Buddh International Circuit track map

FIA confirms December 11th date for Indian GP

2011 Indian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Buddh International Circuit track map
Buddh International Circuit track map

The FIA has set a date of December 11th for this year’s Indian Grand Prix.

The FIA’s website has already been updated to reflect the new schedule.

An FIA spokesperson told F1 Fanatic “let’s say that for the moment, it’s official”.

The new date increases the length of the calendar by two weeks. The Indian Grand Prix takes over from the Brazilian round as the season finale.

The race, to be held at the Buddh International Circuit, was moved to the end of the calendar to make way for the reinstated Bahrain Grand Prix.

The FIA announced on Friday that Bahrian would take the date given to India, and moved the Indian round to an unspecified date at the end of the season.

However there is serious doubt over whether this arrangement will hold as F1 teams have told the FIA they will not accept an extension of the calendar.

According to the FIA’s International Sporting Code, changes to the calendar must have the support of all the teams.

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  1. if vettle wins the next two races bahrain and india wont matter cos wats the point of watchin wen hes won alredy……..like i stoped watchin shuie win toooooo easy…in my op.f1 is getting boring i dnt look forward to the races wen one team is to dominant…….its not good

  2. This was surely just the next step in a quite logical process.

    The FIA politically had to say it was safe to race in Bahrain, the place has come out of its state of emergency and they sent someone to look around who came back reporting that life was back to normal and that safety was not a concern (we all read the leaked document i assume) The FIA couldnt then turn round and say no we are not coming back.

    So they announced their “solution” at the council meeting which was to move india and re instate Bahrain based on their findings.

    The FIA is a “Political” organisation, whether we like it or not, with a lot of influences and power around the world in what it does both in and away from motorsport. For them to declare a country unsafe to race in after it has pretty much been declared safe by everyone apart from the protestors would not have looked good.

    So they made their announchement.

    Next it is onto the teams, who in the regulations have to approve this particular set of in season changes. We all know they will say no, as probably did the FIA well in advance.

    This official announcement of India on the 11th of December is as far as im concerned the next step in the process that seems to have to be followed. No doubt the teams will meet, vote, say no, and it will all be put back to how it was a week ago.

  3. Well, the FIA website also has the two letters from FOTA and the response from the FIA:


    Todt is asking Ecclestone to repropose a schedule in his e-mailed response to FOTA (cc to Ecclestone and Alzayani.

    1. Sorry, two letters, one from FOTA and the response …

      1. Why don’t we get to see the Concorde agreement I wonder. or does anyone know where to find it?. Thanks but i don’t need guesses.

  4. That now makes it a horribly long season! I just like every F1 fan wants as much racing a possible but even we need a break, I hate the feeling that there is no F1 for the next couple of months but makes it all the sweeter when March comes round again! Theme parks open, Weather turns warmer and F1 racing begins!
    Its scary to think that I will be watching the Indian GP with the comfort of my Christmas tree and log fire!

    P.S. I dont know where to ask this, so I will ask it now!
    Why is it that we assosiate most motorsports with the start lights RED RED RED…GREEN (GO) Yet on Moto GP and F1 its RED RED RED RED RED…OFF (GO) I have always wondered that, it seems to make no sense considering everyone thinks a starting grip is the green light for go?

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      9th June 2011, 21:05

      Perhaps it’s to accommodate any drivers who are colour blind, not that I’m sure that there have been any.
      I suspect that the whole logic is that if a driver/rider sees a light up there, it will be red and it will mean he cannot race yet. If he’s got a coloured visor he won’t have to decide whether it’s red or green, the presence of any light on the gantry will just mean ‘Stop’.
      Now it’s my turn for trivial questioning. If you download the Indian circuit plan (above), and zoom in tight, you can read that the start/finish straight is 693 m long. This would make the back straight between Turns 3 and 4 about 1300 m long.
      Now, if you look at turn 4 there is a track section that goes to a very tight radius corner and a track layout that follows a much loser corner to the inside. The red ‘racing line’ track follows the inside corner layout which is much less demanding.
      Does that indicate that the GP track will be the inside layout with the less acute corner? If so, why? Is it a run-off consideration? If the GP track is the inside layout, the people in Temporary Stand East 3 will be at least 250 metres from the action. Not something I’d want to pay for. The same seems to be happening at Turns 10 and 11 (looks a bit like Turn 8 at Istanbul reversed), is the inside track for the Grand Prix or the outside?

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