British GP weekend begins at new-look Silverstone

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Silverstone, 2011

Silverstone, 2011

Teams acquainted themselves with Silverstone’s brand new and rather unusual pit and paddock ahead of the race weekend.

Among its distinctive features are a sloped pit wall with a triangular grass verge separating the pit lane from the wall.

Drivers were kept busy with the usual mix of sponsor functions and press conferences. McLaren and Ferrari headed to London for press events but Felipe Massa will have been grateful his was indoors as it poured with rain (see below for video of the event).

Back at the track Paul di Resta showed his cousin and fellow racing driver Marino Franchitti his Force India F1 car and Red Bull welcomed cricketer Andrew Flintoff to the paddock.

Here are pictures from the build-up to the British Grand Prix.

F1 pictures

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Renault/LAT, McLaren, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Pirelli

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15 comments on British GP weekend begins at new-look Silverstone

  1. Trix (@) said on 7th July 2011, 21:17

    In the “Jenson Button, Paul di Resta, Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2011″ picture, Paul looks as though he is about to transform into a werewolf. Or a serial killer, I’m not sure…

    The “kitchen towel” display behind Massa is :-D inducing too!

    • Cacarella said on 7th July 2011, 21:28

      Agreed, Paul is looking a bit teen-wolfish in that picture.

      Not sure about the Kitchen towels though, Leather usually isn’t conducive with absorption of spills. ;)

    • Spinmastermic said on 8th July 2011, 1:49

      Looks like he’s grabbing their *****. Lewis’s face is priceless

  2. BasCB (@bascb) said on 7th July 2011, 21:30

    I like that vintage Ferrari most, thanks for showing that Felipe!

    Keith, what do you make of the comments by the media on the current Silverstone media centre not having windows towards the track?

  3. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 7th July 2011, 21:32

    It really does look stunning. Can’t believe the difference a year makes. Those around Club are in for a real treat.

    • Fixy (@fixy) said on 7th July 2011, 22:06

      Very modern. I don’t know where it is better to have the starting grid but aestethically I like it a lot.

    • Pinball said on 8th July 2011, 3:56

      Does anyone know what the purpose of the massive grass verge in the pit lane? It looks a bit silly to me. It almost looks as if the person setting out the building put it in the wrong spot, resulting in an unusually wide pit lane, which was then corrected with the grass verge.

      A narrower grass verge, maybe 3 metres wide might look okay, but this one much be at least 7 or 8 metres wide.

      If it has a purpose I sure would like to know.

      Looking at the pictures, it looks as if all it does is it makes it harder for regular fans sitting in stands on the far side of the pit straight to see any action in the pits.

      • Pinball said on 9th July 2011, 0:48

        Further to my comment above looking at the master plan it appears that the pit building isn’t parallel to the the circuit, and than the proposed hotel / grandstand across from the pits is also not parallel to the circuit, rather parallel to the to the pit building. Does anyone know the purpose? Is it to try and improve visibility?

  4. Icemangrins said on 7th July 2011, 22:40

    Amazing to see the British Flag stripes on the London cabs. Wish we could see such colors on the McLaren… the way, I’m Indian living in Canada *grin*

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