Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Valencia, 2011

Rosberg hits out at media “misrepresentation”

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In the round-up: Another F1 driver complains about the media coverage he received in Valencia.


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Nico Rosberg: “There was a serious misinterpretation of statements.”

“I would like to set the record straight: I am a fan of the German women?s football team and will be cheering them on during the World Cup. Equally, I also follow some of the events in the Paralympics.”

UK must value F1 industry – Parr (BBC)

“Parr believes that the prized asset of the UK business cluster in central England dubbed ‘Motorsport Valley’ is something that could be targeted by countries like China in the long-term.”

Audi impacted 2013 engine decision – Newey (ESPN)

“Adrian Newey has revealed that Audi was the driving force behind the aborted plans for Formula One to switch to four-cylinder engines in 2013.”

Red Bull eyeing new Renault engine deal (Autosport)

Red Bull Racing has set its sights on extending its engine partnership deal with Renault – having revealed it was already close to a new contract before last week’s rules switch to 1.6-litre V6 turbos for Formula 1 in 2014.”

McLaren: European GP wing movement (Scarbs F1)

“However this movement is caused, it is likely to spark questions on flexible aerodynamics, although its clear the McLaren was passed as legal by the FIA scrutineers checks.”

Hamilton and Button get arty for British Grand Prix exhibition (Daily Mail)

“The images chosen by the British pair include Nigel Mansell famously giving Ayrton Senna a lift back to the pits in 1992 after the Brazilian retired on the final lap, two-time world champion Graham Hill arriving at the track on a monkey bike, and Hamilton winning his maiden British Grand Prix in 2008.”

Q&A Adrian Sutil at Europe (Force India)

“I think the DRS zone didn?t work very well. The first activation point was far too late, and the second was not necessary, because there?s a third gear corner where you can?t be close at all, and we lose so much in the exit that you are never close enough to pass. I would need the whole first straight with DRS, but the activation was working 400m after the exit of the previous corner.”

Exclusive interview – Sauber CEO Monisha Kaltenborn (F1)

“I wouldn?t go so far as saying that I have some kind of ??mother role? [with the drivers] because I don?t consider myself that old and they are not so young any more that it would fit in that equation. Our talks are never very confrontational, but they are very clear. It is a kind of, you say it once and it has to be done – there are no excuses. I?m probably more strict in some ways – but also more approachable!”

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Comment of the day

A conversation on Twitter about oval racing sparked fresh debate on an earlier article, Why F1 should race on ovals. Here’s what Alan had to say:

I?d love to see an F1 race on an oval, even if they decided to do a non-championship event (remember those?) as a tester one year to see how it goes I?m sure they could fit it in where Valencia is right now given it would come straight after Canada.

Watching the video, though, it seems there is one point where F1 would really need to tread carefully. Those IndyCars are capable of slip-streaming each other quite efficiently, a feature F1 cars have obviously been lacking in recent years and I?m quite sure an oval is one track where DRS would not act as an aid given that you?d be in the wall faster than you could blink if you opened it I reckon.

From the forum

Gnarly Racing asks How would you improve the Valencia circuit?

Goodwood Festival of Speed competition

The competition to win tickets for Friday at the Goodwood Festival of Speed closes today so get your entry in here now:

Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

Around this time of year we used to have the French Grand Prix. Sadly, the country that gave the world Grand Prix racing has not been on the calendar since 2008.

We’ll remember past French Grands Prix throughout the week in On This Day in F1.

First up the race which took place on this day in 1997, comfortably won by Michael Schumacher:

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