Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Montreal, 2011

Alonso: “I’ve driven the best seven races of my career this year”

2011 European Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Montreal, 2011
Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Montreal, 2011

Fernando Alonso says he’s driven “the best seven races of my career” in 2011.

Speaking in the press conference ahead of this weekend’s European Grand Prix he said: “I think I have driven the best seven races of my career so far this year but now we must continue to respect our rivals while trying to close the gap to them.”

He said the team have got closer to victory in the last two race: “No doubt about it, indeed it?s a fact that we could have won in Monaco where I was ten centimetres away from victory and Canada where I was on the front row of the grid.

“This means the trend is positive and here, the circuit characteristics are similar to Canada and Monaco but we must remember that, at times, we have been one second off the fastest pace in qualifying.”

He is not convinced the rules changes introduced this weekend will automatically make Ferrari contenders for victory: “I don?t know if I can get pole just because of mapping changes.

“I don?t think it will change much, because the fastest car and Vettel was sometimes eight or nine tenths faster than us even in the race, so we saw a superior dominant car and we cannot underestimate our opponents.”

Alonso said he’s not ready to give up his chances of winning the title this year: “We need to have the best car and then we can win the title because there is plenty of time and plenty of races to recover.

“But if we are fifth and sixth in qualifying then it will be very difficult. The championship is long, so we need to concentrate on every race and try and be on the podium.

“Our aim is always to win every race even if this is very difficult but this is the way we are because we are Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro. This is the pressure you have when you are Ferrari ?ǣ you are expected to win every race and every championship.”

2011 European Grand Prix

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