Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Valencia, 2011

Montezemolo says Ferrari won’t give up yet

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Valencia, 2011
Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Valencia, 2011

Luca di Montezemolo says Ferrari will not concede defeat in the 2011 championship yet, despite falling behind Red Bull.

The Ferrari president said: “In the past few days, I have gone over the situation with Stefano Domenicali and his engineers.

“We are working flat out and one can see improvements compared to the early races and this is partly down to adopting a different approach to the development of the car.

“We know the situation in both championships is very difficult, but I don?t want to hear any talk of giving in: we must try to progress continuously and to fight for the win at every race, which is a must for Ferrari.

“Obviously, we have also started talking about the 2012 car, which is normal for this time of year. I have faith in what Domenicali and his team are doing and I am convinced we will see the results of their work

Ferrari are third in the constructors’ championship, 166 points behind leaders Red Bull.

Fernando Alonso is fifth in the drivers’ championship with 99 points separating him and Sebastian Vettel.

Montezemolo praised the quality of racing this year and Pirelli’s contribution to the sport: “I think that it?s been a positive start to the season for Formula 1.

“I have to say the races are all unpredictable and full of overtaking and interesting for the public, both in the grandstands and in front of the television, right to the end. That was one of the objectives this sport had set itself and I believe it has been reached.

“I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Pirelli on its return to Formula 1. In fact, I?m not surprised: we have a great relationship with them and we have known them for a long time, given that historically they have been one of our suppliers for our extreme high performance road cars.”

He added his support for the 2014 engine regulations, saying: “It shows we are working together without pointless counter-proposals or diktat, if it leads to the best outcome for the good of this sport.”

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