Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell, Zolder, 1973

Alonso matches Jackie Stewart’s 27 F1 victories

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Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell, Zolder, 1973
Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell, Zolder, 1973

Fernando Alonso matched Jackie Stewart’s tally of 27 F1 race wins in the British Grand Prix.

Stewart’s 27 victories stood as the high watermark of achievement in F1 for 14 years until it was beaten by Alain Prost in 1987.

Alonso and Stewart share the fifth-highest tally of race wins. He needs four more to match Nigel Mansell – and 64 to reach the all-time record held by Michael Schumacher.

Alonso also set the fastest lap, giving him a career tally of 19, putting him level with Ayrton Senna, Stirling Moss and Damon Hill.

Mark Webber started from pole position for the eighth time in his career, giving him as many as John Surtees and Riccardo Patrese. It was the tenth consecutive pole position for Red Bull.

For the first time this year Vettel failed to add to his tally of wins or pole positions. But he did extend his run of consecutive front row starts to 14.

Jenson Button failed to score having been in the points for the last ten consecutive races.

It was his 200th appearance at an F1 race weekend. However, Button has only started 198 races. He missed the 2003 Monaco Grand Prix after crashing in practice, and did not start at Indianapolis in 2005 due to the mass withdrawal of Michelin runners.

Button’s retirement means only the two Red Bull drivers have completed every lap of all nine races so far this year. Both McLarens have completed eight, the Ferrari pair seven, and the Mercedes duo five.

Daniel Ricciardo’s F1 debut meant Australia had two drivers in an F1 race for the first time in 34 years.

The last race to feature two Australians was the 1977 Austrian Grand Prix, where Alan Jones (Shadow) and Vern Schuppan (Surtees) started.

Sergio Perez achieved the best result of his career with seventh place.

Jaime Alguersuari has scored points in three consecutive races, a personal best.

Silverstone became one of few F1 tracks to change the location of its start/finish line. It’s in good company: the only three other tracks on the current calendar to have done so are Monte-Carlo, Spa-Francorchamps and the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Other F1 tracks that did likewise include Watkins Glen, Long Beach and Kyalami. Indianapolis used the same start line when it returned to the calendar in 2000, but reversed the direction of travel.

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  1. Its a race between Nick Heidfeld and Nico Rosberg for most championship points scored without a win. Heidfeld currently with the upper (or lower??) hand with 259 points to Rosbergs 257.5.

    That said, the new points system has been detrimental to the records.

  2. I’m also making the prediction that Vettel will be 3rd of the all time most pole positions by end of next season.

  3. Alonso and Stewart share the fifth-highest tally of race wins. He needs four more to match Nigel Mansell – and 64 to reach the all-time record held by Michael Schumacher.

    I thought Schumi had 91 race wins?

    1. 27+64=91

    2. 27 + 64 = 91

      1. Einstein! I hate it when you do that Keith. :P

        1. I feel like Carol Vordermann.

  4. Wow, look at the the ride height of Stewart’s Tyrell. Looks like a tractor trailer. He could drive over a small dog and not harm it. :P

  5. didnt button also miss races in 2005 when they’re car was illegal it had a two race ban i think? I seem to remember him commentating at monaco.

    1. He did, but since he didn’t enter them in the first place they don’t count towards his 200 entries.

  6. Too bad most of his wins were GIFTS from McLaren’s engine blowing in 2005 and 2006 and then last year with Vettel’s engine/car. Then lets not forget singapore 2008.

    Quite an overrated driver who should not have won titles in 2005 or 2006.

    1. I am absolutely no Alonso fan – dispice him as a person and whinning baby when things do no go his way – however I unfortunately must strongly disagree with your statement.

      Alonso is one of the current 3 top drivers next to Hamilton and Vettel.

