give you the right to ram into people.

      • Astonished said on 29th May 2011, 22:12

        If overtaking is impossible, do you imply that he did wrong forcing it?

      • Nikos said on 29th May 2011, 23:35

        I agree that he was faster “curedcat” but being faster doesn’t always make you a winner too y’know? The only explanation I can give is that he was desperately fighting to catch Vettel on the battle for the championship. Today he was playing Russian Roulette at the Monaco and he actually won. But Russian Roulette is a dirty game & I don’t like dirty games at all…especially when someone plays with lesser bullets ;)

    • infy (@infy) said on 29th May 2011, 18:59

      Good post Nikos.

    • alpha said on 29th May 2011, 19:00

      Hey Nikos,

      why did you think that Hamilton crashed into others?? I mean after singapore last year, I am sure he knows the consequences of having contact with other cars…. Lewis did not intentionally hit other cars.
      1st Massa incident, Massa should have given up the position at that point or at least run wide to avoid contact. Hamilton was already there. And Massa was way too slow.

      Maldonado, It was so obvious that he turned in earlier than the previous lap. The only explanation was a defensive move, and which caused the contact. He shouldnt have done that.

      • Nikos said on 29th May 2011, 23:39

        Look guys, let’s all agree to this: Lewis is a top class driver! If he had a Red Bull this year he would’ve been in the place of Vettel right now. But he was too aggressive for Monaco’s circuit. He played with fire & he should be very pleased with his position today. End of the story, cheers!

    • I don’t believe its the drivers fault unless we want to watch 78 laps of one car following another, F1 has out-grown Monaco, you can’t pass on the corners because two cars cannot fit along side each other and if you want to overtake by stepping off-line on the straights then you will hit the marbles and then the wall!

    • matador said on 29th May 2011, 21:04

      Because he has not grown up. You have similar driver,same age and talent but never behave the way he did today. A good racing driver would have done it in an elegant way without causing any incident at all. He lacks judgement and maturity and he deserves a more severe penalty for his stupidity and coments he made.

  2. Marcello said on 29th May 2011, 18:11

    Hamilton referred to the whole thing as a “joke”.
    Every time he barges someone off the race track he ends up getting these “seconds off” penalties which coincidentally never have any effect whatsoever on his race finish position….that IS a joke. Agree with slr, nick, james williams and the others, he should have been black flagged….repeat offenders like him should be dealt with in a more severe manner and they should definitely ban these silly “seconds off” penalties, as the top 3 teams will always be many seconds in front of the smaller teams and never loose any places. At the end of the day Massa had to retire due to Hamiltons recklessness (the damage on Massas car from the hairpin incident made his car undrivable and ended up on the marbles), and Pastor Maldonado had to retire due to Hamiltons recklessness. I reckon Hamilton should take a leaf out of Paul di Restas book—–same corner, same incident, Paul put his hands up after the race and duly apologised…like Martin Brundle quoted in the forum “it cant always be everybodys elses fault”

    • curedcat said on 29th May 2011, 18:23

      alright then ,so because it is hamilton he should get harsher penalties huh . Kinda funny that people would rather praise you when you are dead . People like you will join in praising senna as a great ,if not the greatest driver ,but you would have criticised him if he were alive .

      • infy (@infy) said on 29th May 2011, 19:02

        You cant compare the two. Lewis is not a great.

      • alpha said on 30th May 2011, 10:25

        Good one.
        infy: Lewis is great. He is probably the best drive on grid today.
        I am sure many would agree.
        infy: if you no longer go for the gap, you are not racing.

        I acknoledge that Hamilton was aggressive, but not in manner need to get a black flag. The move on Massa and Maldonado was genuine like the one on Schumacher. It comes down to how the driver in front defend. Its like the insurance company saying that the car behind is always at fault.

        The Black flag should be given to Paul di Resta. He made a mistake and caused 2 cars to crashed out, 1 injured driver and a badly damaged wing. If he hadnt make the move out of the tunnel.

        Guys, thats racing! I think steward should stop interfering, just let the guys race! Noone want to hit anyway considering how fragile these racing cars are! Massa, he wasnt going to win anyway, Maldonado, if he was wise enough to give some room, he wouldnt ended up where he did.

        Again back my very original point. If the steward try to be fair to everyone and extended the Quaifying session to compensate the lost of time for some of the guys on hot lap, fast car wont ended up starting behind the slow ones. Once things goes wrong on Saturday, its like a chain reaction. End of story.

  3. S-kay said on 29th May 2011, 18:14

    I think it has been clear that Hamilton models himself after Senna. Following Senna’s advice, why would he have done any different?

    “By being a racing driver means you are racing with other people. And if you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver because we are competing, competing to win.”

    Hamilton’s motive is not cynical. He is not intentionally trying to take people out of the race. It his attitude that makes F1 exciting, just as racers like Senna, Mansell, Montoya and Gilles Villeneuve did before him.

