Sky and BBC to share UK F1 coverage from 2012

2012 F1 season

Start, Silverstone, 2011

Start, Silverstone, 2011

The BBC will no longer show every round of the F1 season live, starting next year.

Under a new deal announced today the BBC will share coverage with Sky from 2012 to 2018.

Sky will show every race live. The BBC will only screen around half the season’s races including the British and Monaco Grands Prix, plus the season finale.

Sky will show all the practice and qualifying sessions live as well, while the BBC will only show practice and qualifying sessions for certain races.

BBC Sport director Barbara Slater said: “We are absolutely delighted that F1 will remain on the BBC.

“The sport has never been more popular with TV audiences at a ten-year high and the BBC has always stated its commitment to the big national sporting moments.

“With this new deal not only have we delivered significant savings but we have also ensured that through our live and extended highlights coverage all the action continues to be available to licence-fee payers.”

Barney Francis, the managing director of Sky Sports, said: “This is fantastic news for F1 fans and Sky Sports will be the only place to follow every race live and in HD.

“We will give F1 the full Sky Sports treatment with a commitment to each race never seen before on UK television.”

Sky passed a target of achieving ten million customers in the UK last November, however many of these will not have the Sky Sports package.

Are you happy with the new arrangement? Will this change how you watch F1 next year? Have your say in the comments.

F1 on television

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443 comments on Sky and BBC to share UK F1 coverage from 2012

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  1. Orso said on 29th July 2011, 8:44

    Terrible news… This season the BBC coverage has been superb, and now they are “absolutely delighted” to destroy what was they have achieved. This is a disaster…

    Getting rid of the dreadful Jonathan Legard and trusting the commentary to Martin Brundle and David Coulthard was a brilliant move, but will BBC keep them when Formula 1 is downgraded? Or will BBC return us to the age of constantly talking, but nothing knowing, journalist commentators?

    I just do not understand this. Why does Bernie repeatedly try to stop us from watching Formula 1? I thought the task of the promoter was the opposite…

  2. Tim, UK said on 29th July 2011, 8:45

    What a truly awful decision.

    There is no chance in hell that I am subscribing to Sky and then buying the sports package just to watch F1. Sky+ with Sky Sports costs £31.75 a month, for HD it’s £42 a month. That’s £38.10 a race, or £50.40 a race for HD!

    I sincerely hope that many of the F1 sponsors start to pull out of the sport. As one of millions of F1 fans who refuse to pay for satellite TV, this will effectivelty cut our exposure to their brands by 50%.

  3. WarfieldF1 said on 29th July 2011, 8:45

    The BBC coverage is great, my only gripes were
    1- that practice sessions were on red button so i couldnt sky plus them if at work(and yet BBC3 and 4 were empty at this time of day and could have shown the coverage)
    2- occasionally i cannot see all the races due to other commitments (usually driving kids to sports etc)so i depend on R5L; but if a match is on they would have the F1 on R5L Sports Extra which is digital and my car (like most cars) doesnt have a digital radio.

    I first installed Sky 16 or so years ago ‘cos i thought when the BBC first lost F1 that it would go to Sky, however it went to ITV. So i wont miss anything, so selfishly i dont really mind. However the BBC has been bitching about the cost of F1 for most of the past year so this or something like it has been on the cards.

    Its a shame, the quality of the coverage and the post race forum is fantastic. Hopefully Sky will try to match it, and if other sports on Sky are anything to go by, there should be little advert interruption of the race, just lots of ads before and after. Their football coverage is good, so no reason to believe they will mess this up. Heres hoping anyway.

    • Jim said on 29th July 2011, 9:28

      1. BBC3 and BBC4 were empty at this time of day and could have shown the coverage – Although BBC3 and 4 aren’t showing anything at this time. The bandwith they use during these none operational hours is used by the 2 Childrens BBC channels.

  4. f1nutter said on 29th July 2011, 8:46

    What have BBC done??? What a mistake. The BBC coverage has been excellent recently, guess they just don’t care about their licence fee payers. Don’t have sky sports and refuse to pay for it. Come on BBC sort yourselves out.

    • alexf1man said on 29th July 2011, 8:50

      Couldn’t agree more! And by putting it on Sky this will lower F1’s credibility after all the News Corp issues recently.

  5. alexf1man said on 29th July 2011, 8:47

    Goodbye F1 after more than a decade, been nice to watch but this is the end! :-(

    I don’t have Sky so how will the other non live races be done on BBC?

  6. Nick said on 29th July 2011, 8:48

    So what will this mean for viewers outside of the UK? Like Australian viewers? I’m not getting SKY by being forced into some ******** Pay-TV package like Austar or Foxtel. I can’t afford that! Looks like I’ll be forced into watching the race live on ONE HD (yay, lag!) or will that fail aswell?


  7. Jeff harland-jones said on 29th July 2011, 8:52

    A very bad day for F1
    To now have to pay to watch F1 and yet again have to line the pockets Rupeet Murdoch!!!!
    a sport that has been available to everyone will now only be available to those who can afford it.
    How soon we forget what the Murdoch empire has done to this country

  8. Dougy_D said on 29th July 2011, 8:54

    Jake sounding very p’ed off by this decision on Radio 1

  9. Steve said on 29th July 2011, 8:55

    RIP F1
    I guess i’ll just have my memory and be able to tell my children what watching a ‘live’ race used to be like.

    How very very wrong is this. I’m afraid i’ll be voting with my feet, can’t afford SKYs high price, given F1 is the only sport I want to watch Live.

    RIP F1

  10. John Morrey said on 29th July 2011, 8:55

    Massively dissapointing news – F1 on Sky is a big mistake and as someone who refuses to have Sky in my house this marks the end of my interest in F1.

    Whats the betting they will wheel out the motoring equivalent of an **** like Andy Grey. ********.

  11. tim said on 29th July 2011, 8:56

    So much for watching F1. I will not be paying for Sky so I will not watch F1 which I have done for years and years. Thanks Bernie. Sold out again.

  12. Bobby said on 29th July 2011, 8:58

    I won’t be getting Sky, I’ll either go to the pub or find a stream online. Not giving Sky a penny.

  13. Ian Dalby said on 29th July 2011, 8:59

    BTCC anyone? – Its free…..

  14. Ian Dalby said on 29th July 2011, 9:01

    Seriously – a bad day for F1 – The multi millionaire Eccleston totally out of touch with the punters. How about a reduction in the licence fee?

  15. Rob2 said on 29th July 2011, 9:01

    As long as this only effects the UK viewers, I’m fine with it.

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