Start, Silverstone, 2011

Sky and BBC to share UK F1 coverage from 2012

2012 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Silverstone, 2011
Start, Silverstone, 2011

The BBC will no longer show every round of the F1 season live, starting next year.

Under a new deal announced today the BBC will share coverage with Sky from 2012 to 2018.

Sky will show every race live. The BBC will only screen around half the season’s races including the British and Monaco Grands Prix, plus the season finale.

Sky will show all the practice and qualifying sessions live as well, while the BBC will only show practice and qualifying sessions for certain races.

BBC Sport director Barbara Slater said: “We are absolutely delighted that F1 will remain on the BBC.

“The sport has never been more popular with TV audiences at a ten-year high and the BBC has always stated its commitment to the big national sporting moments.

“With this new deal not only have we delivered significant savings but we have also ensured that through our live and extended highlights coverage all the action continues to be available to licence-fee payers.”

Barney Francis, the managing director of Sky Sports, said: “This is fantastic news for F1 fans and Sky Sports will be the only place to follow every race live and in HD.

“We will give F1 the full Sky Sports treatment with a commitment to each race never seen before on UK television.”

Sky passed a target of achieving ten million customers in the UK last November, however many of these will not have the Sky Sports package.

Are you happy with the new arrangement? Will this change how you watch F1 next year? Have your say in the comments.

F1 on television

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  1. Watched F1 religiously, of course I’ll watch F1 on BBC, would it watch on SKY, but refuse to pay to view. So I have to put up with missing a lot, probably just eventually lose interest. Ernie is only little & thin but, like sky is getting to take to many £’s to feed.
    Refused to pay to view for FOOTBALL & BOXING did me no harm, suppose I can give up watching F1 live and see it later for free when it comes round.

    BIG – BIG – MISTAKE Ernie & Sky

  2. gemma snelson
    10th March 2012, 4:35

    Disgusted is the first word that commes to my mind. F1 is british sports at its best and also most loyal viewing!!! i cannot believe that only a couple/few races will be aired on the bbc I PAY FOR MY TV LICENCE i therefore do not think i should have to pay more to sky to view all the races. im so angry that we are charged a licence fee when majority of the things we watch are on pay per view channels **** the beeb i tell you what “if” you decide to air a programe i wish to see then i should pay your compulsary fee! but until you programe something io wan t to watch the fee should now be personal choice!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I cancelled my sky package, which included sky sports, following Bernie’s betrayal of F1 fans and BBC’s shameful and patronising treatment of their viewers last year. Last week I got a phone call from sky offering me free coverage and other crap to sign up again “because I was such a long term customer and they didnt want to lose me” I explained that I wouldn’t give the Murdochs anything following the revelation of their criminal activities, and that I was disgusted that they had been given the monopoly on F1 in the UK .. the guy then said “but it doesnt effect the quality of the coverage you could have” .. I hung up in disgust.

    1. I will just say that all the camera angles and stuff you get with BBC Live Racing is the same with Sky because F1 is a world broadcast feed so there is nothing really extra in it. And BTW Roger Well Done as far as I’m concerned it’s only money… money they want and money I’m not giving.

  4. I am one of the sad viewers that from now on will have to watch highlights and “half coverage”, sports should be free for everyone regardless of which sports, but as always Corporations and the money win…… it is a real shame to see what money can do and that and as always no one is complaining apart from the viewers that do not have sky, if I want to have the F1 channel, it will cost me an extra £25 a month and if that was not enough I have to be on a contract with the big greedy corporations. How I can motivate my soon to be an F1 driver, football player (or any other sportsman as a matter of fact) if I cannot afford to pay for the TV contract? This is all down to the government whom does not act on behalf of its people they are in fact very clever in every country….. as an example; now we are all wrong to smoke and they want to ban it but if they weren’t happy to get our taxes on the tobacco, they would have forbidden its sale a long time ago, this is all a game where the ones that have most money keep on dominate and throwing a show so big that when you are looking left they are striking right! We have to many problems in our society and I do not believe that taking sports away from the most needed is the way forward, but as always, we are a minority that do not count and in fact I would even classify us as burden to the society. If the BBC always made their money, what did it make change their mind? we were never aware of what the deal was exactly and we will never know but I am sure that if this was released under the freedom act ( i believe does not apply for this kind of situation) I would like to see how many fat acts really enjoyed the change. I sincerely hope that F1 becomes another sport that no one wants to view soon in the future. This would then make all the greedy people like ecclestone, sky, bbc, F1 teams and many others involved realize that the real audience is the one that lives the passion with them and not the one that feeds them.

    Sincerely hope that my kids and many other kids do not fall into bad habits because the only things we have left is gangster movies, adult websites and drugs in our streets. Well done you all greedy people.

  5. did the usual this morning up at 6.15 am walked the dog put the tv on when i got home, bbc news ,,the qualifying results came up they then said i could watch the highlights at 1 in the afternoon ,how exciting is that, watching repeats of qualifying when you know the outcome what a bunch of to**ers still its ok because dads army was on in the evening again after the rugby .F1 is losing fans & the bbc dont care very sad for the bbc as they have lost the plot ,pathetic waste of time ,cricket gone ,rallying gone ,football limited ,moto gp gone ,& soon bbc gone lets hope so

  6. leigh clark
    24th March 2012, 9:42


  7. I have simplied stopped watching F1 sorry but everyone can thank Sky I don’t have the money to even watch F1 my little pleasure taken from me now. I don’t pay a licence or have a TV.

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