Timo Glock, Virgin, Nurburgring, 2011

Glock signs long-term contract with Virgin

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Timo Glock, Virgin, Nurburgring, 2011
Timo Glock, Virgin, Nurburgring, 2011

Timo Glock will continue to drive for Virgin beyond the end of this season, the team has confirmed.

The extended deal was announced on the morning of Glock’s home race.

Glock joined the team when they entered Formula 1 last year and has endured two uncompetitive seasons with the team.

Glock said: “As a driver I knew I would have to go back a few steps in order to move forward.

“Now we have tasted the difficult times together I can?t wait to be with the team when we start to enjoy the good times. And I know they are coming.

“I?ve seen tremendous belief from Marussia and hard work and commitment across the whole team. With the additional steps we have taken ?ǣ the technical partnership with McLaren and bringing the whole team together ?ǣ I believe we can achieve our goals together.

“This year we?ve demonstrated that we know how to build a reliable car, and with the resources we now have we should be able to add to that a high-performing car. After that it?s all about gradual but significant steps forward.”

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