Rate the race: 2011 European Grand Prix

2011 European Grand Prix

What did you think of the European Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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230 comments on Rate the race: 2011 European Grand Prix

  1. Ben said on 26th June 2011, 16:56

    I give it 2 out of 10. In my eyes this was the second most boring race ever, (Indy ’05 takes the most boring prize) I’m an F1 nut and I sit glued to the tv every second of F1 coverage over a gp weekend, but not today. After a few laps I could just tell that this ‘racing track’ would produce yet another dull procession, so I turned up the volume, opened the patio doors so I could hear the commentary and I sat on the patio in the sun with a good book. The best bit was the BBC’s red button forum after the race, more interesting than the race itself.

    If I had to pick a highlight of the race: Button passing Rosberg, after that there was nothing.

    I remember in 2008 before the first race there,Someone else may remember, Autosport ran an article in their preview, that they said Valencia would be the race of the season! No way, 4 races there and all 4 of them dull.

    I personally think that as it is titled the ‘European Grand Prix’ that it should be held at a different circuit each year to give F1 the opportunity to race at tracks they dont currently get the chance to. A little like the German gp alternating between Hockenheim and Nurburgring, I think it would be a good idea to see the European gp, for example be held at Imola one year, then Estoril in Portugal the next, followed by Paul Ricard, Brno… lots of places to choose from. Thats probaby just me with my head in the clouds though!

    Also if Valencia really want their grand prix, why not ditch this dull one and use their permanent race track? Because I thought they had a circuit there that the f1 teams used to test at a decade or so ago, or am I just imagining that one?

    • dlaird said on 26th June 2011, 17:10


    • LE Greys said on 26th June 2011, 17:40

      I agree with that, there should be a better spread around Europe for the European Grand Prix. Plenty of good circuits we just don’t see any more. Think I might add the A1 Ring to the list (I liked it, probably because I don’t remember the old Osterreichring).
      As for this race, the Red Bulls were given more of a run for their money, and we had at least some overtaking thanks to DRS and KERS. Still, no retirements. Cars failing every now and then used to shake up the order (Hill blowing up at Monaco in 96 for instance) and everyone finishing tends to produce lots of cars running in pairs.
      3/10 to be generous.

  2. sw6569 (@sw6569) said on 26th June 2011, 17:20

    If you needed proof that its the track that is primarily responsible for the races that it produces (over DRS and new tyres) then here it is. Valencia was dull. Again. It will be next year as well.

  3. Mahir C said on 26th June 2011, 17:21

    Quite a dull race, good battle for 2nd place but the rest was just too boring. Only highlight was BBC cameraman flirting with the grid girl while Eddie and Jake was chatting with that Spanish tenor.

    Oh well, it was also amusing Martin Brundle calling an f1 car gutless. He had a point though.

    • VXR said on 26th June 2011, 18:33

      They are gutless. Did you know that they have no more peak torque than a 2.5 litre road going petrol non-turbo engine?

      It’s always the same thing with naturally aspirated engines, where your only real way of increasing power is to increase rpm. Unfortunately this has a drastic effect on torque further down the rpm range. And then when you keep reducing the capacity of the engine, the problem just gets worse.

  4. Redxibi said on 26th June 2011, 17:42

    4/10. Only Button’s overtaking maneouvre on Rosberg and Heidfield’s pass on turn 3 were worth watching. Maybe you can include Alonso just avoiding the wall after lapping Trulli as another reason to watch the gp, but in reality, it was really boring. At times I found myself trying not to sleep despite getting more than 9hrs of sleep the night before.

    There were some good midfield battles, but no battles where it really matters, upfront. Hence, it can’t get a higher rating than 6.

    The biggest problem this circuit has is that it is completely flat and since there are no steep uphills, cars cannot slip stream well like what happens in Turkey, Spa, Brazil and Malaysia (turn 4). Just like at Abu Dhabi, there are also too many chicanes. Joining turn 2 to turn 5 and increasing the run off area into turn 6 by artificially increasing the land available can really increase the circuit’s potential. It’s not an expensive solution either.

    Anyway, when does the circuit’s contract run out? :)

  5. jayb said on 26th June 2011, 17:55

    It was a very bad race but i was there in 2008 and as Captain Kurtz said “The Horror, The Horror”

  6. Soooperpigdog (@soooperpigdog) said on 26th June 2011, 17:57

    Yawn factor 10 Mr Sulu..

  7. Mike the bike Schumacher (@mike-the-bike-schumacher) said on 26th June 2011, 17:58

    Spain’s got 2 tracks and there the 2 most boring tracks on the calendar.

  8. FullSpe3d (@dryyoshi) said on 26th June 2011, 18:06

    4/10. Now that is very generous from me. I watched it on the IPlayer and I just skipped 20 laps because I knew nothing was gonna happen. Turns out nothing did actually happen.

  9. This ‘procession’ makes me question what the benchmark for every race should be. Obviously we can’t have Canadian levels of excitement every 2 weeks, but which of this year’s races (let’s exclude Monaco since it’s unique no matter what happens) but if we had something as interesting as Turkey as the average I’d be happy with that.

  10. Neil Davies (@neil-davies) said on 26th June 2011, 18:23

    I scored it a 3, if it was a few years back it probably would have been a 7. I remember years ago actually falling asleep during races – I didn’t this time but it lacked any action at all. Just goes to show that no matter the controversies over various rule changes, the show has been improved a lot over the last few years. Valencia has been deathly dull since day one, and if even the latest regs can’t make it exciting, then I agree (especially as it is the second Spanish race) that it should be looked at again. Remember that this is the European GP – surely this isn’t the best of the currently unused tracks in the whole continent? Kill it Bernie, kill it dead.

  11. Circuit zolder said on 26th June 2011, 18:30

    It’s a real shame that they don’t use the Ciudad del Motor de Arag√≥n for the Spanish or European gp.

  12. F1Yankee (@f1yankee) said on 26th June 2011, 18:51

    that was boring as hell. the 1 and only highlight was alonso’s pass on webber – other than that, change the channel.

    speaking of channels, fox was nice enough to delay the broadcast for 4 hours, and treat us to just as much advertising as racing. if rupert seals the deal, every f1 race will be this terrible.

  13. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 26th June 2011, 18:56

    5/10 for me. I couldn’t give any lower.

    It was pretty uneventful but you have to take the rough with the smooth. I’m not going to complain considering ee had tue magnificent Canada two weeks ago. It’s naive to think every race will he a white knuckle ride but it certainly wasn’t a disaster. The only way, in my opinion, you could score lower than 5 is if someone purposefully went out of their way to create a dull show.

  14. budchekov (@budchekov) said on 26th June 2011, 18:59

    Watching gray paint drying would have been more interesting.
    Gave it a 5, I’m thinking that was generous.

  15. dyslexicbunny (@dyslexicbunny) said on 26th June 2011, 19:02


    There was nothing particularly memorable here. We quickly found that none of this year’s changes did anything to improve this circuit unlike any of the others thus far. Only 7 drivers were on the lead lap at the end of the race. While Webber and Alonso was mildly interesting, it ended up anticlimactically through DRS ease and gearbox failure so I would say the interesting battles through most of the race weren’t in the top ten. Finally, Fox delayed showing it in the States so I couldn’t really do anything on the internet lest I spoil this dumpster fire.

    Valencia – DO NOT WANT

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