Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Valencia, 2011

Hamilton: “we’ve taken a step backwards”

2011 European Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Valencia, 2011
Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Valencia, 2011

Lewis Hamilton says McLaren have become less competitive and urged the team to make a fresh push on car development.

Speaking after the race he said: “We’re quite a bit down in downforce. We’ve not made an upgrade for several weeks now.

“We’ve had upgrades in the wing, like the front wing, for example. But, I mean, rear downforce we’ve really been struggling with that.

“I think in the next race we’ll really struggle, once we lose the engine map I think we may see some differences there.”

He said he didn’t have the pace to beat the Ferraris in Valencia: “I got a bad start, really a very poor start, and lost out to the Ferraris.

“But in all honesty we weren’t as quick as the Ferraris so even if I was ahead of them I would have really struggled to stay ahead.

“The guys were just trying to ask me to stay out longer and I was like, ‘guys, I’m trying to look after the tyres as much as I can so this is all I can do. I was really, really struggling with oversteer for a long time.

“It seems like we’ve taken a step backwards, perhaps, in terms of performance, or the others have taken a step forward again. To be able to finish at least fourth, that’s still some good points compared to the last two races I’ve had so I can’t really complain.”

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