Start, Valencia, 2011

Sky to show F1 races without adverts in 2012

2012 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Valencia, 2011
Start, Valencia, 2011

Sky has confirmed its F1 race coverage will be free of adverts when it begins in 2012.

A spokesperson told F1 Fanatic: “There won’t be any ad breaks. Every second of every race will be live and uninterrupted.

“It will be the only place to watch every race live.”

Sky’s plans are at an early stage having just announced the deal, and decisions are yet to be taken on who will be involved in its coverage.

While Sky has begun broadcasting some sports in 3D the spokesperson said it was “way too early to say” whether this could also be used for F1 – which has only made its debut in HD this year.

The spokesperson said the price of a Sky subcription would not increase before September 2012 and added: “We’ll give it the full Sky Sports treatment: it will be on Sky Sports News, Sky Sports dot com, across mobile and online.”

BBC/Sky F1 2012 deal

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  1. Horrible, horrible news.

  2. Don’t live in the UK but love watching BBC covering Formula 1. Its a shame because I only watch the BBC and it excludes commercials. Guess I wont be waking up early morning anymore.

  3. It’s worth remembering that the BBC’s commitment to F1 over the years has been inconsistent. For many years they never showed all the races live. Also they used to interrupt the live races they did show with horse racing etc. Live qualifying for all races were shown in ’96 but not before that. However, their coverage since they got the coverage back has been very good. I’m a big sports fan so I have sky sports, although I feel for the fans that don’t have it. Their coverage of sport is excellent though (whatever your opinion of the larger organisation!) A couple of things that I would suggest for the BBC coverage:
    – Of the races they don’t show, ensure they include all the ones at unsociable hours (Malaysia etc.)
    – When the highlights are for races they didn’t show live, show them on BBC1 or BBC2 at a good time (8pm before top gear for example)

  4. Robert Edwards
    29th July 2011, 12:38

    My son and I will miss F1 as there is no way we will be paying sky to watch as with cricket its greed again , what is the point in showing half the races BBC save the money
    spend it on the cricket. or Motor Bikes GP.Why did you take it off ITV it least we could see all the races , BAD SHOW ALL ROUND F1 WILL LOSE A LOT OF VIEWERS!!!

  5. FOM will eventually force the FIA to structure the races in a way that allows for ad breaks.

    You just wait. It will happen.

  6. I know, this sucks! I own a pub and the TV comes in through the pub rather than our flat which means Sky would cost up in the region of £6000 a year as they never believe I’m not going to show it in the pub.
    What about Top Up TV? I’m loathe to give Sky ANY money but at £19.99 a month it is slightly better.

    1. Also, if you already have Virgin, sky sports is only an extra £20 a month as well.

  7. Gwion Daniel
    29th July 2011, 12:48

    £48 per race is a astonishingly poor value. As previously mentioned, football fans have much better value due to the very high number of games shown.

  8. another case of punish the poor who cannot afford sky’s extortionate costs. there will be a huge surge of die hard fans signing up to sky for next year but if the coverage is rubbish then even they will turn away from it. I for one can’t afford sky as I am sure allot of people can’t. what really makes me angry is the fact BBC are keeping all the middle class sports like tennis olympics etc. good to know that we will have coverage of the olympic tourches 70 day journey and 24 coverage of the games but only 10 F1 races and then none in 2013. we all need to boycot the licence fee as its a waste of money. maybe then the bbc and the government will get the message and let bbc go it alone.

  9. I mentioned earlier that the beeb never used to show all the races live (in the first period of regular coverage ’79 – ’96). Does anyone remember (or have a list) of the races they did show live from ’79 – ’96?

    1. or more likely the ones thet DIDN’T show live?

      1. I think they showed the European ones live and the non-Europeans ones as highlights the next day.

  10. Ive watched F1 since 1979 and from memory all were shown live. Youd get no quallifying coverage, just a card showing the top 6 inbetween a “top” rugby league match on Grand Stand. Race coverage would start about 1 minute before the start and finish as they went through the chequered flag. Theyd then quickly cut back to European ice skating from Gstad or something.

    As for the coverage, it really was a joke, youd get a long lense lazily following the wrong car and the producer would invariably cut to De Cesaris ambling along in 27th whilst the dice of the century was going on elsewhere.

    Whatever the wrongs and the rights of the deal. Youve never had it so good.

    1. I remember Brazil ’93 & 94 were not shown live also Japan & Australia in ’93. I started watching in ’92 so don’t know about before then…

  11. Trying to figure out the races the beeb won’t show live:

    Early starts:

    Clashes with prime-time programming:

    Clashes with the Olympics:

    Thats only 9… USA would be another prime-time clash but then it’s the penultimate race so that wouldn’t be cool…

    1. I imagine they might not show races that take place while Wimbledon is on to avoid scheduling conflicts.

      1. True, Figure these as the races they’ll show live then:

        Round 5: 13 May, Spanish GP
        Round 6: 27 May, Monaco GP
        Round 9: 8 July, British GP
        Round 10: 22 July, German GP
        Round 12: 2 September, Belgian GP
        Round 13: 9 September, Italian GP
        Round 14: 23 September, Singapore GP
        Round 17: 28 October, Abu Dhabi GP
        Round 19: 18 November, US GP
        Round 20: 25 November, Brazilian GP

        1. Open golf on 22nd July so maybe:

          Round 5: 13 May, Spanish GP
          Round 6: 27 May, Monaco GP
          Round 7: 10 June, Canadian GP
          Round 9: 8 July, British GP
          Round 12: 2 September, Belgian GP
          Round 13: 9 September, Italian GP
          Round 14: 23 September, Singapore GP
          Round 17: 28 October, Abu Dhabi GP
          Round 19: 18 November, US GP
          Round 20: 25 November, Brazilian GP

          1. I hope not! I for one would like to see at least one or hopefully two of the early season Asian races, Australia, Malaysia or China. I quite like the specialness of getting up at 3am to watch the first Friday practice sessions and race of the season.

