Hamilton apologises to Massa and Maldonado

2011 Monaco Grand Prix

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Monaco, 2011

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Monaco, 2011

Lewis Hamilton has apologised for comments he made after the Monaco Grand Prix in a series of posts on Twitter.

Hamilton said: “Hey guys. I wanted to apologise for last weekend’s performance and also my comments after, I never meant to offend no one.

“I would also like to say thank you to everyone on here, for their positive messages and also to the angry messages. I can respect them both.

“To Massa and Maldonado, with the greatest respect I apologise if I offended you. Both of you are fantastic drivers who I regard highly.

“To my fans lost and my fans won, I wish you nothing but love and happiness. God bless you. Onwards and upwards, Montreal next.”

Following the Monaco Grand Prix Hamilton accused the two drivers of causing collisions by turning in on him while he was trying to overtake them, saying “these drivers are absolutely fricking ridiculous, it?s stupid.”

2011 Monaco Grand Prix

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152 comments on Hamilton apologises to Massa and Maldonado

  1. Douglas 62500 said on 1st June 2011, 12:22

    Well remember that he hinted at the fact that Vettel was not a very good loser ? Looks like to me he is in fact that kind of person…. Shame. Rapid driver he is, no doubt about it, but while he could control his car, he doesn’t seem to be able to control his emotions…

    • Robbie said on 1st June 2011, 14:04

      That’s pretty much what I take from this…I don’t mind LH, but in reality I am indifferent to how he does, but my thing with him is as follows…one year the WDC was his to lose, and he lost it…the following year the WDC was his to lose and he only barely squeaked the win on a day that FM did everything right when the pressure was at it’s greatest, and in fact ‘owned’ a WDC for about half a lap. No matter the circumstances with Glock’s super slow lap, point being LH didn’t stamp his authority on the WDC that day. He came within a hair of losing it a second year in a row. You could argue he did everything right throughout the season to put himself in a WDC position, but I’m talking about as the season winds down and the pressure is at it’s greatest.

      So after Monaco I am left still wondering the same thing…can LH handle the pressure when it is at it’s greatest?…I still have doubts…this weekend wasn’t even one where the pressure should have been at it’s greatest for LH. What will he do if he is actually in a WDC fight as this season evolves? I lean toward him not handling the pressure well.

      Perhaps by heaping so much pressure on his team to improve the car, LH also then cornered himself into upping his game too…and overdid it…overdrove it…

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