Rate the race: 2011 European Grand Prix

2011 European Grand Prix

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230 comments on Rate the race: 2011 European Grand Prix

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  1. DavidS (@davids) said on 26th June 2011, 14:47


    It’s late Sunday night here, I had trouble staying awake.
    Typical Valencia procession.

    • f1geordie said on 26th June 2011, 15:01

      very dull, its horrible to see brilliant tracks with so much history being endangered to make way for races like this.

      • GQsm (@gqsm) said on 26th June 2011, 15:19

        Worse than previous years as even the start was boring!
        You used to be able to count on the first few laps to be at least a little interesting.

      • type056 said on 26th June 2011, 16:37

        It is F1 problem not track.
        Did you see GP2 here today and yesterday?it was so much fun to see,with very overtaking maneuvers,very actions.

        • JS (@js) said on 28th June 2011, 7:15


          A track can be good for GP2 and not for F1. It’s not exactly the same thing, I think!

          This track is made so that rich people can show off their boats… Rip Monaco off its history, thrilling qualifications, the fact it’s a (real) urban track and the walls so close, but keep the long uneventful races and you get this “Valencia GP”.

      • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 26th June 2011, 18:50

        Which tracks are endangered?

        It has nothing to do with the quality of the track, more so the money that can be generated.

    • John H (@john-h) said on 26th June 2011, 15:11

      Please Bernie, it’s time to dispose of this track. Flat as a pancake with banal concrete walls and no racing since it got the race. Plus the fact that Spain already has one GP, a country with no GP heritage.

      • Doance (@doance) said on 26th June 2011, 15:21

        Bring back Adelaide :)

        • fordsrule (@fordsrule) said on 26th June 2011, 16:07

          Never going to happen.

        • Aris (@aris) said on 26th June 2011, 18:31

          I say bring back Magny Cours! Such a fast track with tricky corners. I’m sick of tracks with slow corners like Valencia.

          • kowalsky said on 26th June 2011, 19:03

            magny cours sucks as well. The real track in france was clermont ferrand, but that’s like the old nurburgring, so it’s not possible. But paul ricard it’s a better option, close to spain and italy, fast and beautiful racing there. I was there in 1989, and slept at the camping inside. Good memories, that’s for sure. Prost won like he ususally did in france. He had something special at his home race.

          • beneboy (@beneboy) said on 27th June 2011, 13:46

            Mangy course ?

            No thanks, it sucks the sweat from a dead man’s crotch !

      • Leon said on 26th June 2011, 15:57

        Dear Bernie,

        about that idea of water sprinklers you had laughed out of court a year back……

        I was just wondering…

        …how much would it cost to install at Valencia ?

        • Probably not very much. Just get some of the people on the boats to slosh buckets of harbour water in the direction of the track.

      • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 26th June 2011, 18:47

        How do you propose a country earns any racing heritage?

        Typical knee-jerk reaction?

        • Andy W (@andy-w) said on 27th June 2011, 10:06

          I would suggest that having interesting race tracks that provide good racing should be the place to start….

          Barcelona is a mediocre track that only rarely gives great races… and Valencia… sorry but 4 years and I can only think of 2 exciting moments… and one of those was watching a driver come within a hair’s breath of being killed… which doesn’t count when it comes to making great races.

          • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 27th June 2011, 13:20

            Good racing is subjective ultimately though, and being subjective doesn’t guarantee you a decent profit on your investment.

          • beneboy (@beneboy) said on 27th June 2011, 13:48

            Good racing is subjective ultimately though

            Maybe so but bad racing is universal and as you can see from the poll result above and the reaction in these comments this circuit is almost universally hated because it repeatedly produces boring races.

      • kowalsky said on 26th June 2011, 18:58

        i wouldn’t say no heritage dude. You don’t know what you are talking about.
        Pedralbes in the 50’s montjuit in the 60’s and 70’s, jarama in the 70’s and 80′, jerez in the 80’s and 90’s ,and barcelona and valencia nowadays.
        If that is not heritage tell me what is.

        • Jean said on 27th June 2011, 10:51

          Well said . I won’t comment any further as it then becomes racial , and no point . I only watched the start and up to lap 7 , and realised it would be a sort of procession. But quite a few other tracks can be the same , not just Valencia. I’m thinking that re-fuelling , with it’s obvious dangers , definitely did add an extra excitement to F1 . FIA should look into bringing it back , together with DRS and KERS , may mix strategies up enough to avoid totally processional races.

        • John H said on 27th June 2011, 13:15

          Fair enough, I didn’t mean to sound confrontational. My bad. But I hope you see my point that testing and two GPs is surely too much for one country in a ‘world championship’, regardless of who it is.

    • Antranik (@antranik) said on 26th June 2011, 15:21

      Totally agree with you. They have to drop Valencia. It’s a must. It sucks.

