Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monaco, 2011

Hamilton given penalty for Maldonado collision

2011 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monaco, 2011
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monaco, 2011

Lewis Hamilton has been given a 20-second penalty following the Monaco Grand Prix.

However the penalty has no effect on his position as Adrian Sutil behind him had been lapped.

It’s Hamilton’s third penalty of the weekend, following a drive-through penalty in the race and the deletion of his fastest time in qualifying.

Hamilton described the stewarding as “a joke” in an interview after the race.

2011 Monaco Grand Prix

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195 comments on “Hamilton given penalty for Maldonado collision”

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  1. Perfect proof that Monaco should be dropped from the F1 calendar. I thought F1 was about racing. Not just playing follow-the-leader.
    At least Hamilton was trying. Drop Monaco now and lets go back to the A1-Ring or whatever Red Bull want it called nowadays.

  2. I do find these penalties a bit tiresome. Like that penalty Alonso got after Malaysia (as if he didn’t suffer from losing the nose already and needed another lesson), it is just posturing for me, similar to those reprimands in Spain – the stewards making a point.

    And here too, I’m not that sure about who should be blamed for the Maldonado incident – Maldonado (having seen rerun) did turn in early, Hamilton had to go over that pylon at the corner (he likes those, it seems!), I don’t see how different Schumacher was hitting HAM at the start that the difference is a penalty of 20 seconds (apart from Maldonado then losing his car, but he was the one that steered in, he could have prepared for the hit, I think).

    I am just not convinced that had those penalties made a difference, the stewards would have given them (or the drivers/teams would have stood for them), so it’s all a bit of posturing to me. If a signal has to be given, clarify the rules so we, teams, and drivers, know what is and isn’t allowed in the future.

  3. Hamilton is an idiot who cant drive to save his life he tried to over take and could not so he resorted to raming two drivers off the road!!! he lost massa points because i bet he would of com 4th maybe 5th the IDIOT and only only got 20 seconds?!?!?!? what should of happened is he should of been banned from the next three races and they should of taken 25 points from Hamilton and given them to massa and then 5 points from that other driver he ramed off the road to teach him a proper lesson because those 20 seconds did nothing and did you hear the idiot he pretended like it was massas fault!!!!! the cheeck of him!!! i hope they listen to massa plea and give him a harsher penalty they cant show that hamilton can ram people off the road and basically get away with it because he still would of come in 7th even with out the penalty where is the justice? come on you FIA people do something!!!!

    1. It seems to me that you’re insinuating that Hamilton had purposely rammed the two drivers off the road; due to difficulties passing. I doubt that there was such malicious intent.

      Also, the passing of such a large amount of points to only Massa (with others such as Maldonado getting 5) leads me to believe there is some bias here. GOFerrari seems to be a clue.

      3 race ban? Even Schumy didn’t get that and all the above from any of his questionable actions of the past.

      Trolls will be trolls i guess…

      1. well he caused the crashes he should of backed off instead of raming them off the road.. and 20 seconds had no effect on him at all he may as well have been given nothing from that 20 seconds where massa would of finished 4th/5th…

        he tried to insinuate the same did he not?? he tried to blame massa saying that he did it on purpose on top of it!!! ok 3 race ban is harsh but at least a penalty tjat would have an effect on him rather then 20 seconds that was the same as giving him no punishment.. show him he cant get away with raming them off the road..

        trolls will be trolls? i not trying to be a troll i just think hamilton was in the wrong and deserves a harsher punishment..

        im guessing your a mclaren fan and think they can do no wrong no matter what they do.. like the bbc hamilton could purposely ram them and they would say he did nothing wrong… i am not saying he did this time but he knew over taking was not easy and he should of stayed back.

        1. Actually a Williams fan.
          I agree that a 20 second penalty has no effect and if they were to give a penalty, it should be one that does something.

          As for the blaming on massa, I don’t see either driver wishing to cause an accident but I feel that massa misjudged or had not noticed the situation as he tried to get under webber. The situation reminds me of a race start where drivers are close around a slow bend. Lewis was a overly punchy but Massa was also hasty. We can’t forget some of the times where Massa has been too feisty either.
          As Davidson says: probably a racing incident where both drivers contributed to it.

          It seemed like a trollish comment earlier because of the blunt statements (putting it politely).

  4. I agree it did sound king of trollish and i am sorry for that i was a bit harsh and should of toned it down..

    Williams? they are a good team.

    i hope they give him something extra to actually punish him, what would you have done if you where the one giving out the penalties what would you say? 40 seconds? hes out of that race and gets no points?

    No i don;t think any of them wanted to actually cause a crash because it puts them out of the race, thats not good for any one, even though hamiltons car is built like a rock because nothing happened to his car while massa’s one was in pieces lol

    Just like with Alonso that time hamilton slammed on his breaks causing alonso to go into the back of him.. something has to be done..

    on seprate note willimas it hink did very well at monaco

  5. yeah michael was playing dirty and got away with a lot, but he did make a tone of money .. i am glad he is now not with ferrari, he should of stayed out when he got out.. but i think now hes just there to have fun and does not care if he wins or loses for mercedes, but he did a good job holding back Hamilton in the race lol…

    The only reason why i hate the mclarens is when they copied ferrari documents and got like a 100 million fine..

    I also like Redbull, i hope either ferrari or red bull win but i doubt any one will catch up to them, i think its going to be redbull 1. ferrari 2 for the racers and then red bull mclaren and ferrari 3rd for the contructors

  6. lewis crashed with hamilton? i dont remember that

  7. eeee lewis crashed with webber i meant lol in australia? i dont remember that happening

  8. GoFerrari, so you believe that again points should be taken away from Hamilton and given to Massa, wasn’t Spa 2008 enough for you.

  9. @ lewymp4 what has spa 2008 got to do with 2011 monaco? so because of what happened in spa 2008 hamilton should be allowed to get away with raming two cars off the track? not just massa… and 20 seconds had no effect on hamilton at all it was like he was given no punishment and allowed to get away with raming cars of the track…

    so because of something that happened 3 years ago Hamilton should be allowed to do what ever he wants and get away with it? why not just call it bumper cars and anything goes? the two races have nothing to do with each other..

    Glad to see Petrov was ok as well, even though i hate him i am glad he is ok…

    More of a punishment for Hamilton is needed… i used to study at the same college as hamilton and still work there now and every one here is a hamilton fan… im probably the only one with ferrari and red bull.

    he also has a twitter account he does talk to his fans there i added him.

    http://twitter.com/#!/LewisHamilton it is him because even the bbc put this twitter account on their site and said it was him

  10. In my view, the incidents were produced by an unfortunate combination of an agressive driver overtaking and an very unaware driver ahead.

    Massa and Maldonado are not exactly the class of the field and pretty much use every last gasp of their abilities to stay on the track. Nothing left for looking in mirrors or positionning their cars smartly.

    As many have pointed out, similar moves turned out well with Schumacher at Monaco. And there were lots of moves between Button and Hamilton, particularly in China where Hamilton stuck his nose up the inside and left it up to Button to avoid the accident.

    The accidents are an unfortunate result of having different levels of talent on the grid. But Hamilton has to learn that having a lot of talent doesn’t give him any more rights. He has to realize he can only pull those moves on reasonably talented, experienced drivers, and needs to give the others a bit more room.

    But in any case, the penalties are just silly. Such things happen in racing, and even themselves out naturally in the long run as drivers learn to race with each other. The stewards are just getting in the way.

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