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2011 Canadian Grand Prix

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304 comments on Rate the race: 2011 Canadian Grand Prix

  1. johannduplessis (@johannduplessis) said on 12th June 2011, 22:18

    I’ve been visiting this site for years but never registered until now. Just had to rate this 10/10. Wow it was spectacular.

  2. djdaveyp85 (@djdaveyp87) said on 12th June 2011, 22:18


  3. rmac923 (@rmac923) said on 12th June 2011, 22:18

    10… as long as the FIA doesn’t impose a 10-second penalty on Button.

  4. MPJ1994 said on 12th June 2011, 22:19

    Not bad for a race that started at 2.30am.. Its now 6.45. Bloody good race. The last few laps were insane. Tops off an AWESOME weekend of motorsport, albeit with virtually no sleep. Thank god for the Queens Birthday long weekend.. :D 10/10

  5. Marucat (@marucat) said on 12th June 2011, 22:19

    Would have been a perfect 10 if not for the ridiculous start under the safety car, but still a great 9.

  6. Oliver said on 12th June 2011, 22:21

    This race has two scores, one for excitement and the other for boredom.
    The whole race was the last 15 laps. Every earlier lap was as good as yesterday.

  7. F1antics (@f1antics) said on 12th June 2011, 22:22

    Always love Montreal – fabulous track especially after the joke that is Monaco. Good TV direction. Gave it a 9 because of excessive use of the safety car, but great racing.

  8. Alan said on 12th June 2011, 22:22

    While the race was thoroughly enjoyable, I really feel robbed by the ending – not Button on Vettel but Button and Webber on Schumacher.

    To paraphrase Murray Walker: “Catching is one thing, passing another.” At this Grand Prix, the meaning of that phrase was reversed by the DRS and given the closing speeds we seen on the last straight, I would really say they should introduce a maximum length the DRS can be opened for in the regulations with a concrete number which remains in place at each race and leaves the driver with a bit of work to do to get passed.

    Maybe I’m just being ignorant on this but that doesn’t seem to me like such a difficult thing to do given the fact that the FIA have no problem with introducing new regulations a la off throttle diffusers.

    • Surely more overtaking is good in F1. You could also argue that if Car X gets past Car Y using DRS. Then on the next lap Car Y also has the opportunity to get past Car X again using DRS. Obviously it will boil down to the speed of the car, but then that’s racing.

      Also, I think the DRS effect was actually toned down here, because of the fact that you had a dry racing line and wet track, so there was more risk attached of running off track, as we saw with Webber’s overtake on Schumacher.

      • Alan said on 12th June 2011, 23:00

        I agree to an extent with the concept of DRS and that overtaking is good for F1, but that was in no way racing. Webber and Button were ahead of Schumacher even before the last chicane purely as a result of the DRS and there was absolutely no skill involved – they didn’t even have to go on to the wet stuff into the corner to try and get past they just went clean by him with no effort bar shoving their foot into the ground.

        In terms of Car X and Y, in this case, the irony is that even though Button was ahead of Schumacher going into the chicane, he wasn’t at the second DRS detection point meaning that on the start finish straight Button had the option to open his DRS (although seemingly forgot but for a second before turn one) whereas Schumacher was left sitting behind watching Button stream away while he could do nothing.

        If they are going to have two DRS zones then this race clearly shows that they should be at totally different parts of the track, not one right after the other or we will see a repeat of that with the overtaking driver being the one who can then reopen their DRS and run away.

        What we seen at the end wasn’t racing. Schumacher used all his skill in the wet to get himself up to second and was then left a sitting duck by a gimmick which gave him no opportunity to mount a proper fight when push came to shove.

        Sure, have DRS, but not to that extent.

        • Hairpin (@hairpin) said on 12th June 2011, 23:53

          I’m at a loss to see your point about DRS, even though I’m not a fan of it. Lets try and take your points from the top.
          Webb and Butt were ahead of Shu as a result of DRS, thats what its for as you can’t slipstream now due to disturbed air of the car your following.
          If you get on the wet stuff into a corner with slicks you spin or crash as most people know, and by shoving your foot to the ground, I suppose you mean flooring the accelerator? well what else are you supposed to do?.
          There is no second DRS detection zone only one with two activation points so what are you on about?.
          I dont think that Shu would have been in such a strong position had it not been for the safety car anyway but yes he had a strong last stint but that was on a drying track on slicks.
          You seem to be preoccupied with the fact Shu got taken by a couple of cars when it seemed he might get a podium.
          Not a Schumacher fan by any chance are you?.