    • kowalsky said on 26th June 2011, 18:54

      i agree, it was 7 am here in south america. I thought it was me the only one who couldn’t stay awake.
      having some race tracks around the world so great, running in valencia it’s another f1 nonsense. Fota needs to adress that, becuse bernie won’t.

  2. driftin said on 26th June 2011, 14:48

    Even Pirelli tyres, DRS and KERS couldn’t save Valencia. Cut it from the calendar, Bernie.Turn it into a go-kart track or something.

    That being said, the midfield, particularly DiResta, Alguesuari and Kobayashi, had some fairly decent action but hardly anything edge of the seat.


    Also slow those Bulls down. Yes, it’s good for them that they’ve got a superbly designed car and F1 is all about innovation as well as skill but it’s not providing a good championship. The team sure are enjoying it but the viewers aren’t, apart from RBR fans. It’s hardly making the championship leader sweat. I want to see Vettel fight, not coast to the chequered flag.

    Hopefully the EBD ban rule at Silverstone will see something drastic happen to them, otherwise their dominance will make the WDC as boring as this race was. Let’s see those RBRs in the wars and lets see more of the Renaults, Mercedes and Ferraris on the podium or winning.

    • geekracer2000 (@geekracer2000) said on 26th June 2011, 15:56

      Even Pirelli tyres, DRS and KERS couldn’t save Us from Valencia.
      RBR and Vettel have nothing to do with this, this track sucks. Hats off to the drivers remembering layout at all.(well Maldonado and Petrov almost didn’t)

    • fordsrule (@fordsrule) said on 26th June 2011, 16:09

      I dont like that Redbull is dominating all the races, but I dont want the rules changed just so they dont, its not what F1 is about.

    • caci99 (@caci99) said on 27th June 2011, 9:30

      I don’t really get it and I guess I will never get use to the idea of slowing down the best performer. It is a sport, the best wins. Why should someone introduce rules to slow them down?? It is like suggesting that Usain Bolt should run barefoot so the others can catch up with him

    • I don’t think viewers are unhappy at all – most of the races this year have been absolutely sensational. Valencia wasn’t. It’s a shame because there are some really nice flowing corners at Valencia, but the track as a whole has yet to provide a memorable race.

  3. Stephen Jones (@aus_steve) said on 26th June 2011, 14:48

    5/10 Best Valencia Race by far, but According to every other race, a little boring.. Ads Summed it up well; We have been Spoiled in 2011! Even still, i found it interesting to watch for the first half, with a very promising strategy battle heating up.. too bad it petered out into an extremely boring finish

    • Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 26th June 2011, 14:59

      6 out of 10 for me. It’s a shame that people are going to vote ‘1’s and ‘2’s because that’s a complete over-reaction.

      The ending was really boring, yes, but up until the final stops we had what appeared to be a possible 3-way fight for the win. How often does that happen, let alone around Valencia? Also, we saw a wealth of overtaking through the field thanks to DRS and even outside of the DRS zones. Yes, it was not close to being a classic compared to the unbelievable races we’ve had this year, but this was easily the best race this circuit has produced, thought it would’ve been a lot better if it was closer at the finish.

      I also think that people are suffering from ‘Vettel Burnout Syndrome’ after the utter domination we’ve seen so far this year. I strongly believe that if someone like Alonso or Webber or Hamilton had started on Pole and had won in the fashion Vettel had, this race would’ve been rated a lot higher.

      If the 2008 and 2009 Valencia races were 2 or 3 or 4 out of 10 (and I agree, they were), a 5 for this race is far more accurate in my opinion.

      • I absolutely agree with Mag.

      • TommyB (@tommyb89) said on 26th June 2011, 15:22

        6 out of 10 is a good score. 6 to me means a pretty good race but not amazing.

        This race was no where near good.

        We saw one moment of action so 1 is a fair score.

      • BasCB (@bascb) said on 26th June 2011, 15:26

        I agree here, for Valencia it was a pretty good race. And the battles throughout the field were nice enough. FOM at least used some of the nice camera angles as well (the wall there :-) ).

        Sure Vettel managed it at the front, but I actually enjoyed myself for all but the middle 10-15 laps, so it was OK, not great.

      • Prateek727 (@prateek727) said on 26th June 2011, 15:28

        6 is too kind. 6 is the kind of race I wouldn’t be too embarrassed to introduce my non-petrolhead friends to f1 through.

      • Ads21 (@ads21) said on 26th June 2011, 15:42

        Yer I gave it a 7 but I completely agree with everything you’ve said Mag

      • damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 26th June 2011, 16:01

        I also think that people are suffering from ‘Vettel Burnout Syndrome’ after the utter domination we’ve seen so far this year.

        That coupled with the fact we’ve had an amazing run of fantastic races. Anything less than a classic is boring in the opinion of some.

