Robert Kubica, Renault, Valencia, 2011

Kubica could return in Brazil, says manager

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In the round-up: Robert Kubica’s manager hints at a racing turn at Interlagos.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Brazil return possible for Kubica (ESPN)

Daniel Morelli: “The Italian GP is held in September, so it’s in just three months’ time, but we can think about the final race of the season.”

Red Bull seeks clarification on diffusers (Autosport)

Christian Horner: “”There are certain questions that we want to ask about the technical directive that we need clarification on.”

2012: Exhaust Blown Diffusers are banned (ScarbsF1)

“With the initial ban on how overrun engine mappings, Renault and Red Bull stand to lose out the most. With the full EBD ban in 2012, it is again these teams with the most to lose as each of these teams blow beneath the floor.”

‘Justice will be served’ for Bahrain doctors (The Today Programme)

“Today spoke to a British doctor on Monday who raised concerns about a group of doctors and nurses who are on trial in Bahrain charged with treating protesters. He alleged that the detainees had been psychologically and physically tortured. The Bahrain government’s Maysoon Sabkar responds to the claims.”

FOTA Fans Forum 2011 – Montreal – Part 2 (YouTube)

Tell the Austin City Council to Vote YES on Formula 1 (

“This week the Austin City Council will begin the process of deciding if Austin will be the host community for the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix race.”

Understanding Parc Ferme (Force India)

Force India Sporting Director, Andy Stevenson: “In the old days on a Saturday we used to completely rebuild the cars with new engines, new radiators, new gearboxes, new uprights. We used to change everything. You would tend to build a car specifically for qualifying, with a qualifying engine, lightweight gearboxes, and radiators half normal size, so you were carrying less oil and less water. Costs were just spiralling.”

Team Lotus Confirms Williams F1 Wind Tunnel Deal (Lotus)

“Team Lotus has confirmed today that it is expanding its wind tunnel operations having confirmed a deal with Williams F1 to use one of the Grove based team’s two wind tunnels from September 2011.”

Silverstone owner slides to a loss after British Grand Prix doubts hurt ticket sales (Daily Telegraph)

“The British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC) moved from a ??1.3m net profit in 2009 to a ??1.9m loss in 2010 as sales for the Formula 1 race were affected by Silverstone securing the race only seven months before its scheduled date.”

McLaren team principal tells Lewis Hamilton to stay on the attack (The Guardian)

“I suspect I’m not the most impartial, I want Lewis to attack, and obviously I don’t want him to have contact with cars. But at the same time if he holds back for fear of having contact then he won’t be the great racer he is and do the job he has to do.”

Antiques Roadshow fans hit out at BBC after Formula One race rains on their parade (Daily Mail)

“More than 700 furious Antiques Roadshow fans complaining to the BBC after the hit-show was axed” (Thanks to Ben N for the tip).

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Comment of the day

Almost four years on from ‘Spygate’, do we think of it as an outrageous piece of cheating, or a cynical piece of politics? Bigbadderboom argues for the latter:

Coughlan and Stepney were both scapegoats in a previously the previously “accepted” practice of acquiring opposition designs.

It was only timing and a bitter dispute between Mosley and Dennis which provided the mix and timing for the incident to be blown out of all proportion (in my opinion).

I say let it go now, Mike is a gifted engineer with a proven track record and may be just what Williams needs now. He carried the can for F1 with some dignity (he could have made things very messy) I for one am glad he?s back.

From the forum

Following on from the Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans 24 Hours, what other events should we cover on F1 Fanatic Live?

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to David A, Mateuss and Vikas!

On this day in F1

Nigel Mansell won the Canadian Grand Prix from pole position on this day 25 years ago.

He moved to within two points of championship leader Alain Prost, who finished second.

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