Jenson Button, McLaren, Montreal, 2011

Button hails “possibly my best win”

2011 Canadian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, McLaren, Montreal, 2011
Jenson Button, McLaren, Montreal, 2011

Jenson Button called his dramatic last-lap victory in the Canadian Grand Prix “possibly my best win”.

Button said: “I really don’t know what to say. It’s been a very emotional three hours or however long it’s been since the start.

“The incident with Lewis, I couldn’t see anything when he was alongside me. I couldn’t see anything in my mirrors, it was one of those things, and I’ve apologised to him.

“And then it was really a fight. I got a drive-through for speeding behind the safety car I had to find my way through about three times.

“Eventually, on the last lap I was chasing down Seb, he ran a little bit wide onto the wet part of the circuit and I was able to take the opportunity and take the win.

“But for me, a fantastic race and I think even if I hadn’t won today I’d’ve enjoyed this race immensely. An amazing win and possibly my best”.

2011 Canadian Grand Prix

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  1. I watched this race with a friend who didn’t think much of Button. In fact, he disliked him because of the fact that I cheer for him to much for his taste.(he likes more hamilton) But, when Vettel made that mistake, he shouted for him. It was his odd day, I guess, he was EVEN happy for Schumi!!!
    ANd nobody can say that a driver that recovers from 21st to 1st in 30 laps had a bad race, as some posted earlier. Between his many changes, he always recovered fast to 9th or 10th.
    I agree he had some luck too, but he put pressure on Vettel and he made his first important mistake of a perfect season.

  2. He will certainly be remembered for that effort, probably just as much as his championship year! A great effort from him. Seeing him fly down the back straight with his DRS open was incredible, so much speed!

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