Start, Valencia, 2011

Sky to show F1 races without adverts in 2012

2012 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Valencia, 2011
Start, Valencia, 2011

Sky has confirmed its F1 race coverage will be free of adverts when it begins in 2012.

A spokesperson told F1 Fanatic: “There won’t be any ad breaks. Every second of every race will be live and uninterrupted.

“It will be the only place to watch every race live.”

Sky’s plans are at an early stage having just announced the deal, and decisions are yet to be taken on who will be involved in its coverage.

While Sky has begun broadcasting some sports in 3D the spokesperson said it was “way too early to say” whether this could also be used for F1 – which has only made its debut in HD this year.

The spokesperson said the price of a Sky subcription would not increase before September 2012 and added: “We’ll give it the full Sky Sports treatment: it will be on Sky Sports News, Sky Sports dot com, across mobile and online.”

BBC/Sky F1 2012 deal

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  1. Well…… that will be nice for the 6 or 7 people watching it….

  2. I’m still not paying for it. I actually have Sky now but dropping it tomorrow.

    1. I currently have sky tv (not sports). I too am seriously thinking of dropping it at the end of my contract out of principle.

  3. Listen to the wind blow, down comes the night.
    Run in the shadows, damn your love, damn your lies.

    And if you don’t love me now you will never love me again, I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain.

    Chain… keeps us together, run into the shadows.

    It was good while it lasted.

  4. Sorry but i don’t believe it.

  5. No ads? Don’t care – not paying ¬£500 per year to watch f1. I’ll just go to a couple of races, and not bother following the season. I’ve watched every race for 20 years, but I’m not paying ¬£50 per race. NO way.

  6. there is more to this story – the BBC has two more full seasons of F1 left on the old deal, and they are selling that all to Sky as part of this new deal.

    there must be a reason why they did it starting next year instead of at the end of the existing BBC deal, which was due to expire at the end of 2013

  7. Yeh the bbc didnt elect to continue their contract because just possibly bernie set the cost too high, and he knew sky would pay more for it

  8. RIP The posion dwarf is selling F1 to a company that hacks the voice mail of murdered children, its a match made in heaven.

  9. Steve Evans
    29th July 2011, 12:04

    Seems to me that the reason Sky were so interested in F1 was the record viewing figures the BBC were pulling in. But Sky are not going to get anywhere near that, and could possibly drop F1 a year or two down the line when they realise this. And hopefully it will be back on free to air. I think the sharing deal the BBC has done is a good idea, why couldn’t they share with Channel 5? Damn you Bernie!

    1. This is probably nonsense, but could the timing i.e. before the end of the BBC’s current contract be a ploy. Could they be hoping that F1 on Sky is a complete disaster so that when it comes time to renew their contract, Bernie and the teams want F1 on free-to-air and so will offer them a better deal? Or is this a new deal that takes the place of the previous one?

      1. New deal replacing previous one, but I could definitely see that happening in 2018 – or at least ITV or Channel 4 taking F1 instead.

  10. Thats brilliant news. Problem is I won’t be able to stream it either as I have rubbish broadband since I live in the country.

    Also there’s little chance of races being shown in pubs apart from a few when football isn’t on. There’s no ad breaks for people to go to the bar and “refuel”. Football is established and has many more fans then F1. Finally It’s not likely the pubs are going to be open at 6 or 7am for the Australian, Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Singapore or Korean grand Prix, or 3am for Friday practice sessions is it?

    At least I’ll get a (probably) rather cheap imitation of the current coverage on the BBC for half the races though. Hurray!!! Though for the other half I’ll have to put up with Crofty and Davidson on the radio. (which would be good, apart from the fact I’d actually like to watch the sport).

  11. This whole thing have to be the worst F1 news I have heard in 8 years in F1,it is even bad then the beak away series row.

  12. Currently the cheapest possible way to get Sky Sports is £500 per year.

    The BBC are going to have to come up with something brilliant to persuade people to watch them and not Sky. Surely Brundle and EJ will move to Sky Sports otherwise they’ll only be covering half the races.

    But even if the BBC coverage is much better then Sky’s, I not sure I want to alternate between two different channels each week.

    This is an utter joke. I don’t watch a lot of TV, so if I were to get Sky in the future, it would ONLY be for F1. But ¬£500 per year? Jog on Rupert Murdoch. You’re having a laugh. And thank you very much Bernie and the BBC.

    1. I don’t watch a lot of TV, so if I were to get Sky in the future, it would ONLY be for F1. But £500 per year? Jog on Rupert Murdoch.

      My sentiments exactly.

    2. I totally agree!! I have ben following F1 for 11 years and this is a DEEPLY sad day for all true F1 Fans who can not afford Sky.
      This is an utter disgrace, I like, millions of people are outraged, we do not deserve this.
      This is my favourite sport and now you’ve ruined it all!!! R.I.P. – Formula 1.

  13. Not happy at all.

    If your a keen sports fan then the total SkySports package may be worth it. But if you only like F1 then there is no way its good value for money.

    If the option was there to view just the race with a one off cost (like Boxing) I would pay (despite my hate of Rupert Murdoch).

    50% of races & the highlights for me I guess.

  14. ohgodnotsky
    29th July 2011, 12:11

    What I really don’t like about this deal is that Sky will want to recoup as much money as it can, meaning a massive dumbing down of the content. Imagine a 2-hour buildup show consisting of Adrian Chiles and Justin Lee Collins desperately trying to describe what a tyre is, and you’re just about there.

  15. It really will be interesting how low the viewing figures are for skys coverage of the races that the beeb are showing live as well…..

    1. I have a bad feeling that Sky may actually be better. I just don’t see the likes of Brundle/Coulthard sticking with the BBC when they’ll only be covering half the races. Surely they’ll go to Sky?

  16. Well that’s it I’m afraid, I will only see half the races, Mr. Ecclestein please take note.
    I will not be buying Sky


    When Senna died the portuguese parliament stopped for a minute to honour him (08:00). Now i dare you to come in the streets of portugal and ask if anyone still sees F1. Since it went on payed channel(SportTV) alot and i mean a lot of people stopped watching it.

    1. UKfanatic (@)
      30th July 2011, 11:17

      How do you watch F1 now? through bbc?

  18. Enjoy Formula 1 whilst it lasts everyone! For anyone­ whom is interested, and enjoys watching Formula 1, as I­ do, 2012-2013 will be the last season to watch the­ WHOLE Formula 1 season on Freeview! It has,of course,­ been hailed by both Bernie Eccleston and Sky Sports, as­ a great deal. The truth is that, after next year, and­ until the BBC Sport cannot afford to any more, BBC­ Sport viewers will only be able to see 50% of the races­ live. I appreciate that, if you are already a Pay per­ View Sky Sports user, this will be great news. But to­ millions of Formula1 viewers (whom cannot afford Pay­ per View and Sky Sports0, it will be not good news. It­ may well be that Ecclestone believed that he had no­ choice, and he did try to keep the BBC Sport as a sole­ owner of the rights. But his hand has been forced and­ as usual, it is the fan`s that are going top suffer!­ Would I be silly to even suggest that this will be just­ one of many `death knells` of the BBC, when they begin­ to loose viewers at an alarming rate as the stardard of­ programmes begins to fall and TV License revenue is­ lost?

    1. Actually you are watching the last F1 season on freeview…

  19. How many of you brits will choose to watch online streams now? They aren’t usually up to the same quality as watching on TV, and its illegal, but surely that has to be better than paying through the nose for a Sky subscription?

  20. on the plus side we will know exactly what the drivers think of each other as sky will hack their phones !

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