Rate the race: 2011 European Grand Prix

2011 European Grand Prix

What did you think of the European Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2011 European Grand Prix out of ten

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230 comments on Rate the race: 2011 European Grand Prix

  1. Leyland94 (@) said on 26th June 2011, 19:04

    Admittedly the race was fairly boring, I think people are probably more aware of a lack of action after the events of the last race in Canada, probably the best race of the season. It would have taken a special race indeed to follow Montreal and impress people.

  2. jonners99 (@jonners99) said on 27th June 2011, 9:16

    Usual boring Valencia race. Gosh kill this track already.

  3. Alf said on 27th June 2011, 9:29

    I played it last night on F1 2010 & found it to be quite fun..I wonder what it’s like for real? Do the driver like it?

    • Lemon (@lemon) said on 27th June 2011, 10:13

      I agree it’s fun on the f1 2010 game but thats probably because its easy to be consistent on, and thats part of what makes it’s races boring. I got a top 20 time on that track and i’m not even very good at the f1 game!

  4. HarryBunns (@harrybunns) said on 27th June 2011, 9:32

    3 – The trouble is I’ve got used to thinking, “oh no, it’s Valencia next” and it didn’t disappoint, it was a boring race. I actually dozed off for a bit, but it was soon after lunch here ;-).

    The camera work, the commentary (of course) and the depiction of speed are about the only positives I can give it.

    We are invited to rate races from 1~10, some races are going to be 10 (Canada was close for me) so surely some races are going to be a 1 although I’ve never voted 1 before. 3 seems fair as there were very few redeeming qualities about this race. We shouldn’t avoid the very low scores and call them a knee-jerk, we have to take the whole spectrum of terrible to perfect into the account and this – whilst not downright terrible IMHO – it came pretty close as a viewing experience.

    Although I don’t think I voted at the time, the only race I can remember which I would give a ‘1’ would be the US GP at Indy when only six cars took part.

    Just my 2p worth :-)

  5. dim23 (@) said on 27th June 2011, 9:32

    The worst track from calendar

  6. spankythewondermonkey (@spankythewondermonkey) said on 27th June 2011, 9:36

    dull race. 4/10. the only highlight was seeing eddie jordan wearing bagpuss.

  7. AJK (@ajk) said on 27th June 2011, 9:52

    Awful race, couldn’t finish quickly enough. Races like that go a long way to undoing any good will F1 has picked up in the whole season!

  8. HounslowBusGarage (@hounslowbusgarage) said on 27th June 2011, 10:14

    I didn’t watch the race as I was out in the sun all day yesterday. I came back last night and thought I might watch it on the iPlayer. But then I read that Finger Boy had lead from start to finish and the enthusiasm just drained away. This morning I’ve come on here to gauge the overall reaction . . . and it’s so poor, I don’t think I’ll bother wasting my life watching what appears to be a dismal race at a dismal circuit.

  9. TdM (@tdm) said on 27th June 2011, 10:30

    Recorded it as I was forced to miss it live and watched it at about midnight, it was SOOOOOO boring for the first time this year I wasn’t sucked in.

    I even started browsing the internet near the end. There wasn’t much hope after the first stops of much happening. Further down the field with Koby and co. there were some interesting battles but the Sauber was painfully slow on the straight. When there were about what 4 or 5 cars in a row and Koby was second in that chain I thought – right, onto the straight DRS open he’ll get a run on the guy in front. The got to the straight DRS opened and he went backwards!

    2/10 for me, lost interest in the race really. Best bits were midfield battle, Alonso taking Webber and Button’s comment at the end:

    “WOW it wasn’t the most exciting race was it?”

  10. John said on 27th June 2011, 10:39

    I slept… :(

  11. JustJJ (@justjj) said on 27th June 2011, 10:52

    Quite a dull and boring race, although I have to commend the ‘slower teams’ as they had some good and tight racing. Pity about the rest though!

  12. VXR said on 27th June 2011, 10:53

    I’m thinking of starting a petition to have the swing bridge opened at certain times during the GP. Either that or sprinklers. Any thoughts?

  13. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 27th June 2011, 11:02

    Best race in Valencia track, but the worst of the season so far.They need to drop this sooner rather then later.

  14. Adrian J (@adrian-j) said on 27th June 2011, 11:23


    Even with the new tyres, KERS and DRS this track was still dull. I ended up doing something else and just listening to the coverage in the background in case anything happened.

  15. AdrianMorse said on 27th June 2011, 11:59

    I’m surprised so many are that negative about the race. There was a battle for second, a strategic battle for fourth, and some battles in the midfield. This was only a boring race by 2011’s chaotic standards.

    Of course, I do sympathise that this is the ‘Race that the Championship Ended’. Also, if you’re not a Vettel fan (and I’m guessing there are plenty of those around on this site), then it was disappointing to see him resume his dominance, when in the run-up many expected Fernando and Lewis to really challenge him.

    • Trust me ,if Jenson won again it would still be the most boring race track in the world,even the drivers hate the place.

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