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Rate the race: 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

2011 Hungarian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Hungarian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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191 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix”

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  1. 8/10

    Much quieter when it was dry, but there was enough drama to make it a fairly special race. Brilliant drive from Button in his 200th race.

  2. Some dull moments unfortunately.


  3. 8/10. Best race in Hungary since 1997.

    A short comment on HAM’s tyres: I was watching it with live timing and it was obvious SOFT were merely 0.5 sec slower than S-SOFT in first lap. What on earth were they thinking? Weren’t they watching the lap times? I would do the job for them if they don’t have resources, just put me in the paddock! No, seriously, how can they make these mistakes? They knew SOFT can last some 30 laps and S-SOFT would last 14 for HAM, how would you justify changing to SOFTs with 30 laps to go? Finally, even with a 1 second deficit to the following car, HAM could easily defend his position. What a shame.

    Again, Vettel proved he is just a quali champion – just mr nobody in real race. And, Button must be the greatest strategist when he retires!

    1. Agree, that was really a mistake to go on those super softs, and also the reason HAM had to anyway come in and went for inters. But Button would have been 2nd of 1st anyway I think.

      1. Lewis lost the race at the point. I dont know how he managed to be so calm during the interview

      2. And then again, when the drops were falling again, they were lapping somewhere in 1.35. In the first part of race they were making 1.37 with S-SOFTs when the others were making 1.40 with inters. Given fuel change I think it was still some 3 seconds faster than inters. That is why really nobody went for inters except few gamblers – everybody saw inters couldn’t be quick enough and they can switch to inters later on anyway. So the real mistake here was S-SOFT as fourth stint for HAM. Finally… If you are not sure – just wait one lap and see laptimes, compare those of your competitors – all the answers were there, they were just incapable to pick them up. Real shame.

        1. Agree, and after half a dozen laps the s softs were slower than the softs so no way could the pitstop gap needed be pulled out… totally impossible.

    2. Vettel wasn’t a “nobody” in the race. Performed quite well- the Mclarens were the faster car in the conditions but he did keep good pace and pass Alonso when he needed to.

    3. The only driver that made sense to compare to for Hamilton’s crew was Alonso. I was watching him in the live timing and that was the response, only .3s-.5s second in gap between compount, but Ferrari is known not to be able to get tires in the optimal temperature window. What if McLaren would have been able to extract more out of the tires?

      Of course They should have known, it’s their car. It remains a very very bad call, costing the victory, but the gap between compounds reduced massively from past days, from 1s to just .3-.5, slighty unpredictable, i don’t know if you agree. It didn’t happen at Nurburgring.

      Of course what makes it a bad call is that it was succeded by another even more bad call with the inters. There’s no possible excuse for that.

      1. Stefanauss, can’t completely agree. During the second stint Alonso warmed his tyres quickly, as far as I remember just in his first full lap. Even if McLarens were smart enough to remember this tyre heating issue with Ferraris, they could look at the previous stint and Ferrari’s behaviour – how much it took to quicken up. I guess the only question here is: did McLaren had the information to make the right call or not. My opinion is that they had.

  4. Nice race. I liked the beginning. I think the drivers were actually struggling more the first few laps here than in Canada and it made it really tense.

    The bit of rain made it really interesting in the beginning, but I thought more people would have gone onto the primes given Michael went on to them really quite early. Especially Ferrari got that call wrong for Alonso.

    What ruined it a bit for my personal enjoyment, was Sauber’s ├╝ber-conservative strategy sticking with their two-stop despite the changing conditions and completely ruining Kobayashi’s race. His pace was really good and he could have finished 7th.

    Hamilton’s post-race interview on the other hand, made up for that. Like he’s saved up all his maturity up for now. The best part was definitely his first line. I think the first time he’s returned the compliments Button so often gives him in his interviews and it looked/sounded really genuine. Kudos to Hamilton for that.

    1. Kobi is the new Trulli…

      1. He does brake check but kobayashi is not trulli

    2. Yeah, now we had the “Kobayashi train” :-)

      I find it utterly disappointing that while Sauber has a truly combative and overtaking-oriented pilot, their recent strategies invariably force him into hopeless defensive situations.

  5. Quite an exciting race. Just let down ever so slightly with the interference of the stewards. 7/10

  6. Spectacular to watch the drivers fighting for grip on a greasy track. Satisfying result, not great for what’s left of the championship though.
    11 out of 10 for the commentary. Made the race much more enjoyable. That’ll help as Brundle negotiates his pay for next year!

  7. I went for an 8, it was a great race by F1 standards of the past 4 years, but by 2011 standards the 20-30 minutes of little action in the middle got it down a bit.

    And the fact Vettel gave up on catching Button to secure WDC points in those last 10 laps and Alonso not being in the figth.

    But a very good race even so and it does look like McLaren are strong for Spa, if the European Summer keeps going this way.

  8. I think it is getting time that Sauber rethink their strategy, seeing how FI now have found good speed and can fight them. And the slow laps for Sauber cost them points from the STR cars too.

    1. Yes. The tyre trick worked in Melbourne because the tyres happened to last on that track, but since then they’ve been ‘flogging a dead horse’, as the saying goes.

    2. I really don’t see why they should. it’s clear they’re often going this way because it’s in the characteristics of their car to be easy on the tires. And it has often paid off. Lack or gain in pure pace and development over other teams is unlikely to change the inner basics of the car.