    • infy (@infy) said on 29th May 2011, 19:04

      While that’s a great quote said by a great driver, it is not entirely realistic.

      Great drivers know when to take advantage of “gaps”. Going for ever gap you ever see is in really very stupid.

  4. Mattfd said on 29th May 2011, 18:15

    “If you no longer go for a gap you are no longer a racing driver” from agruebly the greatest driver of them all…..

  5. hcw said on 29th May 2011, 18:25

    (First post, go easy on me)

    Question: What is the official stance on the legitimacy of overtaking into a corner? Is my understanding correct, that unless the driver behind gets in before the driver ahead turns in (eg HAM front right level with Massa/Maldanado rear left??), he has to back off?
    Which parts of the cars have to be aligned?

    • georges10099 said on 29th May 2011, 18:30

      i dont know. tbh in terms of the maldonado and hamilton one mal should have given the position up as hamilton had the momentum – its just like the one earlier with shu and ham

      • hcw said on 29th May 2011, 19:10

        If half the comments here is “Ham has the right to challenge”, and the other half is “Ham is endangering others” clearly the rules need clarification.

        I think the onus is on BOTH drivers to avoid contact. So if you’re in a clearly slower car it’s better to lose the position than be put out of the race. No point parking your slower car where someone else will hit you and then crying foul.

        Let the drivers race. Most people here would agree that the 2 Ham/MSc moves were good racing. Because the two drivers had a mutual understanding on the limit of sensibility. They both knew when to back out.

        In the case of Mas/Ham its just unfortunate that Massa had nowhere to go. It’s either Ham or Web he’s going to have to run into. Racing incident I say.

    • infy (@infy) said on 29th May 2011, 19:05

      To get right of way, you need to be a car-length ahead in the braking zone.

      • hcw said on 29th May 2011, 19:16

        Thanks. I can’t wait to see the bbc replay tonight.

      • Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 29th May 2011, 20:15

        Welcome to the dream world of infy

      • alpha said on 30th May 2011, 10:34

        It’s not the matter of car length away. When you are racing at that speed, and especially in Monaco, you dont measure. All you do is react wisely. When you see a drunk driver on the road in front of your car, driving erratically, do you simply drive normally and pass him? or do you try to avoid him? It is your choice.

        When someone is passing you, or you knew he was going to pass you, you give them room, while try not to loose anytime. Schumie gave us a good example. Thats how you should race. Be fair to each other, there arent enough room in Monaco. Maldonado should learn a lesson. I think if he has s choice now, I am sure he rater settle 7th than to cut people off. Its not GP2 !

        I have reviewed many different overtaking moves at turn 1 from previous footage, all give small room to the overtaking drivers, thats fair racing isn’t it?

        And can I have the name of the steward by the way? I want to know which idiot it was up there !

    • alpha said on 30th May 2011, 10:38

      Not necessary.
      Look at Alonso’s move on Webber in 2008.

      HE was well behind webber, but Webber was wise enough to let him go to avoid an accident. Webber could of done what Maldonado did to Hamilton.

      We need some consistency here.

  6. Stephen W said on 29th May 2011, 18:39

    Hamilton ran wide on the hairpin,he didn,t move out of the way for Schumacher,his moves today have shown a blatant and arrogant disregard for anyone else,the other drivers were wrong,the stewards are a joke,team strategy was wrong,all except Mr Hamilton. He deserves a 10 place grid penalty at Canada. Not the sort of driving you would expect from a WDC,nor the ridiculous comments afterwards.

    • alpha said on 29th May 2011, 18:53

      Whats it doing with canada. and hamilton drove really well today. What the heck you talking about ?? He was one of the fastest driver on track. At Monaco it kind of show your true talent. and sorry to upset you, Massa was slow as a cow, and Maldonado needs to learn how to defend safely. He was an idiot to defend anyway.

  7. I just don’t understand why Hamilton tried to pull a move on Massa on the hairpin, i mean common guys he wasn’t going to pass Massa on that spot so why be so aggresive there especially in Monaco….nothing positive was going to come out from there

    • Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 29th May 2011, 20:17

      Schumacher did it twice at the same spot. He was lucky that he pulled the move on two more mature drivers though.

      Every year we have overtakes there. Sometimes the defending driver suffers from red mist and het turns in and other times it just works out fine.

  8. Although Monaco maybe an exciting circuit, I can’t help but think that F1 has started to out-grow it. Hamiltons driving did not deserve the penalties given; he doesn’t drive like this on a proper circuit as the tracks are designed better.
    With a track like Monaco there has to be some give and take, the FIA can’t punish drivers when they keep making rules that affect the racing- for instance my view is that Monaco is to tight around corners to safley pass, THIER rule on tyres makes overtaking on the straights dangerous due to the tyre degredation marbles ie: look what happend to Massa when he was caught offline!
    When you are in a quicker car and the man in front is holding you up how the hell are you supposed to get by him on Monaco without stepping out to the marbles, or making contact on corners because the car in front closers the door when he should be looking in his mirrors?
    Monaco isn’t a RACE curcuit anymore for F1 cars, it appears to more about the pit stratergies and qualifying
    and then everyone has to do 78 laps of following the car in front or risk getting time penalties for trying to RACE the car infront!!!