          • David-A (@david-a) said on 13th June 2011, 0:08

            You couldn’t slipstream through high speed corners due to dirty air. On long straights it was always fine.

          • Alan said on 13th June 2011, 0:36

            I’m by no means a Schumacher fan, I lean more towards Webber and don’t think Schuey should have come back but my point about DRS is that in this case it took the skill away.

            Fair enough on the second activation point I haven’t really read into the rules on that aspect and just made an assumption. My overall point about it remains, though; had it been Schumacher or anyone else. The overtaking car used the system to get past and then used it again (despite it already having fulfilled its intended use) to pull away on the next straight, leaving the defending car with absolutely no chance – not racing.

            If they are going to have two zones then they shouldn’t be simultaneous on the track in my opinion to avoid a repeat of that.

            DRS is supposed to aid overtaking, not make it a formality. My gripe is that Button and Webber were ahead even before the chicane. They simply out-dragged the Mercedes purely because of DRS. In the couple of laps beforehand when DRS was disabled they were chasing him down hard and that would have made for a great battle.

            DRS removed that, that’s the problem I have with it.

  9. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 12th June 2011, 22:23

    Absolute, categorically, unequivocally no less than a 10 from me. We had everything…wet weather, red flag, an abundance of safety cars, super-softs, some surprise exits, team-mates touching, a last minute snatched race win and a different driver on the top spot.


  10. Mark said on 12th June 2011, 22:23

    All Michael needs is better car, could obviously see that in this race. pity.
    great race, couldv been 2nd

  11. Antranik (@antranik) said on 12th June 2011, 22:23


    One of the best races Ive ever seen. MSC getting back into his form, Massa fighting for win, but then Button… definately one of the best wins ever…

  12. LucaBadoerFan (@lucabadoerfan) said on 12th June 2011, 22:24

    great comeback by button – although i had vettel down to win, it’s nice to see someone else win for a change. although i’m not, and have never been a fan of schumacher, i was somewhat disappointed that he didn’t make the podium. still, he apparently wants to stay at mercedes until 2014 now, so, he’ll get another chance. hard luck to di resta and heidfeld.

    i loved the ‘photo finish’ of kobayashi and massa at the end. it’s a right shame de la rosa couldn’t score a point or two – it’d have been magnificent if he did. well done to liuzzi for keeping it on the road – i think that result will possibly mean hrt could beat virgin in the constructors championship for the second year running. nice work by the toro rosso boys.

  13. sid_prasher (@) said on 12th June 2011, 22:24

    Its almost 3 AM and i will need to leave for work in 3 hrs…but staying up was worth it…great race

    great drive from Schumi and Button. I think the Schumi critics will stay quite for a while now which is good!
    I hope button is not penalized – i don’t like the decisions being taken after the race has been finished…

    Tough luck for Ferrari – they had a great chance..
    Still a 10!

  14. BasCB (@bascb) said on 12th June 2011, 22:25

    I would like to vote a 10/10 for Button forcing Vettel into error.

    So much action in a short period of time. Would have loved for Schu to make it onto the podium, but he was a serious contender for driver of the day anyhow.

    And the FOM director did a great job of catching most of the action, having sensible replays etc.
    Awesome job by DC and MB for keeping the commentary going for over two hours without any action as well.

    On the down side, the start under safetycar seemed a bit too much, and they could have defenitely called him in earlier. Especially after the restart it was some 3-4 laps overdue.

    To make sure, i will now rather wait for the stewards to decide on penalties before voting. I hope they stay sensible, but it would not be the first race ruined by overzealous penalizing.

  15. georges10099 (@georges10099) said on 12th June 2011, 22:26

    great race,, gave it a 10 (even though, in my eyes, button took hamilton out but i suppose thats racing lol)

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