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Bahrain row has damaged F1, say team bosses

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In the round-up: F1 team principals criticise the handling of the Bahrain affair.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Bahrain affair ‘damaging’, say teams (Autosport)

Christian Horner “It’s an unfortunate situation. Obviously with the way things have been handled, with the uncertainty, maybe it could have been handled better, but we are where we are”.

Stuart Codling on Twitter

“At the ACO press conference I asked Jean Todt if he thought F1’s image had been damaged by the Bahrain fiasco. He refused to answer”.

Richard Rae: Arrogant, ignorant and incompetent: Todt should resign (The Independent)

“It is simply not possible to believe the organisation to be quite so self-absorbed and detached from reality that it did not anticipate the opprobrium that it has caused to rain down on Formula One. The decision can only have been based on more than wilful stupidity, and that is a hugely depressing thought”.

F1 uncertainty ‘a shame…’ (Gulf Daily News)

Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry board member and tourism committee head Nabeel Kanoo: “It is a shameful decision and smacks of hypocrisy. There was no reason to consider cancelling it”.

Stirling Moss on Twitter

“It is official the white patey helmet has been hung up for good. Stirling Moss has retired from competitive racing”.

Canadian GP – Conference 1 (FIA)

Lewis Hamilton: “Since I?ve been in Formula One, it?s been improving, the consistency of the rules, the approach of the stewards with the new racing driver, I think it makes it much better so while I would prefer not to be up at the stewards? office so often ?ǣ and trust me, I?m trying my hardest to stay out of there ?ǣ my whole life I was always in the headmaster?s office so I?m used to it. I would just try to improve and learn from the situations that I get myself into”.

Pirelli gains traction with return to F1 (FT, registration required)

“[Bernie] Ecclestone has been heaping praise on [Marco] Tronchetti Provera for deliberately producing fast-degrading tyres which, according to Pirelli, are even more difficult to build than conventional ones. ‘Only Pirelli would do it and we must thank them,’ the veteran F1 supremo recently said. ‘It was brave and the show has improved,’ he added. Pirelli?s bigger rivals, Michelin and Bridgestone, had refused to develop such tyres because, he explained, they were worried about their image”.

Force India F1 Aero Test (YouTube)

Kamui Kobayashi Q&A: Sauber extracting the maximum (F1)

“We all know that we take some risks when racing. Indeed it was a very unfortunate part of the track where [Sergio Perez] crashed and went into the barrier. To be successful means that you accept risks – may it be in racing, or may it be in strategy. So far this has served us well”.

Eagle Delta Wing for 2012 Le Mans (Motor Sport)

“Ben Bowlby?s revolutionary Delta Wing will race in next year?s Le Mans 24 Hours. The car will be built in California by Dan Gurney?s legendary All American Racers and raced by American Le Mans Series champion Duncan Dayton?s Highcroft team”.

Feisty ?ǣ just like his dad (Williams)

“With active [suspension] banned by 1996, the cars were quite conventional in set-up, but Jacques [Villeneuve] often had a very different approach to Damon [Hill] who would drive a soft, compliant car, as he knew this would look after the tyres. Jacques would often go for a much stiffer set-up. He had some refreshing new ideas on asymmetric set-ups, with suspension and wings, tricks he had learned from Indy. The ??new kid on the block? loved racing”.

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Comment of the day

Debaser91 is one of many who don’t want to see the Bahrain Grand Prix keep its place on the calendar:

As much as I would love a Grand Prix on my birthday this is getting beyond a joke now. No one wants Bahrain apart from Todt and the Bahrain GP organisers so why should the Indian Grand Prix be moved.

From the forum

Everyone help cheer up newnhamlea1!

Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

Michael Schumacher led most of the Canadian Grand Prix ten years ago today but had to give best to his brother Ralf.

The Williams driver was passed by the elder Schumacher’s Ferrari at the start, but was able to delay a refuelling stop and come out ahead of the Ferrari.

Mika Hakkinen finished third for McLaren.

The race may have been somewhat forgettable but the morning warm-up saw drama as Jacques Villeneuve crashed heavily following contact with Juan Pablo Montoya:

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