      Back to subject being stats:
      * Vettel is 8th and Webber 10th on all time point scoring list
      * Heidfeld is still the most succesfull driver without a win in terms of points (259) and podiums (13).
      * Adding Alonso’s, Vettel’s, Hamilton’s, Massa’s, Barrichello’s and Button’s wins together MSC still has 1 more race win with 91.
      * Adding Alonso’s, Vettel’s, Hamilton’s, Massa’s, Barrichello’s and Button’s FLAP’s
      together MSC still has 1 more FLAP with 76.
      * Alonso is ranked 5th in # of wins but only 13th in % of wins with 16.1%. Both Hamilton (18.8%) and Vettel (22.5%) have a higher % of wins with MSC at 32.7% still leading of active drivers => Fangio overall leader having won 45% of all races he started.
      * Alonso now has 67 podiums, 1 less than Barichello and a massive 87 less than MSC.

    2. Well this is just mjy two cents but I always thought he deserved his titles. To finish first you have to finish and Alonso was really good in 2005 (bar the Canada mistake). In 2006 he was absolutely flawless. I’m a bit of a Ferrari nutter so I was in the rival camp at the time but Alonso completely deserved that title in my mind. It’s the best championship campaign I’ve seen. Oh, and that first lap of Hungary was better than Senna’s opening lap at Donnington :P

  7. The first time an Australian has qualified first and last?

    1. An Australia sandwich!

  8. Impressive stuff from Alguersuari and Red Bull considering last seasons early unreliability.

  9. Little fact for you from me – this was the third F1 race I’ve been to, and the third time I’ve seen a Ferrari win and a wet Friday practice.

    They better not all be like this, it’ll get repetitive haha! I went to Spa 2009, Germany 2010 and Silverstone 2011. Next race I attend be sure to put a bet on a Ferrari win ;)

    1. That is really quite a weird coincidence, seeing as the Ferrari was nowhere on pace for most of ’09, hadn’t won for 10 races last year before Germany last year and hasn’t exactly set the world on fire this year as well :)

    2. you should warn us next time you plan on going to a race ten Katy!

  10. Well…really it should be 26 wins, but I guess that goes without saying.

    I know its been beaten to death, but I still can’t believe that he and Renault weren’t (or couldn’t have been, as it was stated at the time) stripped of that controversial sinagpore 08 win.

    1. I’m actually glad they weren’t. Alonso still had to nail those laps and every car on the grid had their race influenced by what happened. It was better to just punish those involved (I personally thought it was far too lenient though) in my opinion.

      1. I couldnt disagree more. He won because the team (or at least a few amongst them) cheated, and it came off EXACTLY as they’d planned it. That is not a rightful win, no matter what the records say, and if I were Fernando I would be hugely embarrased to have that win attributed to me.

        In fact, your argument is the same as saying that a world champion weight lifter who gets caught taking steroids should get to keep his title, because he still had to show up and lift weights.

        1. On that same tone, I believe MS should not have been allowed to keep his wins in 97…after whacking JV in Jerez and taking himself out of contention, and after Max had warned all drivers that there would be a 3 race ban at the start of the 98 season for any funny business, any interfering with the two drivers in contention for the WDC, MS was given the slap on the wrist of a penalty, that being stripped of his second place standing in the Championship…question…stripped of second place means no points…how can one get to keep wins with no points?

          There was also the disaster of a year in 94 with that Benetton continually caught in controversy to the point of amazement of many that they weren’t just banned for the season…the illegal fuel refillers, their refusal to hand over computer access codes, the resultant suspiscion of them having illegal traction control, their worn skidplates, and then the whack on DH in the final race. There’s no way the wins MS got to keep for 94, and the WDC, were above board.

          1. I would agree with that too. I’d like to think that if the FIA were more willing to strip drivers of illegitimate wins, then teams/drivers would be less inclined to cheat. Although I’m probably being hopelessly optimistic there.

  11. Christopher Vissing
    13th July 2011, 22:15

    Don’t know if anyone mentioned it.. But Pastor is yet to finish a FULL race distance ! Poor guy :(

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