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Pirelli change tyre compounds for Valencia 20th June 2011, 17:19

Pirelli has changed the choice of tyre compounds available at this weekend’s European Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikkonen’s NASCAR Trucks debut up close

Lewis Hamilton had his first taste of NASCAR at Watkins Glen last week. But his former rival Kimi Raikkonen has taken things a step further, starting a couple of races in NASCAR’s junior categories. Jamey Price was at Charlotte Superspeedway last month to watch Raikkonen’s first race in a NASCAR Truck. I have long been […]

Jean Todt’s Approval Rating 2011: Part 2

With Bahrain, a 21-race calendar, rules changes and more it’s been a busy three months for Jean Todt.

??It?s crucial F1 coverage remains free-to-air?? ?ǣ Whitmarsh

“Recent newspaper reports contain significant statistical inaccuracies”.

Humphrey: ??So many inaccuracies in that article??

In the round-up: BBC F1 presenters criticise report, saying ??viewing figures at a 10 year high??.

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