Start, Valencia, 2011

Sky to show F1 races without adverts in 2012

2012 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Valencia, 2011
Start, Valencia, 2011

Sky has confirmed its F1 race coverage will be free of adverts when it begins in 2012.

A spokesperson told F1 Fanatic: “There won’t be any ad breaks. Every second of every race will be live and uninterrupted.

“It will be the only place to watch every race live.”

Sky’s plans are at an early stage having just announced the deal, and decisions are yet to be taken on who will be involved in its coverage.

While Sky has begun broadcasting some sports in 3D the spokesperson said it was “way too early to say” whether this could also be used for F1 – which has only made its debut in HD this year.

The spokesperson said the price of a Sky subcription would not increase before September 2012 and added: “We’ll give it the full Sky Sports treatment: it will be on Sky Sports News, Sky Sports dot com, across mobile and online.”

BBC/Sky F1 2012 deal

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  1. I think most people are missing the target why should’nt Sky step in the BBC wanted out because they had to reduce the cost. One of the problems of the BBC is they have to many people in any production be it Golf, football and F1.
    They would’nt cut Wimbledon 2 weeks wall to wall coverage, Open Golf would’nt touch it.
    The BBC are the bad guys in all this not Sky or Bernie.

  2. “We’ll give it the full Sky Sports treatment”

    I couldn’t think of anything worse.

  3. Sky will kill F1 if they are going to charge the viewers to watch it like they did for football. They are jumping on the F1 money making machine, we all know there is a lot of money in F1 but did you realise how much ?. I suggest you get Bernie Ecclstones book called ” NO ANGEL ” to see how much is involved. I love F1 but i think Sky should show it for free because viewing figures will go down and so will the sales of sponser goods that are advertised in F1. KEEP IT FREE FOR THE BRITISH PUBLIC

  4. I grew up READING about F1 in the States. Frankly, I enjoy reading about it more than I actually like watching it on TV… the TV experience lacks, for me, the spectacle. It is just watching cars drone around, without the gut shake and ear tingle of the real thing.

    I don’t suppose that anyone who grew used to the sport on TV would enjoy reading about it, instead, but I won’t mind a bit. Often do it, by choice, anyway.


  5. Andrew Wingham
    13th January 2012, 16:36

    Sky want an extra £20.25 for sky sports or £10.25 extra for HD and I dont have an HD television yet. They are not considering it as a stand alone channel either yet. The BBC say they have to cut costs so I presume they mean keep Eastenders etc and all the reality crap they love paying out for on the telly. Yawn !
    Come on Sky most people dont mind a fair price, but to have to buy all the football to watch motor racing , thats taking the ****

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