Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Valencia, 2011

Hamilton will “think twice” about risky moves

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In the round-up: Hamilton says he will “think twice” but remain aggressive behind the wheel.

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Hamilton prepared to think twice, maybe (Reuters)

“I want to finish. That’s the key. I’ll always remain as aggressive as I am. However, instead of thinking once about a manoeuvre, you’ll perhaps think twice.”

European GP – Conference 3 (FIA)

Mark Webber: “We?ve seen in the past that sometimes the results can be different and I think that could happen tomorrow, but it won?t be down to?? if Lewis wins by 50 seconds it?s not down to the exhausts regs or the fact that he can?t change the differential by a bee?s dick.”

Reports of Michael Schumacher’s F1 demise may be greatly exaggerated (The Guardian)

Ross Brawn: “I honestly don’t know whether Michael is faster or slower than he was at Ferrari but I think next year we will see this team at the strength and capacity we want, and then we will know more.”

Fry aims to make Ferrari more ‘creative’ (Autosport)

“We are looking at trying to change the way we work. There are a lot of very clever people at Ferrari. We are just trying to give them space to try and come up with ideas and be more creative, I don’t think there will be any [staff] changes.”

Huge Crash at Road America Chevrolet Camaro flies over catchfence 2011 Grand Am (YouTube)

2011 Nurburgring 24 Hours Race BMW flips over barriers (YouTube)

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Comment of the day

Icthyes on Charlie Whiting’s latest brainwave:

So if a different rule had been in place we would have been robbed of a great race and gone home with half-points and a barely-challenged victor, after spending almost half the half-race behind the Safety Car.

So he?s basically saying the solution to people leaving and TVs switching to scheduled programming… is to finish the race? What?

From the forum

It’s race day, so it’s time to play Brundle Bingo!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Alex Bkk, Greg, Kathryn S and Lemon!

On this day in F1

There were few surprises at the front of the grid as Sebastian Vettel took pole position for the European Grand Prix one year ago today.

But the two Williams drivers managed to set identical times to within one-thousandth of a second of each other, while neither Mercedes made it into Q3.