    • alpha said on 29th May 2011, 18:47

      well said.

    • Sean said on 29th May 2011, 20:13

      *Started* to outgrow it? I thought F1 had already outgrown Monaco by about 1983!

      But I agree with everything else you say. There are no passes at Monaco that can’t be judged ill-advised at some level. If they work, they were a good idea. If they don’t, you shouldn’t have tried them, you’re a very silly boy and you deserve all the criticism and sanctions that come your way.

      Patrick Tambay did a barrel roll at Mirabeau in 1986 that said everything that needs to be said about the risks of making a pass at Monaco. He didn’t even do anything especially dumb, it just unravelled.

      I still think Monaco is an epic track where racing incidents are inevitable, and the only thing wrong is that we, and the stewards, can’t recognize a racing incident when we see them.

  9. F1Lover said on 29th May 2011, 18:46


    “It’s always difficult to overtake there, you must be side-by-side and he wasn’t. I think he was too optimistic because of the condition of the race. He was on the super-soft option tyres I know the track very well and I was doing my job 100%. My pace was competitive, even with Ferrari at the beginning and even quicker than Renault and Mercedes. That is how the race is, we need to look forward now.”

    FELIPA MASSA: Then when I got to the tunnel my car was damaged and I went on the dirty part of the track and hit the wall. What he did today was unbelievable. Not just with me, but with other drivers as well. I think he needs to be penalised again, and in a good way – otherwise he doesn’t learn.”They need to think about something for him, or he will not learn.

    LOL MASSA and WEBBER the second drivers…

    • alpha said on 29th May 2011, 18:50

      Massa can go back to Brazil. We dont want pensioner on the race track. He had the ugliest crash of the day. Look at what Alonso can achieve out of the same car.

      I think Massa need to learn how to drive faster!

      • Nikos said on 29th May 2011, 23:44

        Alonso has the same car with Massa? What kind of joke is this? We’re talking about Ferrari, are we?

  10. alpha said on 29th May 2011, 19:07


    Look at it here.
    Hamilton was surprised that Mal turned in early, and Ham did tried to avoid it by slowing down and turning into the chichane. In this situation, Mal should have left some room for Hamilton, as that’s what Schumie did which was world class.

    Fair fight, you leave room for others, others leave you room.
    Where did Maldonado think Hamilton can go? This is not GP2 young man!

    • Exactley, more suprising is why are they trying to race Hamilton anyway, their cars are not even in the same legue! If you are a slower car and being lapped you get a blue flag but when a car is clearly faster from statistics at Monoca
      where does that leave you???

    • hcw said on 29th May 2011, 19:23

      Thanks for posting the link. Agree that Lewis had the racing line into the corner.

      Just a question to those thinking it’s Lewis that is clumsy: Do you think that Lewis’s nose needs to be ahead at the start of the turn before Mal should yield? (It’s an honest question, not rhetorical/sarcastic. Don’t get worked up)

    • Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 29th May 2011, 20:21

      I think Hamilton was in the right with the Massa incident, but with Maldonado he really was too far behind.

      It’s exactly the same thing as in Singapore. Although Hamilton was slightly furter up on Maldonado. When you are behind you cannot just go for a gap that is going to disappear so soon.

      Hamilton was way further up on Schumacher. That’s why that one went OK.

      Although I have to agree that Maldonado turns in way too early. With that he didn’t even give Hamilton the chance of avoiding the accident.

  11. dlaird said on 29th May 2011, 19:17

    Rookie mistake by Maldonado to turn in on hamilton. Maldonado should have gotten the penalty. He leaves gap for hamilton to overtake and then turns in. Rookie mistake from Maldonado.

  12. taurus (@taurus) said on 29th May 2011, 19:28

    As quoted above, if you no longer go for a gap you’re no longer a racing driver.

    Its motor racing. People crash. Get on with it.

  13. Maciek said on 29th May 2011, 20:39

    Hamilton drove like a dog today and basically took two people out of the race. He probably should have had a harsher penalty for the second crash and should definitely be given stern warning that he will have harsher penalties next time around. Not that it’s a shock, he’s just one of those personalities that’s got great talent mixed with a hot head. Personally, for better or for worse, I’ve always liked that.

  14. Neil said on 29th May 2011, 20:48

    “He should have been DSQ. He took someone out.”

    Kobayashi sliced Sutils tires, later resulting in the smash that ended up with a red flag, yet he gets just a reprimand.

    I can see why Hamilton thinks ‘something’ is going on.

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