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Rate the race: 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

2011 Hungarian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

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191 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix”

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  1. Wasn’t Coulthard and Brundle’s finest day. There Button/Ham/Webber bias is getting a bit annoying.

    1. Yeha. What would you expect from brundle/bbc who spend 90% of their time in the Mclaren motor home chilling with their 2 favourite drivers.

      When either Ham or But do something that should be punished, they say it was a minor offence that doesnt need to be penalised, but when other drivers do anything wrong they do the opposite. lol when Alonso does something wrong, Brundle calls for his head on a platter.

      1. Brundle isn’t that bad I think, just keep in mind that the Mclaren drivers were looking mighty good at various points in the race.

        Coulthard however needs to chill, especially where Di Resta is concerned.

    2. Italy’s commentators today really had a bad day. They confused Massa v Rosberg for Alonso v Schumacher, Vettel for Webber, Massa for Alonso, Buemi for Barrichello…

      1. During yesterday’s qualifying they described last year’s race by listing everything Vettel did to lose that race and attributing that to Webber who went on to win…

    3. Really ?

      What sort of bias would you prefer, friend ?

    4. Fair point on

      1. What this meant to say was: Fair point on Brundle, but Coulthard? Seriously? David “Vettelle” Coulthard?

        1. I know! He even said he’d realised his mistake and was gonna say vettel (with one l) from now on during quali in germany, then proceeded to go on as usual in the race and all this weekend. Beggers belief.
          But the bloke on Aussie tv has been saying lewitsi instead of Liuzzi for years now, and it’s driving me batty! He doesn’t even pick up on the fact that is his co-commentators say it right. And his voice has less enthusiasm and character than Kimi

          1. my god, i know. it’s so frustrating! Learn to read! ‘I’ before ‘U’!

    5. Really? I think you’re looking for something that isn’t there. That, or you’re just trolling.

    6. Ha! Didn’t you enjoy the Hungary pun at the start though?

      1. Brilliant :D

    7. I think Brundle and Coulthard were a good advertisement for why ex-drivers can be of no use as stewards. Neither thought Hamilton’s spin was worthy of even investigation. Imagine the outburst if the leader had been sent onto the grass by a back-marker doing the same thing (and the irony of them suggesting Kobyashi may need investigation for holding up Webber for 3 corners, helping Hamilton to pass).

    8. Yeah, what do you expect from a broadcaster broadcasting to an audience of whom the majority’s interest is in Hamilton and Button? (not sure about Webber lol).

      Yes I know that the commentary gets shared in other places but their main concern is the British audience, from British employers. (And look at the rate the race results on here – British people like to see British drivers win, for some strange reason).

      And to be honest, I think you’re biased in your perception of bias.

  2. awesome first couple of laps!

    pretty average rest of the race.. 8/10

    1. Indeed. The start was fantastic and my heart was pounding as Lewis and Seb were battling. The rain shower in the middle of the race made for some great racing between the McLarens, but it’s a shame Lewis made the mistake of trying to spin the car into the traffic, because the resulting penalty cost us a classic finish. But then the decision from Hamilton and Webber to go onto inters was a bit daft.

      This is with hindsight, though…

    2. Dis you miss the repeated reversals of fortune or the repeated lead changes?

      I mean what more could you possibly want??

      1. Exactly! The battle between the two McLarens around lap 50 or so was phenomenal, the opening laps, the battle for the final points in the closing laps, it had it all. I actually enjoyed it more than Canada. Probably the best race of the season for me so far, and my favorites didn’t have particularly great races. It was just gripping (no pun intended).

      2. maybe i’ve just been desensitized by the 2011 season..

        the race was good! (i did rate it 8/10!), but i didn’t enjoy it as much as China (which i gave a 10), or Germany last weekend (which i have a 9).. it is a matter of opinion after all

  3. Great race today loved the changeable conditions which made the race a cracker.

  4. Moistmeister wins his 200th! I’m very happy about that.

    First half was a bit disappointing for a wet race. The conditions made it quite tense and especially interesting for the first 10 laps, with the cars sliding all over the place. It was mostly a strategy race rather than cars fighting tooth and nail though. I was basically just watching the gaps and lap times changing instead of the cars driving.

    Then the second half came, it started raining and everyone was on mixed strategies, the McLarens fought each other brilliantly, a Virgin doing a 180 in the pits, cars going wide all over the place, Hamilton taking Webber by going wide while Webber’s fumbling about with backmarkers. Exciting!

