Ferrari, Valencia, 2011

Pirelli won’t use hard tyres in Germany and Hungary

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Ferrari, Valencia, 2011
Ferrari, Valencia, 2011

Pirelli will not bring their hard tyres to either the German or Hungarian Grands Prix.

However they will stick to their original plan of using hard and soft tyres for the British Grand Prix.

Ferrari struggled with the hard tyres at Barceona and Felipe Massa expressed concern that Pirelli might bring the medium and hard tyres to Silverstone.

Pirelli will bring the soft and medium tyres for the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring, where F1 last raced in 2009.

At the Hungarian Grand Prix teams will have the softest tyre compounds available: Pirelli’s soft and super-soft tyres.

This will mean the soft tyre has been used at the first 11 races of the year.

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said: “For Silverstone, we are confirming the decision we took a few weeks ago, after once more consulting all the teams, and for the next two races we have arrived at what we feel to be the best solution based on the information that we have so far.

“As has been the case up to now this year, we think that there will be quite a wide variety of different strategies for the next three Grands Prix, but for all the races it?s reasonably hard to predict how many pit stops there will be: it ultimately depends on the strategy and strengths of each individual car and team.”

2011 F1 tyre allocations so far

Race Prime Option
Australian Grand Prix Hard Soft
Malaysian Grand Prix Hard Soft
Chinese Grand Prix Hard Soft
Turkish Grand Prix Hard Soft
Spanish Grand Prix Hard Soft
Monaco Grand Prix Soft Super soft
Canadian Grand Prix Soft Super soft
European Grand Prix Medium Soft
British Grand Prix Hard Soft
German Grand Prix Medium Soft
Hungarian Grand Prix Soft Super-soft

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