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2011 European Grand Prix in pictures 26th June 2011, 19:05

Not a spectacular race, but some terrific pictures from the European Grand Prix.

2011 European Grand Prix analysis

Lap chart, lap times, tyre strategies and more data from the European Grand Prix.

Hamilton: “we’ve taken a step backwards”

Lewis Hamilton urged McLaren to make a fresh push on car development.

Sebastian Vettel dominates again to win in Valencia

It was business as usual for Sebastian Vettel in the European Grand Prix.

2011 European Grand Prix championship points

Sebastian Vettel extends his lead in the championship, 77 points ahead of second place Jenson Button.

2011 European Grand Prix result

Sebastian Vettel wins the European Grand Prix, followed by Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber.

Rate the race: 2011 European Grand Prix

What did you think of the European Grand Prix? Rate the race and leave a comment.

Live: 2011 European Grand Prix

Follow the 2011 European Grand Prix on F1 Fanatic Live.

Hamilton will “think twice” about risky moves

In the round-up: Hamilton says he will “think twice” but remain aggressive behind the wheel.

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