    Hamilton’s ABSOLUTELY AWFUL strategy and drive through (which if you ask me was a very harsh penalty for a move that didn’t really affect anyone – it should’ve just been a warning) was extremely disappointing for me as I wanted him to win again and for the majority of that race it was pretty much set in stone. I wanted him to win because I want him to win the WDC and he needs to stack those wins up to catch up with Vettel. If he couldn’t win, then I’m more than happy about Button winning. However that doesn’t affect how much I enjoyed the race overall.

    If the whole race was like the second half it would’ve been a 9/10, regardless of where my favourite drivers would’ve ended up, but unfortunately the processional first half of the race means….


    1. moistmaster!

      Haha I love it!

  5. Great race…just goes to show, to get excitement in F1, just add water.

    1. Except it’s no longer racing, it just becomes about gambling with the weather.

      1. Whereas I would have thought that racing in the wet sorted those who are supremely competent when driving high-powered machinery in skid-pan conditions from those whose ability is not equal to it.

        1. That wasn’t racing in the wet, it was racing conditions where the amount of grip changed from lap to lap, and drivers are purely guessing and hoping that when they brake or accelerate that there is going to be at least as much grip as there was in the previous lap. It was a straight up lottery, not a showcase of supreme driving skill or brilliant strategy.

          1. Not a showcase of driving skill? Not a showcase of strategy??

            Luck accounted for about 5%! the rest i am pretty sure was skill.

          2. I was with you the first few times Button came alive in these conditions, but luck doesn’t explain why he keeps ending up there so often when the weather is changing.

    2. great race. Hamilton great until he spins. Right after that, just lost his mind, starting with the dangerous manouvre in front of Di Resta. ANd then with a wrong strategy.
      Fair result: button, vettel, alonso were the best in the end.

      1. The spin happened *after* he screwed up his strategy for the 1st time, and then went on on that path.

  6. lewis deserved a whole lot more than 4th.

    1. yes man, the penalty was unfair, i think some ppl are against hamilton, he drove better than much out there.

      1. unfair? You dont do wheelspins infront of other drivers. you’re supposed to wait till the track is empty.

        1. sid_prasher (@)
          31st July 2011, 15:22

          Totally agree…really a bad move from Hamilton. Had driven wonderfully in the first half. I don’t know what mclaren thought when they sent him out on Inters.

          Solid race – super for Hungary. 8 from me.

        2. He also wheelspinned out of the way though. He couldn’t have just stood there and he can’t drive away from there without doing a spin.

          Di Resta had plenty space available. He just got scared that Lewis might spin a 360.

        3. He had to move though, because he was blocking the track anyway…

      2. Lewis didn’t seem to think so having already apologized to Di Resta!

        Hamilton great until spin. Spin takes away all greatness.

        Awesome recovery drive from him taking Massa and Webber to P4 but only one person managed to keep it on the track without spinning and he won the race. That shows a greater degree of skill than trying to spin your car round infront of oncoming traffic.

        1. Does it? The spin was obviously a moment of stupidity. But it was still a great drive ignoring that.

          Penalty was 100% fair. You just can not do that. Could have been an absolute disaster.

          Anyone notice how badly the marshal crews did?
          At one point I saw a car have to swerve around them backing Nicks car into the pitlane.

          That is how people get killed.

          1. Yep, i thought vettel was going to plough into the lot of them. I’d love to see the onboard footage of Sebs pit lane exit to see how close he really was.

        2. Mr.Zing Zang
          1st August 2011, 1:26

          Button went off track more than once.

      3. Re-Play- I remember you goading everyone last week. LOL.

    2. you get what you deserve. come on. you spin, there are consequences.

    3. Your not allowed to do a burnout when cars are trying to go around you. He’s lucky he didnt get a DQ.

    4. for all the bad things that happened to HAM in that race, to walk away with 4th wasn’t too bad!

    5. Dar4Ferrari (@)
      31st July 2011, 23:13

      when you force another driver in slippery conditions to leave the track then you deserve a penalty….i think 4th is just what he deserved…JB Seb and Alonso kept cool heads…lewis crucially didnt…just because he drove better than most in the majority of the race doesn’t mean he deserves a win…over 70 laps he was 4th best

  7. Not sure, great start, halfway through a lull to give some suspense, then a stretch of excitement, and ending a slight bit tame. On the whole, it was a great race though. I’ll make it an 8.