      • Toro Stevo said on 26th June 2011, 17:46

        A British driver winning is a guaranteed 2 points improvement in the voting here.

        Can’t disagree with most people’s assessment of this race though. A 5 is generous, and I can’t believe that we have to put up with at least another 3 years at this circuit. I’m hoping that rumour of them defaulting on the payments earlier this year is true, Valencia can join a long line of F1 tracks which never should have happened.

        • UKfanatic (@) said on 28th June 2011, 0:25

          you right Toro Stevo about everything, I just think that valencia highlights all about the season including the rules problems

      • F1Yankee (@f1yankee) said on 26th June 2011, 18:58

        i disagree. that race earned its 2. believe me, absolutely zero viewers were converted into fans today, and a couple more like that will drive fans away. i watch every race multiple times, but i won’t be revisiting this – i nearly turned it off halfway through. fall asleep? sure. turn of a grand prix? unthinkable!

      • Todfod (@todfod) said on 27th June 2011, 9:46

        Agree with you man. Valencia wasn’t all that bad, infact it was as interesting as the Australian GP this year. I think its a combination of the Vettel win and Mclaren failure that made so many people vote 0 and 1s.

        This was probably the best Valencia GP I’ve seen, and I scored it a 6

      • Stephen Jones (@aus_steve) said on 27th June 2011, 13:18

        as with everyone else, i agree!

        my choice of rating it a 6 is also associated with the scores of the other races. For example i rated Australia about a 7.. it’d be unfair to rate this a 2

      • Scalextric (@scalextric) said on 28th June 2011, 3:20

        @Mag, maybe that’s because you watched it live, not on tape delay on Speed. I got no enjoyment from the race but I scored it ‘2’ because a worse race is marginally possible, e.g. with 90% of laps under the safety car.

    • Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 26th June 2011, 15:01

      My thoughts exactly and my score too.

      • Fixy (@fixy) said on 26th June 2011, 15:11

        There were so many duels ready to entertain us, like Buemi vs Di Resta vs Kobayashi vs Petrov, but even if they were all very close the action was very limited and the only overtakes we saw were due to drivers having older/harder tyres. Drivers followed their rivals for laps before trying to pass them at the end of one of the two DRS zones, and seldom did we see a nice manoeuvre.

        • Hairpin (@hairpin) said on 26th June 2011, 18:09

          Yeh like Scumacher fighting Maldonado for seventeenth.
          Where are all those guy’s raving about Schu?
          and Rosberg seventh!.
          There was something missing from todays race,
          I know it was the safety car.

      • Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 26th June 2011, 15:37

        Mag, you’ve said it all. I also gave it a 6.

  4. Calum said on 26th June 2011, 14:49

    Worst F1 2011 race, but the best Valencia race so far.

  5. TITO (@tito) said on 26th June 2011, 14:49

    poor race…

  6. CapeFear (@capefear) said on 26th June 2011, 14:50

    woThis is a sports car track not a F1 track it really needs to be removed from the calendar

  7. Prateek727 (@prateek727) said on 26th June 2011, 14:50

    Tedious. So Tedious. Clearly no amount of gimmicks can redeem this utter bore of a venue.


  8. TommyB (@tommyb89) said on 26th June 2011, 14:50

    I’m comparing it to the other races of the 2011 Season. If I gave Canada a 9/10 then this has to be a 1/10.

    Terrible race. Terrible circuit.

    Want to improve the show? Never race at Valencia again.

  9. JerseyF1 (@jerseyf1) said on 26th June 2011, 14:51

    Almost no difference in strategy meant we didn’t get the late lap time differences and hope of late overtakes that we’ve had earlier in the year. Still, Alonso put up a fight but Vettel was supreme. I give it 5, an average race, but an average F1 race still beats watching most other sports!

  10. damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 26th June 2011, 14:51

    6. Not bad by Valencia’s standards, but another anti-climax. The championship situation is more worrying, though.

  11. butterdori (@butterdori) said on 26th June 2011, 14:51

    Boooooooring. Hardly any meaningful overtakes.

  12. Ads21 (@ads21) said on 26th June 2011, 14:51

    By this year’s standards this was pretty dull, but lets be honest in any other season this would have been a decent race, so I gave it a 7. I was kept interested all the way through, I think this race goes to show even when we don’t have much overtaking in a race we the tyres and multiple pit stops are enough to keep it interesting.

  13. Neusalz (@dpod) said on 26th June 2011, 14:52

    Gave it a 1. I pretty much wasted a good bit of my sleep just to see probably the most boring race of my life. Sure hope they cut this track soon because its just a waste of time.

  14. Victor. (@victor) said on 26th June 2011, 14:52

    3/10. Awful. It’s a shame races like these count as much as the one in Canada.

  15. Bendoz said on 26th June 2011, 14:52

    2 balls domenicali go home!

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