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Rate the race: 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

2011 Hungarian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Hungarian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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191 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix”

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  1. 9/10. FOM director needs shooting. Stewards over the top with Lewis again.

    1. 8/10 for the whole race
      no mention of massa on bbc forum
      massa had a good comeback from that spin near the start and he overtook loads of people he should have got credit

  2. Well I thoroughly enjoyed the whole race, HD pics from La Sexta, audio from BBC stream. Entertainment from 18 out of 20 drivers. more pitstops than ever before, loads of passing, several ooooohs and ahhhhs,
    In Fact: Motor Racing. Not a 2 hour parade, or a strategic victory. Actual racing and passing.
    Well done. To everyone.

  3. 8. That’s very nice for this little hungaroring !

    I love the first 15 laps, and the hectic in the middle. The last 10 laps were a bit disappointing…

    I KNEW Hamilton would get a penalty the moment i saw that spin he did. Just in the middle of the track in front of other cars… Just engage your brain a tiny bit more Lewis, and you’ll be champion again !

  4. Hamilton gets penalty for forcing another car off the track. Read the rules. Great race overall. Vettel extends lead and Button wins.

  5. 9/10 for a great race. 10/10 for JB wininng his 200th. 10/10 to the UK fans on the red button shouting “We don’t want Sky!” 0/10 to the BBC team at the start of the coverage trotting out a canned apologia for the Sky deal (“it’s a good deal for the license fee payer blah blah financial crisis blah”).

  6. very very good race, 8/10.

  7. Dizzy82 (@)
    31st July 2011, 16:50

    I did not read everything … so maybe I am a bit out of contest …

    the race was very dramatic, rain sure helped a lot …

    Hamilton really did a mistake when changing to intermediate tyre, but on the otherhand, it was really slippery on the track.

    now, to the spin and the penalty. he did not deserve it. after he span, he was still going backwards to ideal racing line, closing way to two other drivers (did not see, who they were), so he made the maneuver and Di Resta had to go on grass – so he saved the other two and Di Resta had enough time to react – he saw what happened from the distance, and yet, he still did have a lot of speed there … he could of reacted differently as well (I am not blaming him), so I guess the penalty was not in place there … but, what is done is done, Button wins (a nice celebration for 200 races), Vettel is second and does not lose much in championship fight and Alonso is still third – I if he did not span for the second time, I think he could be second …

    so, this is my 50 cent … :D

    1. If he was not given the penalty then it would have set the precedence for other drivers and they would also start doing the same. I think he shuld have been disqualified from the race as he could have destroyed the race of not 1 (Di Resta) but many other drivers who were passing by him when he did that silly move

    2. He deserved a penalty so much for that move. He should have moved a bit forward to get out of the racing line, waited until the traffic had passed and then turned. Well fought back to 4. place though.

      1. If he had moved forward he would have had to make the spin in the grass.

    3. Dar4Ferrari (@)
      31st July 2011, 23:42

      from the cockpit camera you can see if DIR didnt go off the track there wold have been contact….which could have been disastrous for button who was not far from them…it was another stupid decision by a man that if he had button or alonso’s calmness he would already be a multiple world champion..

  8. Epic of Button to win on his 200th race and on the track were he won his first race ever.
    When Alonso got a new set of Softs just before lap 40, I concluded that Webber should wait and pit for a set of Primes, when they would be able to last until the end.
    It proved to be the right strategy: Hamilton lost the race when he got a set of Softs after lap 40. Vettel and Button got the strategy right and avoided serious spins. Fantastic to watch the 2 McLarens in a clean fight – that is the way to go. Great drive from Button, felt sorry for Lewis, but strategy is important. Very intelligent damage limitation from Vettel today, difficult to see how Lewis can catch him, even if the McLarens were clearly faster today.

  9. I voted 9.

    Drama all the way through, D’Ambrosio’s spin in the pitlane, Heidfeld exploding, Hamilton’s great move on Webber at the end, Button’s amazing drive on his 200th GP, a bit more action and it could have been a 10!

    P.S. the only reason why I voted it a 9 was because Alonso spun ;) I like watching Alonso spin!

  10. I have to say I enjoy the fact that Mclaren let their drivers race each other. Seeing Button and Hamilton fighting for the lead was excellent entertainment.

  11. McLaren rules – 4 victorys now, 2 each driver, not like other teams thar only race a F1 car a the other one is a mule…. These two guys are thr best! Go Lewis and Button!!!

  12. Does anyone know how many penalties has Hamilton had this season?

    I have a strong feeling that he will soon beat the record of “most penalties during season”.

    It’s his own record from 2008 to be beaten ;)

    1. I think they penalize to much, but this race Lewis certainly did a very dangerous move. He was lucky not to get hit. Was Koba penalized for the move, where he closed the door on someone?

  13. From what I’ve read and seen it looks to have been a really exciting race. I haven’t watched it all yet, but a very bittersweet result. I’m thrilled for Button who managed to win his 200th GP at the same circuit he had his first win at, and in spectacular fashion too. However, I’m gutted for Lewis. I had really hoped he was on for another win but poor tire choice of inters + an unnecessary drive through brought an end to that. Had my fingers crossed he could string together some victories and start making this championship interesting. Find it hard to imagine anyone can get close enough to make RedBull and Vettel even a tiny bit nervous that this year isn’t their’s already.

    1. Lewis didn’t lose the race because of the spin, penalty and wrong choice of inters. He lost the race, when he got his softs on at 3. pitstop. When Vettel then got a set of Primes, which turned out to be faster and able to continue to the end, Lewis’ victory was doomed. McLaren repaired it for the team by putting Button on the same strategy as RBR had started with Webber (I actually predicted it or suggested that Webber should get a set of Primes to beat Alonso, when he had had his 3. pitstop with Softs close to lap 40. Thus Webber only needed to run his Softs until a set of Primes could last to the end of the race.) So RBR’s switch of strategy for Webber and subsequently Vettel, was what took the victory from Lewis.

  14. Great good race to watch, good fun. Hopping for LH but two wrong moves and back in the dog house. Good to see JB take a win on his 200th go at it.

  15. Probably the most exciting race ever held at the Hungaroring. Positions actually changed. Lots!

  16. I’m so glad that F1 is in a period where most races are really exciting and that we have so many great drivers racing against each other. Hope it stays this way for a long time!

    1. it will. just a shame people in the UK won’t be able to watch it!

  17. 9/10. Apart from the 20 lap lull in the middle of the race, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. For once the huge amount of pitstops didn’t feel like too much.

  18. excellent race! 8/10! a few changes for the lead is all it takes!

  19. If you can explain how this recovery was safer than Mamiltons I`ll pay for a full weekend pass at the next meeting there.

    1. Massa span his car back around away from the racing line AND he didn’t cause anyone else to avoiding action.

      I think you owe me a weekend pass?

      1. Hamilton done the same, spun away from racing line, Di Resta just overreacted to the spin, in all honesty I think He could of just slowed and avoided the situation. Using Bernie E avoidance of contracts I have no recall of a driver named Mamilton :)

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