Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monaco, 2011

Todt accepts Hamilton apology over Monaco

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In the round-up: Jean Todt accept an apology from Lewis Hamilton.


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Hamilton cleared over outburst (Daily Telegraph)

“Todt showed Telegraph Sport correspondence between himself and Hamilton in which he accepted the 26-year-old?s apology, adding that he hoped the 2008 world champion would learn from the experience.”

Gracia defends FIA’s Bahrain report (Autosport)

“I had official visits and interviews, but I also walked down the street and I was in shopping centres, always with a feeling of complete normality. There were people shopping or working. Nothing that caught my attention.”

Anxiety rises over reinstated Bahrain F1 race (FT, registration required)

“Asked if he intended to send his own representative to Bahrain, Mr Ecclestone said: ‘That is precisely what we should do.'”

7 Jun 2011: Column 44 (Parliament)

British Foreign secretary William Hague: “Clearly there is widespread opposition of the kind that the hon. Gentleman describes, and the FIA must take that into account as it considers the decision it has made. It must make its own decisions?we should be clear about that?but the widespread opposition that he refers to is clear.”

City gets F1 update (YouTube)

Formula 1 Austin’s Photos – Aerial photos, June 7, 2011 (Facebook)

“Photos of construction at Circuit of the Americas taken June 7, 2012”.

VoxVocis on Twitter

A delivery lorry crashed into the Ferrari pit wall stand in Montreal: “Lots of talking and pointing, but damage looks purely cosmetic from here. http://yfrog.com/h7tkflbj

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Tackling the championship one race at a time (Ferrari)

Felipe Massa: “To tell the truth, the circuit is not one of my favourites, but the city itself is great and the people are very welcoming and keen on Formula 1, with plenty of support for Ferrari among the fans. My results have not been that good here, the best being a fourth place in 2005”.

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Red Bull ?ǣ Monaco floor analysis (ScarbsF1)

“From a single picture we have been to gather a lot of info on the design of Red Bull’s floor. We?ve confirmed where the exhaust blows, how the trailing edge forms a flap and exclusively how the starter motor hole is blown by ducts in the upper floor.”

Comment of the day

I’m with Ajokay on this thought about F1 video games:

Why is everyone so hell bent on having the safety car in the game?

If I play a racing game, I play it to race, not to drive at half speed for several laps, weaving from left to right to keep my tyres warm.

From the forum

It’s Le Mans this weekend! Join ther thread here: Le Mans 2011.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Stevo!

On this day in F1

McLaren scored their first win as an F1 constructor on this day in 1968.

Team founder Bruce McLaren won ahead of Pedro Rodriguez (BRM) and Jacky Ickx (Ferrari).

It was his final victory before his death two years later.

Image ?? McLaren