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Rate the race: 2011 European Grand Prix

2011 European Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

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230 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 European Grand Prix”

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  1. This is the worst track on the calendar. Abu Dhabi has that nice transition from day to night to look at, what does Valencia have? Just loads of boring concrete walls.

    A couple of overtaking moves, so I’d give it a 3/10. But no real excitement in the race at any stage.

    1. Actually, I like the layout of Abu Dhabi – fast sweeping corners and slow chikanes.

  2. Another very poor race at a dismal circuit. The few passes we saw were mainly predictable DRS fare.

    1. How can Bernie continue to justify 2 races in Spain especially when they are both on such poor circuits

      1. Its pretty suprising, isn’t it. The is the first time a country has the honour of hosting races in not one but 2 of the tracks offering least exiting viewing for the fans!

    2. Button’s pass was the only highlight I can remember. Admittedly I decided to make some pancakes instead half way through.

      1. sweet or savoury?

      2. Sure, it was the only pass by a McL, the rest does not seem to exist. It’s not Valencia’s fault that the Maccas did such a poor job there. For the rest of the world there was an exciting race (would have been much more exciting without Seb, but you can’t blame him either).

    3. Lets just pretend Vettel does not exist.
      What a title race weve got going! And what an unpredictable race we just had, lots of lead swaps! Its anyones season!

      1. haha if only we could just disqualify Vettel for this year.

        1. at least the battle for 2nd in the championship is good.

  3. Valencia’s a pretty but awful track. The race was ok though; it had strategies, overtakes and an interesting battle with Alonso and Hamilton. This was by far Valencia’s best race but the problem is this year we’ve been spoilt and I honestly believe if this race happened a couple of years ago it would score much higher. I gave it a 6 but I found it quite interesting in parts even if it wasn’t exciting.

    1. I think it would have made the top 5 of races in 2007, 2008 and maybe even in 2010 if it had been like this. So i agree with you.

      But only just up to par for 2011 as OK.

  4. An absolute bore of a race. Drop it from the calendar. I actually chose to do laundry after the second set of pit stops instead of watching this procession. Upon my return? Nothing changed. Completely shocked that Vettel could muster even a yelp of celebration at the end of it. 2/10 only because we witnessed the history of Karthikeyan being the first to finish 24th in an F1 race. Earth shattering news.

  5. 6/10. Was tempted to give it 5/10 as I seemed to lose interest around the first pit-stops but I think there was some good action in the mid-field.

    I agree with others – by Valencia standards this was quite good but this was the most boring race this year. The track just strings the cars out too much – think MB said that Vettel in the lead at lap 10 was something like 20s ahead of Michael Schumacher in P12. Given that , the rules seemed to have worked quite well to produce some action at least.

  6. “zzzzz”

    Had to wake myself just to post how crap it was

  7. it musnt be long now before vettel will be wrapping it up

  8. Dar4Ferrari (@)
    26th June 2011, 15:19

    this race was about as interesting as the red flag period in canada…4/10 and that’s being generous i think….great drive from alonso though given his difficulties on the prime with rear temp and grip

  9. it wasn’t that bad, better than many races last year. We’re just used to much more excitement in 2011! There was some action at some points, and DRS didn’t really give you the passing, only made it possible to pass, so it worked perfectly. It was an okay race.

    1. Agree. Its refreshing to have not such a ridiculous race, based 100% on strategy. DRS worked well too. I liked this race. 6/10. Just happy to see a normal race.

  10. How much longer do we have to endure this borefest of a venue (I refuse to call it a circuit or track), I get more excitement picking fluff from my navel.

  11. 4/10

    Pathetic circuit, pathetic race. An improvement on the previous races which were 1-3/10 but that doesn’t say much.

    We have 21 races lined up for next year and a calendar of 20? I know which one I want to drop and the majority of fans will agree with me. However it’s Turkey that’s probably gonna be dropped. A strange world indeed

  12. Most boring race of the year, sad, sad, sad gave it a 5

  13. 3/10

    Two points for Jaime’s performance; Daniel Ricciardo is overrated, he is being outclassed in Formula Renault by Wickens, Korjus, and Vergne.

