Sky and BBC to share UK F1 coverage from 2012

2012 F1 season

Start, Silverstone, 2011

Start, Silverstone, 2011

The BBC will no longer show every round of the F1 season live, starting next year.

Under a new deal announced today the BBC will share coverage with Sky from 2012 to 2018.

Sky will show every race live. The BBC will only screen around half the season’s races including the British and Monaco Grands Prix, plus the season finale.

Sky will show all the practice and qualifying sessions live as well, while the BBC will only show practice and qualifying sessions for certain races.

BBC Sport director Barbara Slater said: “We are absolutely delighted that F1 will remain on the BBC.

“The sport has never been more popular with TV audiences at a ten-year high and the BBC has always stated its commitment to the big national sporting moments.

“With this new deal not only have we delivered significant savings but we have also ensured that through our live and extended highlights coverage all the action continues to be available to licence-fee payers.”

Barney Francis, the managing director of Sky Sports, said: “This is fantastic news for F1 fans and Sky Sports will be the only place to follow every race live and in HD.

“We will give F1 the full Sky Sports treatment with a commitment to each race never seen before on UK television.”

Sky passed a target of achieving ten million customers in the UK last November, however many of these will not have the Sky Sports package.

Are you happy with the new arrangement? Will this change how you watch F1 next year? Have your say in the comments.

F1 on television

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443 comments on Sky and BBC to share UK F1 coverage from 2012

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  1. Phil said on 29th July 2011, 13:39

    I did`nt get Sky when they got most of the football, I just lost almost all interest in it, and the same will happen this time, I might watch some of whats on the BBC, but I definitely will not be paying for Sky Sports, Rupert can go whistle.

    • LE Greys said on 29th July 2011, 13:56

      Seconded! Sky got the Test cricket, but I didn’t get Sky and never will. I have Test Match Special on at the moment. Radio coverage of motor racing can never equal television, but we will still have highlights at least.

  2. mattringwood said on 29th July 2011, 13:52

    So angry about this! Have just been out and stopped my vodaphone subscription. Not going to pay any money to any firm that sponsors F1 til this is changed. Sky has spoilt football, then cricket and now F1, its time to do something and stop this! I have, are you going to as well?

  3. jamie said on 29th July 2011, 13:52

    Please support the Petition for BBC F1

    License Fee Payers want F1 and should have been asked before such changes were made.

    Please have your voice by signing

    *Please* Sign It, Tweet It, Pass it on

  4. maurice griggs said on 29th July 2011, 13:54

    My wife will be devastated , as she is a complete petrol head when it comes to F1—- she follows every practice / qualy / race & red-button , and I’m DREADING her finding out about this .
    It’s a sad, sad day , to learn that the loyalty of tens of thousands of fans mean diddlysquat.
    I guess when your personal wealth is counted in £ billions , you REALLY need the extra income .
    Makes me sick !!!!!
    R.I.P F.1

  5. PJA said on 29th July 2011, 13:56

    Well I can’t afford Sky so that’s a quite a few weekends freed up from next year.

    I logged on during my lunch break to read about this, I am really in a bad mood now.

    This is terrible news for the popularity of F1 in the UK, some current fans will gradually loose interest and it will be harder to gain new fans in the future.

    I think this may well be just the start and we may end up with only the British GP live on free to air. I suppose it will be a way to wean myself off my F1 addiction and save myself money from all the F1 memorabilia I buy.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with many of the views expressed. I too have avidly followed F1 for the last 45 years. I detested the ITV coverage, putting adverts in the middle of live sport was always a terrible idea, but stuck with it. I had a party when the BBC took back coverage. I stopped watching football when sky took over the rights and will do the same with f1 as painful as it may be. My wife will be one of the few that is elated. I do not have, do not want and certainly will not pay for yet more tlevision supported by adcertising. It hurts enough that I pay a premium on things I buy because they choose to advertise on my time in my front room. Goodbye F1 please call when you become, as per your concorde agreement, free to air once more.

  7. Ren said on 29th July 2011, 14:04

    A fan syndicate:
    A thought – of the 10 Million people, let’s say 1 Million now pay for the Sky coverage. Instead, they should buy a team and be a share holder. Will £250 Million p/a cover it?

  8. DeltaPDeltaX said on 29th July 2011, 14:09

    Maybe the BBC could make its own unofficial championship, something like the “BBC Driver of the year championship” and the “BBC constructor of the year championship” and give a trophy to the winner based on only races the BBC show. If the majority of fans watch only the free races, these championships could be increasingly popular with drivers and supporters. This would decrease the popularity of the non BBC races and may force FOM’s hand to reconsider.

  9. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 29th July 2011, 14:20

    Not really an issue for me, I have Sky Sports. But i’m gutted for so so many people. Shocking news, almost spat my cereal out this morning.

    It’s going to be interesting to see FOTA’s view on this.

    Does the BBC still show Points of View?

  10. Max69 said on 29th July 2011, 14:32

    Really furious about this. I think all the other posts sum up my own feelings without adding much more. I have a Sky subscription, but they won’t be getting a penny more out of me for Sky Sports – in fact, I’m considering cutting my subscription in protest. I’ll live with not watching all the races live. Better that than paying an extra £20 a month. Sky monopolise our TV, particularly where sport is concerned. At least they don’t have BTCC, WTCC, V8 Supercars or WRC… yet. Or cycling for that matter. I don’t blame Sky for what’s happening here, that’s just business, but that doesn’t make me hate the money grabbing ******** any less. Thing is, where’s the competition? It’s basically Sky or nothing in most cases, and that’s just not right. I don’t even have the option of getting rid of Sky for some other provider (Virgin) as that’s just not available where I live.

    Will any of our comments make a difference when they (Sky) have just announced profits of more than £1bn. I hope so, but doubt they will.

    I’ve followed F1 religiously for many, many years, but this is a sad day for the sport.

    “Sky. Believe in better” – yes, I do, and this isn’t it!

  11. daykind said on 29th July 2011, 14:44

    I can’t describe my anger right now. So frustrating.

  12. Jimbo said on 29th July 2011, 14:50

    Very disappointing news. I most certainly won’t be giving a penny to Murdoch. Cheers Bernie, triples all round!

  13. Fixy (@fixy) said on 29th July 2011, 14:51

    I’m sorry for all UK users. How can only half races be shown? Fans want all the races. This will increase illegal streaming online and only few people will pay the Sky fee to see the races. Showing only half of them free will drop the audiences also during those events because people will not have followed the development of the season and will not be interested in a one-off race. Casual fans will not understand anything, hardcore fans will have to find a different way to watch it.

  14. Richard Greenland said on 29th July 2011, 14:59

    Devastated! A few years ago I had just started to get my son interested in cricket when that went skyward. He’s loving the F1 right now and this news couldn’t have come at a worse time. Barbara Slater needs to un-delight herself and feel the shame that this news deserves.

  15. del boy said on 29th July 2011, 15:05

    So BBC F1 team. What did you know and when did you know it?

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