Hamilton: Upgrades key to improved performance

2011 German Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Nurburgring, 2011

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Nurburgring, 2011

Lewis Hamilton paid tribute to his team for car upgrades which allowed him to qualify within a tenth of a second of pole position at the Nurburgring.

Speaking after qualifying he said: “Huge congratulations to my team, fantastic effort.

“We’ve had some new upgrades this weekend. Throughout the weekend, throughout the week we’ve had a constant push to bring updates and to improve some of our engine modes which have obviously helped massively.

“I definitely underestimated how the car would be when we went to low fuel but it felt fantastic and the lap was just beautifully flowing.

“It was the most comforting lap I’ve ever had, it felt just incredible.

“We’re not far from [Red Bull] so it’s a good lap for us.”

2011 German Grand Prix

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56 comments on Hamilton: Upgrades key to improved performance

  1. Bleeps_and_Tweaks (@bleeps_and_tweaks) said on 23rd July 2011, 20:06

    I’ve just watched the full session on iPlayer, and the onboard from Lewis’s lap was just incredible. To be able to find 4 tenths in the final run, and come 0.055s behind a lap that Webber said was his absolute limit in the RB7 is incredible, unbelievable even.

    Mclaren have gained enormously by going back to Valencia spec, and a new engine map by the sounds of things. But I do think from what Hamilton has said in interviews and comparing his pace to that of Button, Alonso and the Red Bull’s, that he pushed the MP4-26 up to or even beyond the limits of what was previously thought it was capable of.

    I’m not going to laden his performance by comparing it to other Quali performances in the past, it was simply an exceptional lap. Hopefully, despite only P2, it will be remembered for a while.

    • tuee said on 23rd July 2011, 20:24

      no it won’t be remembered tomorrow,when everyone here finds out that he had a dry setup while the other car (red bull and ferrari) had one in the middle. and button one for rain.

      • Franz said on 23rd July 2011, 22:33

        You’ve made this same reply four or five times, on various topics… quite matter-of-factly too, I might add. Care to tell us where your inside info on who’s got what setup comes from? Or are you guessing & trying to pass said guesses as fact?

        • tuee said on 23rd July 2011, 22:51

          you’ll see tomorrow. I don’t have to provided you anything. who you think you are?

          • Jorge H said on 23rd July 2011, 23:26

            No, you don’t have to provide nothing… but one expects another to justify his statements, in this kind of discussion.

            I believe this discussion would be far interesting if you give some hint about your opinions/statements.

            Tomorrow we will see who is right and who is wrong.

          • Franz said on 23rd July 2011, 23:43

            Thank you Jorge. All I did was ask a simple question… & a very valid one I think. He’s been on here all day talking about who’s got what setup when:

            A: Alonso says he rates his chances in the dry @ 25%… a bit less if it rains because the Ferrari isn’t the strongest in the wet.
            B: Massa says they have dialed in the max aero possible from their package so it could be a help in the wet.
            C: Button has complained about oversteer initially, then taking front wing off & suffering understeer as a result, plus low rear grip: he made no mention of wet or dry setups, & taking wing off doesn’t suggest a wet setup.
            D: Vettel says he fancies his chances more in the dry than the wet according to his current setup.
            E: Mark & Lewis are comfortable with their setups, & neither has hinted about any advantages (or lack thereof) or raised any particular concerns about their individual setups.

            I had to wonder whether he’s privy to some inside info the rest of us regular folks don’t have access to, or if he’s just guessing, trying to convince everyone that LH’s lap times are due to him having a different setup than all the other front runners. As I said in my previous post, I believe I now have my answer.

  2. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 24th July 2011, 1:48

    I am not betting against Lewis winning the race tomorrow.Mclaren have good race pace so I think he may be the surprise of the week.

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