    Sad this seems to more or less end the WDC with Alonso, Hamilton and Webber all ending behind Vettel, but I guess the race can’t help it and neither can Button or Vettel.

    1. I wouldn’t be to quick to call the WDC just yet after all Seb has only won 6 races, if the red bulls continue to loose form and vettel does win for the rest of the season, he won’t even get the title of most race winning driver not to take the title! prost got 7 wins in 88 and missed out to senna as was kimi’s 7 wins in 05 not enough to get him the crown. and the last man to win 7 times and walk away with nothing was schumacher in 2006 and the man who beat him is the very same man chasing down Seb right now! They also didn’t have a points system aimed at rewarding wins over place finish’s like we do today. histroy has shown us, as murry walker said “anything can happen in formula 1, and it usually does!” I think the championship is far from over.

      1. If Vettel continues to be on podium in every Grand Prix, it’s over. For anyone else to stand a chance, Vettel would have to regularly finish outside the top 3, preferably outside the top 10. That seems unlikely, if not outright impossible.

        And even if Vettel gives us this gift, we still need one driver to stand out and be considerably better than the others. If Fernando, Lewis, Mark and Jenson continue to share the points, none of them will be able to bridge the gap.

      2. I think that this season it is a bit different. 4 guys are trying to steal some points from Vettel, and all of them are alternating wins, whilst Seb still keeps collecting solid points. If Lewis, Alonso, Mark and Jenson coninue to share the remaining wins, none of them will have enough points to chalenge Sebastian.

  8. 9/10.
    Epic race! Great fight for the race. And really impressed by VET too. He didn’t seem to want to win the race anyways. He has his eyes fixed on the championship

  9. Great opening few laps. Again when the rain came back again. Middle dyed down a little but tyres made things interesting.

    A lot more passing than usual in Hungary. Even Vettel did one.

    Nothing on Monaco, Canada and China though so I’d say 7/10 maybe 7.5.

    1. A lot more passing than usual in Hungary. Even Vettel did one.


      But I agree. I gave it a 7 too. It was very entertaining, but it was nothing compared to China and Canada.

    2. I also gave it a 7. It was a very interesting race strategy wise, but not action packed like China, Canada, Monaco. Some periods of the race even looked a bit boring, which wasn’t necessarily the case, but it was basically just waiting to see who made the right call(s).

      However i think this was one of the best Hungary GPs since 2006.

  10. not a 10. 8 or 9

  11. 10/10

    Who says you can’t pass at the Hungaroring?

    1. Even Vettel passed Alonso.

      For me, 8/10.

      1. Given that he was out-qualified by Felipe Massa, spun all on his own during the race, and couldn’t make his yre strategy work at the end, I’m not convinced that was Fernando Alonso that we saw in the Ferrari today.

        1. Not one of his best tracks. But he managed to pull through and make it onto the podium just 10 seconds behind VET.

          Sort of makes you wonder if he could have finished second without losing all that time spinning.

        2. How many times did Alonso get sideways? More than a few.

        3. His brother?

      2. I had a nice warm feeling for Vettel when that happened.

    2. “Who says you can’t pass at the Hungaroring?”
      Dry weather, obviously.

      1. Or “cars on equal tyres” might have something to say about this too.

  12. i think hamilton deserved to win this race. he did make a mistake, spun and got a drive-through for that, it was his mistake, but i dont understand why he put the option tire on his 3rd pitstop. i dont know if that was the team’s decision or his, but he was leading the field and controlling the race, why did Mclaren decide he needed the super-softs + another pit stop, instead of finishing on the softs. i think that’s where he lost the race in the first place and it’s just incredibly frustrating to see such strategy calls.

    1. I don’t think he had any supersofts left…

      1. you don’t understand. HAM should have put a pair of yellow softs on during his 3rd pitstop, not red super softs.

    2. The supersofts weren’t a mistake, it was the intermediates which messed it up.

      1. The supersofts weren’t a mistake,
        As it happens they were, Vettel and Button went to the end of the race and Hamilton was NOT gaining any time on the s. softs, Hamliton even started to loose time and would of had to stop again with substantially less lead that what was needed for a stop.

        1. Exactly, it seemed a reasonable decision for Lewis; to put on the super-softs, push, build up a lead and then pit for softs later on. The problem was that for some reason he started losing time to those behind. That’s what’s confusing me.