    One point for Schumacher overtaking with a broken wing.

  14. Dull dull dull. Even Pirelli tyres and KERS can’t cave this place. I duly expect it to be announced soon that it will continue for the next decade then.

    1. *save. Although I would like to cave in the whole place

  15. Dear Jean & Bernie,

    As committed F1 fans, we’re writing this open letter to both of you knowing how you both love and listen to your audience feedback.

    We know you both love Valencia, especially since you did manage to convince the Spanish authorities to convert a manky old harbour and fish market into a modern F1 track with all the safety features. We know how you also got your buddy pal Mr. Tilke to design the place and hopefully those nasty rumours about the kickbacks from the contract awards to Mr. Tilke’s company are completely untrue and baseless.

    We are especially aware of your desire Bernie (may I call you Bernie?), to convert this fishing town in Spain into a modern Monaco with the wealthy in residence but not suffer the pitfalls that Monaco has which is a severe lack of any racing. I’m sure you’d agree that lots of expensive cars following each other isn’t very exciting right?

    We, as F1 fans, are also aware of the agenda tabled by Max to encourage the green agenda into F1. While this is a laudable effort, we’re not convinced that DRS and especially KERS are the way to go. Let’s face it, KERS is heavy! The batteries that go to making it up aren’t really that efficient in storing energy and the materials that make them up can be pretty toxic stuff too. You banned Beryllium alloys from engines for example. Assuming you’re not using Lithium batteries, what with the fire hazards, i’m fairly sure that digging all that nickel and cadmium from the ground isn’t too good for the environment either!

    However after throwing a few ideas around, we think we’ve got a solution for you. The best bit is, it’ll fix both of your problems! Yes, one solution will fix both! (well certainly at this track and Monaco).

    We suggest you take the KERS off the cars, run the race weekend as normal but simply stop the race after say … three laps? A lot less fuel burnt is a good thing right? And the race result, well since it doesn’t really change all that much after lap 1 … who’ll notice? You can even park the cars on the circuit for the rest of the two hours so the TV can get good sponsor coverage! Is this not a good idea or what?

    So Jean and Bernie … whaddaya say?

    Yours Faithfully,


    1. My sarcasm mode is worn out now I think.

  16. Tulip Wednesday
    26th June 2011, 15:35

    The race today, was in my view, lacked a certain, edge-of-chair gripping sparkle.

    Last race, with Jenson moving through the field was extreme excitement. Now, we have so many safety rules, so many limitations, so much ‘health and safety’.

    The race is won or lost by the pit mechanics and thier abilities. This is not what we want.

    Sorry, but the race has become too safe. Racers need to be giiven room and encouragement to be daring, to be dangerous, to win races because they have a need to!


    1. The Last Pope
      26th June 2011, 15:41

      100% Do not agree with this.

  17. Anand Jayaraman
    26th June 2011, 15:36

    Dreadful race. Competes very high with AbuDhabi for the most boring race of the current circuits. Bring A1 ring or Magny cours back instead of this nonsense called a F1 parade

    1. Yeah but Magny Cours was just as boring if not even more boring! As for Austria the original track was awesome but the redesigned Tilke version that was last used is a bit better but was a little bit Mickey Mouse for me compared to the original..

  18. UKfanatic (@)
    26th June 2011, 15:36


    Good fight throughout the field, nice moves, strategies, but, there was no fight for the lead, only for second place, which isnt surprising, last year Vettel complaints about car development made redbull fully engaged on his style and nothing more, the combo is great and they would have won all races this year if it werent some small mistakes, china and canada. In my opinion redbull were always controling the racces, they didnt push 50% of the car for reliability reasons, this has been the most dominating season in modern F1, only just because last year they had lot more technical issues.

  19. Oh dear, people are so spoilt this year.

  20. Tulip Wednesday
    26th June 2011, 15:38

    Rated 2/10, the view of the water was nice.

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