Nick Heidfeld, Renault, Silverstone, 2011

Fresh diffuser rules row

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In the round-up: exhausts row, Hamilton sees the stewards and Lightning McQueen is booted from the paddock.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Tempers blow hot in F1’s latest engine dispute (BBC)

Renault’s rivals object because the French engine company has now been allowed to have a 50% throttle opening when the driver is entering the corner.”

Saturday verdict over diffuser issue (Autosport)

“Whiting will decide overnight if further action needs to be taken, and the teams will be informed before the start of final free practice about the FIA’s view on the matter.”

British GP – Conference 2 (FIA)

Martin Whitmarsh: “As I understand Renault’s throttles are 50 per cent open under braking and I think that is probably not what most of us expected coming into this event. That’s been a little bit of a revelation that we gathered during the course of the sessions today and we are trying to understand what we have to do.”

10% rule: Full analysis (ScarbsF1)

“The unreported events at Silverstone this afternoon are fairer than the picture being painted by the teams and the media. Its true that Renault were given their greater throttle opening, but also Mercedes were given their fired-overrun, but these dispensations have been given to every engine manufacturer, so Ferrari could have more throttle opening or Cosworth could develop a fired overrun. As I understand you can one but not both of these options, so no 50%-open with a fired-overrun.”

Critical stage of the race for future of F1 (FT, registration required)

Bernie Ecclestone: “I used to control more than I do at the moment because we?ve let things go a little, but to other people we?ve become too democratic. I still think that if I wasn?t around you?d need someone who was going to run things a little bit like I run things.”

Silverstone’s bright new future puts punters in the dark (Daily Telegraph)

“Silverstone yesterday laid the blame for this on Bernie Ecclestone?s Formula One Management, which reversed the intended configuration of the pit garages, which would have seen the slowest teams behind the wall, to please corporate guests.”

Byron Young on Twitter

“Very amused that Lightning McQueen got kicked out of paddock by Bernie but won through and is back again. So Hollywood.”

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“An encouraging day ?ǣ despite the wet” (McLaren)

Lewis Hamilton: “The reason I went to the stewards was to discuss the correct usage of DRS in wet conditions: the rules don?t clearly state whether you can use DRS on slicks in wet conditions, which is what we did this morning. The stewards just wanted to understand so that they could tighten the wording of the regulations for the next race. I also suggested a couple of tweaks to make the regulations clearer and safer, so it was quite a useful visit.”

Is Lewis the man? No, he is petulant, surly in defeat and deluded by a sense of entitlement (Daily Mail)

“He is still a man-child: prone to petulance, surly in defeat and deluded by his own well-developed sense of entitlement.”

Fast on the track and faster off it: Is Lewis Hamilton losing his grip? (The Guardian)

“Lewis Hamilton appears to be demonstrating, week by week, that the decision to cut himself free from his father’s guiding influence is having a questionable effect on his career.”

Rubens Barrichello on Twitter

“Watching a 1980 F1 at Brands Hatch on ESPN Classic… fantastic.”

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Scot who outshone Vettel ready for the race of his life (The Independent)

“I’ve only raced here once, because I went racing in Europe very young, so I suppose my biggest memory here was driving an F1 car on the national track as part of the British Racing Drivers’ Club/Autosport Young Driver Award some years back. The track layout has changed a lot since then.”

No minister: why governments steer clear of investment in F1 (The Times, subscription required)

“‘We stopped going to Westminster cap-in-hand,’ said Stuart Rolt, the chairman of the British Racing Drivers? Club, which has backed the development of Silverstone with ??40 million of its own investment. ‘There was a time when we tried very hard, but we decided we would have to look after ourselves.'”

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Comment of the day

The F1 2011 preview prompted fresh debate on realism in F1 games. Torg said:

I hate the way people try and brand stuff ??arcade? just because it doesn’t meet exactly the same level of realism as, say, iRacing.

So F1 2010 might be missing out on a few features to make it feel as authentic but this doesn’t mean it falls into the ‘arcade’ category. With all assists off and simulations on the game does a brilliant job of creating a realistic feel and is by no means a walk in the park to master.

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