          1. I think Mclaren were daring him to make it to the end on those tyres

          2. @ mename2332

            yeah, but what would have been the logic behind that, do dare Hamilton to make it to the end of the race with super-softs, while Button had to make it to the end of the race on softs, both with same amount of laps left. i dont know who made that strategy call, but its just…sad.

          3. Yeah, I just don’t understand why Lewis was slower. If he was trying to last to the end he would have put the softs on and if he was pitting again he should have been at least half a second per lap faster than JB. Colour me most confused.

          4. Dar4Ferrari (@)
            31st July 2011, 23:18

            it must have been track evolution….alonso was much slower on the super soft after the 3rd stop too…he couldnt get any heat into them….they were so under temp that even seb made an easy pass on him….i can only presume the same happened lewis

    3. i was saying the same thing, when he went in for his last stop, he should have went with the soft tyres, but i think he got the drive through because the stewarts realised he couldnt win the race

      1. no that’s dangerous rejoining. Penalty was fair. I think if he hadnt gone on inters and straight on yellows, he would’ve probably caught up to the leaders by the end.

        The start though, was the slowest ever! It was like slow motion! :D

        1. Great to see them tip toe and make mistakes.

    4. I think it (staying on super-soft, rather than going to soft) is one of those things that’s easy to criticise in hindsight.

      It probably was the wrong call, but it was the events after that (drive through + change to inters) that really put pay to any chance of victory.

      Good race from Button – 8/10 overall.

  13. 9/10, beginning was just tooooo boring,

    Great job by both STRs, Di Resta and of course Button!

    Heidfeld’s blow out and Mclarens fight made it all the more interesting, not to mention the rain which was an added element!

    Dissapointed with Sutil and the Lotuses though :(

    1. Oh, I forgot about that blowout for a moment – it was quite spectacular but not the kind of fire the Renaults should be showing!

  14. Younger Hamii
    31st July 2011, 15:00

    Could of been 10/10 for me if it a McLaren 1-2 was maintained but it wasnt meant to be.

    So a 9/10 still a Cracking Race,Congrats to JB,Kept his cool and was calm and collected.A well and truly deserved win for him

    1. If the replies to your comment aren’t full of the “b” word I’ll eat my hat!

    2. Younger Hamii, you are biased! (just so GeeMac wont eat his hat lol)

  15. 7. First 5 laps were terrific, the last 3rd of the race was very exciting but it died off in the middle and the last couple of laps.

    1. Was about to comment the same, 8/10 for me
      good midfeild battle, comical pit stop, overtakings but did have a lull in the middle where we had a waffle about tyres *sighs*

      1. 7/10 for me too.

        The only really exciting parts were the first few laps and then the McLaren battle at the second rain shower. But Hamilton and Webber’s poor strategy (i.e. going onto inters), as well as the wrong compound at the wrong time for Alonso cost us a much more exciting race, and gifted Vettel second.

  16. Pit » Hamilton: “We got it wrong with the pitstops today. I’m sorry about that.”
    Hamilton » Pit: “Well done to Jenson.”

    I was looking forward to a real race to the flag between 2 capable drivers. Well Done for Jenson though 200 up with a win.

    Good to see Hamilton congratulate Jenson despite his disappointment – though that won’t be reported at all.

    1. Any decent pilot would do that. It’s impressive the lengths people go…

    2. He said it again in the interview on BBC, so that was shown live on tv – and even complimented by EJ and Jake :)

  17. oh god, i hate jenson button

    1. Why? He’s a lovely bloke and a good driver. Actually, don’t bother answering me.

    2. I’d like to hear why, too — I can’t think of anything about him to inspire hatred.

    3. Hear Hear! :D

    4. It’s this kind of balanced, intelligent debate that I frequent F1 Fanatic for.

      1. loooooooooooool

        why did Mclaren have to go for the risky super soft stratedgy with HAM. he was in the lead!

        1. They opted for it with both drivers, and they made the calls…

  18. First 10 and the last 20 laps were great. A bit boring between that with Hamilton comfortably in the lead. So 7/10. But the best thing about this race: Seeing cars drifting and power sliding out of the corners! FIA please give us 1500bhp so we are not at the mercy of the weather gods for this.

    1. U cant have cars battling on every lap fpr God’s sake. Be reasonable

    2. 1500bhp might be a bit on the dangerous side?

  19. 8.
    I really enjoyed the track evolution and all driver struggling with it. Lots of errors improved greatly the excitement and added on the overall amount of nice overtaking i’ve seen.
    Great how the strategies have unfolded, supersoft fail this time around!

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