One comment on “Lotus-Cosowth 88, Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2011”

  1. David Hope
    2nd July 2011, 4:37

    Thank you for the article and pictures of the Lotus 88.

    It is a shame that the FIA and the rival teams treated Colin Chapman the way they did. They were so afraid that once again he would revolutionize F1 car design and they would have to play catch-up. I don’t believe Frank Williams’ “official” statement about being concerned with costs, as Williams and Brabham and Ferrari and McLaren were alwys prepared to spend whatever it took to win; look at the way they spend today!

    They were just flat afraid and jealous of Chaoman and his genious!

    I would love to see how the Lotus 88 would have developed had it been allowed to race. I know they were 3 seconds off at the one practice in Britain; but I read somewhere that they ran a separate test elsewhere, that they turned times that were basically “off the chart” they were so good! No wonder his rivals were scared.

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