Codemasters show off F1 2011 gameplay

F1 video

Here is footage of Codemasters’ forthcoming F1 2011 which was shown at last week’s preview event.

F1 2011 will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on September 23rd:

Read the full F1 Fanatic preview of the new official F1 game here:

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101 comments on Codemasters show off F1 2011 gameplay

  1. Raymond said on 13th July 2011, 9:28

    I’m in Singapore but I’d love to preorder one of these for the PC – does anyone know any online stores where I can do that? I don’t mind downloaded purchases either – I purhcased mine last time from Metaboli and they gave me a downloaded purchase

  2. Harry Palmer said on 13th July 2011, 11:07

    Raymond, I believe you can download it through the Steam website…

  3. galzo33 (@galzo33) said on 13th July 2011, 16:48

    looking forward to the came but i hope that the AI drivers use the DRS as well otherwise it could get very boring

  4. ajv205 said on 15th July 2011, 15:31

    My main concerns are:

    STEERING RESPONSE with gamepad. It MUST follow your exact inputs and not lag behind terribly. This is a driving game right? When driving steering is kind of important.

    Differential settings. That’s something all F1 drivers talk about when discussing the car setup in interviews, and rightfully so. Without it, you cant adjust how the car reacts to throttle-on or off inputs.

    Better camera angles. None of that on-board facing backwards nonsense. I want to see what I do from the outside, like a TV camera at the race. Instead of coming up with odd and quirky camera angles, put in decent replay system that isnt only the last 3 seconds you did. and have the option to save a replay as a quicktime or 720p mpeg on PS3.

  5. sozavele (@formula-1) said on 16th July 2011, 22:04

    I wish people would stop being negative and picking faults, look for the goods points for once. I loved F1 2010 and this looks twice as good, and it’s only still in progess, it’s not finished, it won’t be perfect yet. And I bet none of you could make anything like this work in progress, you wouldn’t like it if people were constantly writing that your game is rubbish would you!!!

    • ajv205 said on 16th July 2011, 23:20

      I love F1 2010, its all my PS3 is used for. F1 2010 is the best game for PS3 because its the ONLY F1 game for PS3. All we are doing is giving constructive criticism to point out its shortcomings and think of ways it can be improved so that we can have a more fulfilling experience.

      • Formula 1 said on 17th July 2011, 9:15

        Yes, but your there seems to be a lot of your ‘constructive criticism’ that seems to be attacking the whole game, I understand there may be features that are not perfect yet, but it is a work in progress, it does not come out for another 3 months, the game on the whole is going to be a lot better than what it is like know in this taster video.

        • Formula 1 said on 17th July 2011, 9:19

          And by the way, what is the pointless opening sentence about, I love F1 2010, its all my PS3 is used for. F1 2010 is the best game for PS3 because its the ONLY F1 game for PS3. Instead it should not be two sentences but 1 separated by commas, it should be ‘its all my PS£ is used for, for F1 2010′. I hope the phrase is in no response to what I wrote in my first post as the way it has been written makes it sound very abrupt and aggressive.

  6. Britalia said on 17th July 2011, 16:02

    What really irritated me in the pitstops on F1 2010 was if you were less than four seconds ahead of a guy in the pitlane and they were in a team that was behind you, your team held you in as they overtook you. That makes me sick!

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