      To me this seems to be just a bad race strategy-wise in an otherwise very good season for them. And given the track rollercoast evolution, and most of all the very slim gap in compound performance this Sunday (which they strongly rely on to deliver in the race) as opposed to what has been seen on practice and QLF, the outcome could not be a real sign of regress in the pecking order after all.

  9. Nice one Jenson, a cool calm head prevails….and yeah, when I saw Lewis do that spin I thought it was bloody dangerous, give it an 8.

  10. Gave it a 9. Last point was for slightly poor coverage first without livetiming, then several passes wasn’t captured or only shown in Replays, then midfield scrap included sutil and perez who were 1 lapped down unnoticed by DC and MB.

  11. Great race, granted I am a JB fan so really happy, but what a great race slick at the start then throwing in some more rain and just a WOW race!! Well done Hungary!

  12. UKfanatic (@)
    31st July 2011, 15:30

    Unfair outcome, unlucky. 7/10 for me, Vettel has the luck of champions his smile says it all, everything is going his way, Lewis drove well still in my opinion too crazy, Ferraris is jittering, strange performance today.Exiciting races boring championship, the opposite of last season but exactly the same as 2009, Vettel wins alot of races in the start of the season but he is now sabbatical, not that matters much cause he know has the biggest lead on the champ.

    1. In what way was the outcome unfair and unlucky, if you don’t mind me asking?

  13. If only DIR hadn`t overeacted.

    For your consideration.

    1. I’m not quite sure what your point is. It’s really difficult to see from that angle what’s going on, but it looks like Massa pulls off the track out of the way of the on-coming cars before turning his car around. Which is exactly what Hamilton should have done, as there was run-off right in front of him.

      1. the difference is that massa actually waits to assess the situation, gets his car off the racing line, and spins it around as safely as possible. Lewis only cared about saving time, and came shockingly close to BAR as well as DIR. I was still hoping he’d get away with it because I wanted him to beat vettel, but it was a fair call.

  14. Great race. Action throughout the field and lots of overtakes. Changeable conditions

  15. I don’t believe in this “I’ll rate it lower because the 2011 standard is much better than before.’ A race is a race, how are we meant to compare seasons properly if we all “weight” our scores according to the season?

    I originally voted a 9 out of bitterness from how the race turned out and I didn’t want to be biased. But even 2 years ago we would have killed for this, so I’m not that unhappy at what I gave it after all.

    1. It was another classic, but I wouldn’t put it up there on par with Canada and China, which I believe I gave 9s. I gave it a 7 not because I’m taking into consideration the fact that 2011 races are on average, much better than in previous seasons, but because it had a bit of a dull section in the middle.

      And despite Jenson’s win, I’m not overly happy. I think it might be because Vettel keeps extending his lead.

    2. My rating system is a complete wreck; I try to look back at the race and and mark it down for things I would have changed — so Montreal, which is probably my favorite, I rated absurdly low (marked down for SC start, for all the laps I found myself cursing at the SC to please get off the road, for the hyperextended stoppage). But it was such a great race! Then Silverstone by my own system too high — I should have docked it for the 10 sec stop/go (maybe 5 sec would have been better?). Now I’m just staring at the poll helplessly. I might as well just close my eyes and toss a dart at it for all I know what to do anymore.

  16. Gave it a 6. I wanted to see Button, Hamilton and Vettel scrapping at the end and it turned into a bit of a damp squib because of the change to inters and Vettel settling for second.

    In future in changeable conditions when Hamilton’s race engineer comes on the radio and asks him what he wants to do regarding tires, if I were Lewis I would ask them to get onto Jenson and ask what he thinks and then follow his lead.

    Hamilton is the quicker man but Button has a gift when the conditions are like today, that’s four wins in changeable conditions for Mclaren, plus Hungary ’06 and Malaysia ’09 in tough weather conditions. Shame he’s not going as consistent in the dry.

    Hamilton did very well in his interview, he must be inwardly fuming but seems to have learned from Monaco. Not going onto hard tires with Button, Vettel and Webber, and then his own error in the spin cost Hamilton an excellent chance of winning.

  17. 7/10

    Was a good start but slowed down towards the middle… had the rain been heavier or lasted longer it could have been very diffrent. But good non the less.

  18. Thrilling race, great win from Button, disappointed for Hammy, but his turn-around was reckless – the red mist descended once again – for all his aggressive brilliance, he needs to learn a trick or two from Button. Alonso got third cos Massa moved out of the way for him: I hate team orders. Massa must feel like siht. I’m glad the RB’s have had the game brought to them. It’s starting to remind me of the 2009 Brawn season…

    1. Were we watching the same race? Massa was told to move over? Oh please… Alonso had DRS and overtook. It may have looked easy, but if you compare it to the other overtakes on the straight you will see they were all very similar to the Alonso/Massa one.

      1. Yes Rob, we were, and we all know how Ferrari work: Even you.

        Mark Blundell commented at the time… “that pass was far too easy… did you see Massa fighting for position? No…”. I rest my case. Fernando messes up, but he doesn’t need to worry cos his team mate (who out qualified him incidentally) simply moves over. Alonso had DRS, yes, but he also had Ferrari!

        “Fernando is faster than you…”

        Mud sticks.

  19. 1st. 10 laps wow…Nick’s Blowout,was that the Kres battery?…JB wins his 200th…sweet

  20. 10. I was tossing up between a 9 & 10. Have it a 10 cause JB won it. He is such a nice chap.

    Really interesting to watch the cars and the drivers driving in the tricky conditions.

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