            Plus having races more spread out during the season would give the BBC a better narrative to their coverage rather then missing the first chunk of the season.

            However your point about choosing the most prestigious races and others that don’t clash with other events is valid. Also sending a crew to the Spanish grand prix is probably a lot cheaper then the Malaysian grand prix!

            Having said all that I wouldn’t want to sacrifice seeing any of the races on your list!

      2. Obviously not an F1 fan mmmm !!!

    2. If you’re right, we’ll keep Monaco, Britain, Belgium and Italy. I hope so!

  12. There’s no way I’m paying for a SkySports subscription just to watch F1, don’t get me wrong I’m a loyal fan, but I just can’t justify spending an extra £500-600 a year on television.

  13. I currently have a basic Sky package but will not be paying £600+ on top of what I already pay just to watch 10 races per year. Watching half a season does not interest me, so its bye bye F1 and I’ll do something else with 4 hours of my time on a Sunday.

    I have been watching F1 since the 80s so this is a gut wrenching decision, but I am not subsidising football by paying for F1.

    I really hope we hear from FOTA about this as decisions can be overturned – as was proved with Donington.

    1. If you have a basic Sky package already adding Sky Sports is £243.

      It’s £600+ plus if you don’t already have Sky and you take a basic package with Sports and HD.

  14. Are we supposed to be grateful that paying nearly half a grand a year we get races without ad breaks? Gee thanks.

    The worst thing about all of this is that it was always going to happen at some point. Everything is eventually sliding onto Sky and coming with a massive price tag attached. I understand and accept that it’s fair enough that Sky wanted it, the BBC clearly didn’t want F1 that much and done deal and this is sort of a compromise. What I hate though is that this is just the beginning and soon enough we’ll be paying for every session. I saw some arguments that it’s natural that luxuries have to be paid for but why? It may be a product of the times but it doesn’t make the notion that only the wealthy can afford to be F1 fanatics any easier to swallow. When I read comments from people such as Tommy who I know is a diehard F1 fan that paying for F1 will be impossible it’s just such a sorry state.

    We’ve had it really, really good in the UK and I’m not denying that but any suggestion that we’ve got nothing to complain about is completely absurd. We’ve had it good but that doesn’t make this right. If other country’s don’t invest then that’s a really sorry state but the idea of “well we get this amount of coverage so it’s still a good deal” isn’t fair. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    I’ve been a true Bernie believer for years even through the whole Silverstone/Donningtone debacle I thought he was doing the right thing but I really think he’s missing a trick when it comes to F1 coverage. He’s been slow on the uptake anyway with not exploiting all the new possibilities the internet brings but now there’s going to be so many who just won’t or can’t pay for F1. I guess this is typical Bernie and not really his fault but the BBC’s and the times we live in.

    I’m appalled at how the BBC have handled this too. Hearing from Brundle who has loyally followed the F1 circus for years that he didn’t even get a warning about this is just horrid. You think they’d at least have the decency of telling their employees the situation.

    This is like a very bad break up. “It’s not you it’s me” as cuts need to be made so now “we need some space…” which probably will one day mean “later gator”. So thanks for the last perfect few years but right now this is a mess.

    1. I feel a bit torn on a particular issue…

      Brundle is a fantastic commentator and knows the sport inside out. It would be a shame for Sky customers to miss out on that but I can’t help but think he would be wasted at the BBC, only doing half the job he did previously.

      This is a mess, you’re right.

      1. BBC are still covering all the races, so Brundle might just stay there and do the 5Live radio commentary for the rest.

    2. I’ve been waiting for you to comment Steph, so I can simply agree with you and won’t have to type it all out myself!

      Brilliantly put Steph and I agree with all your points.

      1. I was waiting for you Dan :P

  15. I guess this is Ecclestone’s way of coming out in favour of “assisted suicide”.

  16. Appalled,in the last 3 years bbc have provided in depth fantastic coverage,those irritating ad-breaks will come back,,F1-ITV horror show all over again…LONG LIVE AUNTIE BEEB

  17. Then I must feel previleged to watch F1 in Nairobi Kenya for several years without seeing a single commerical till after the race ends

  18. No ads? So? Might as well have nude pit babes too, I won’t know because I can’t afford Sky.

  19. Does this mean we will have super mechanics and super tyre changers and super visor cleaners who will be paid millions, the same way Sky has done for football. I havent watched a single live top team football game since Sky turned it into the premier league.

    Sky can expect more dodgy Sky cards being sold at your local boot fair and market. Not to mention their easy access stream.

    Wimbledon will be next.

  20. Bernie stated frankly that he doesn’t care what happens to F1 when he’s gone. If he wanted to he could avoid this.

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